Thursday, July 31, 2008

IRC Logs July 31st

jgarnett: good morning
JonathanIPS: morning
JonathanIPS: i looked at the animationmapgrapic example and was able to replicate that
JonathanIPS: thanks for the help
Jesse_Eichar [] entered the room.
Jesse_Eichar: Hi meeting time.
Jesse_Eichar: Anybody have any topics?
Jesse_Eichar: shapefile charsets
jgarnett: press release
jgarnett: korean translation
Jesse_Eichar: trunk running
jgarnett: okay we should start; can we ping anyone we expected to be here that is not around?
Jesse_Eichar: I can't really wait myself.
Jesse_Eichar: we'll email at the end. and guilt trip them :)
Jesse_Eichar: 1) shapefile charsets.
jgarnett: okay we have a range of reported problems (and patches) around this issue.
jgarnett: what was news to me was that the DBF header includes some charset information
jgarnett: (and we don't pay any attention to it at all).
Jesse_Eichar: huh that is interesting...
pramsey [] entered the room.
simboss: hy guys, just in case you need a witness I am here :-)
jgarnett: Our Korean friends have hardcoded their local into the shapefile reader
Jesse_Eichar: hey simboss :)
Jesse_Eichar: well hardcoding isn't an option really
jgarnett: I would like to provide a preference page; so they can set a preference and we will just mix that into the connection parameters uDig uses.
jgarnett: so it would let them work.
Jesse_Eichar: but I can add a parameter so that it is configurable.
jgarnett: okay; if you can do that it would be much better.
Jesse_Eichar: I think it is all I have time for.
Jesse_Eichar: Can't really do research.
jgarnett: they still may need the "default locale" as a preference setting?
Jesse_Eichar: So I'll just push that it.
jgarnett: so geotools supports a charset connection parameter; but I am not sure if it is on 2.2.x ?
Jesse_Eichar: no it isn't
Jesse_Eichar: that is why this will take a bit of time and testing
Jesse_Eichar: not alot it is quite an easy job...
Jesse_Eichar: but you know. A change to that core of a functionality require good testing
jgarnett: there is the "patch" on email where they hardcoded their locale; and there is also geotools trunk where geoserver developers have handled the same problem.
jgarnett: but yeah.
Jesse_Eichar: 2) press release
jgarnett: Jesse you have contact information for Mr. Jae-Hong Yum
Jesse_Eichar: Yeah I think so.
jgarnett: can you fire him an email; his team should be able to confirm the fix.
Jesse_Eichar: It was in the email you ccd me right?
jgarnett: yep
Jesse_Eichar: That is a good idea.
Jesse_Eichar: 2) press release
jgarnett: (if that saves you time of course; we also don't have a sample data set as far as I know)
Jesse_Eichar: what do you want to say?
jgarnett: I am going to do a draft of the press release with a refractions co-worker today
jgarnett: and send it to the email list.
Jesse_Eichar: cool
jgarnett: I hope that will kick PMC members into drafting up something similar for their organization?
jgarnett: I was going to base it on the 1.0.0 press release
jgarnett: and the what is new page.
Jesse_Eichar: cool.
Jesse_Eichar: Oh just thought of 1 more thing I'd like in 1.1....
Jesse_Eichar: when we went to eclipse 3.3 we lost the ability to have a default update site.
jgarnett: what is that? I will look at the korean translation today and see if I can add it to 1.1.0 (it may need to wait for 1.1.1)
jgarnett: oh ...
Jesse_Eichar: I'd like to get that back and add JGrass and Axios' update site
Jesse_Eichar: as well as the uDig core one.
jgarnett: We need to review this page:
Jesse_Eichar: true we do that.
jgarnett: how can you do that for eclipse 3.3 ?
Jesse_Eichar: supposedly the same way as before.... But it doesn't work :(
jgarnett: (or rather do you know how to have a default update site? or is this a research topic...)
Jesse_Eichar: so I have to play around a bit and try to figure it out
jgarnett: ... ah research topic.
Jesse_Eichar: unfortunately.
jgarnett: we need to redeploy the refractions update site; or kill it.
Jesse_Eichar: yep. I will when I make the release
jgarnett: okay good good.
Jesse_Eichar: that is part of the task
Jesse_Eichar: 3) korean translation
jgarnett: I was sent a "Translation" of udig
jgarnett: that was bigger than uDig.
Jesse_Eichar: :)
jgarnett: now either all the class names have been translated; or ...
jgarnett: I need to grab the "properties" files out of this beast
Jesse_Eichar: movies :)
jgarnett: and add them into 1.1.x.
Jesse_Eichar: cool
jgarnett: movies; right like DivaGIS.
Jesse_Eichar: Oh there is a shell script that pulls all the properties file out
Jesse_Eichar: it is in 1.1.x/scripts/
jgarnett: shell script does not help me.
jgarnett: but I get the point.
Jesse_Eichar: ah windows guy right
Jesse_Eichar: too bad.
KevinIPS: lol
jgarnett: yes I am a luddite (or too poor to own a mac)
Jesse_Eichar: It keeps the directory structure
KevinIPS: the latter for me..
Jesse_Eichar: (too bad you can't use a script not that you are on windows)
Jesse_Eichar: Some one has to test windows after all
jgarnett: looking over the what is new page - it seems I updated it in June
jgarnett: (so we are good on that one)
Jesse_Eichar: 4) trunk
jgarnett: it works!
Jesse_Eichar: yay!
jgarnett: the epsg-hsql transition is complete.
jgarnett: next up is making a JRE (which I think one of the nice IPS guys did for me)
Jesse_Eichar: first time ever it just worked straight up... well after I figured out the strange ant tasks thing
jgarnett: and we can start abusing simboss's raster goodness in earnest
Jesse_Eichar: jre? why do you need a jre?
jgarnett: imageio-ext
Jesse_Eichar: oh right
jgarnett: for MRSID and friends.
Jesse_Eichar: can we do something like I did for JAI?
Jesse_Eichar: nah
Jesse_Eichar: we can do JRE for windows/linux
jgarnett: note the imagemoasic support works well - and is a great validation of the IResolveAdapterFactory :-) The shapefile handle morphs into producing GridCoverages when the stars are aligned.
Jesse_Eichar: and extend the JAI stuff for osx
Jesse_Eichar: cool.
jgarnett: I have not heard any reports of success/failure with ImageIO-ext on Mac
jgarnett: but we have simboss here....
Jesse_Eichar: I have to try and track it down and try it out... But still to overworked.
Jesse_Eichar: I think the first thing I'm going on trunk is to get sources going and the autobuild.
simboss: antonello
simboss: and daniele
jgarnett: cool; you can use something like the refresh script to fetch sources.
Jesse_Eichar: ok anything else? otherwise I have to run.
simboss: were able to build it
simboss: in bolsena
simboss: on andrea's mac
Jesse_Eichar: nice
Jesse_Eichar: I'm stoked about trying it out
simboss: I will ask daniele to report on it
jgarnett: other than that we have the usual trunk issues ... need to update the theme page etc.
KevinIPS: ...WTB a mac
jgarnett: but also (importantly) a short term game plan ...
jgarnett: 1. epsg-hsql - done!
jgarnett: 2. jre with imageio-ext
jgarnett: 3. move to eclipse 3.4
jgarnett: 4. compare against 1.1.x for dropped patches?
jgarnett: And then we could talk about what you need for FOSS4G?
Jesse_Eichar: grk FOSS4g. I think just 1.1 and Axios and JGrass.
jgarnett: "grk" ?
pramsey: imagery!
jgarnett: I think we can make you something to demo raster support :-)
jgarnett: and the new "map graphics" on trunk are very cool.
Jesse_Eichar: I would like to demo trunk
Jesse_Eichar: so I would like a trunk milestone.
jgarnett: agreed.
jgarnett: Jesse I am still torn about the making SDKs
jgarnett: I can see how they would benifit teams (like the IPS team)
Jesse_Eichar: You need sources to make SDKs
jgarnett: but they distract the core developers working on trunk.
Jesse_Eichar: its useless without
jgarnett: I agree; we cannot make an SDK for trunk until the sources plugin is fixed.
jgarnett: How do the IPS guys feel about having SDKs?
jgarnett: I know trunk has been abusive (read broken) for the last couple of weeks ... so I don't expect a great response.
Jesse_Eichar: trunk developers probably should have the check out and making and SDK is a press of the button really.
Jesse_Eichar: But of course the first time will be a hassle
Jesse_Eichar: because you have to make sure all deps are added correctly.
Jesse_Eichar: after that it is easy.
Jesse_Eichar: Well I'll see what I get done this weekend.
KevinIPS: make a uDig trunk SDK?
jgarnett: That seems like a good compromise; still we should talk to the teams and see what they want.
jgarnett: correct.
Jesse_Eichar: yeah a trunk SDK.
jgarnett: For most of uDig 1.1.x - teams such as yours would download an SDK every 2 weeks from Jesse.
jgarnett: and not have to deal with building uDig.
KevinIPS: ah
jgarnett: (they could just use the SDK as their target platform)
KevinIPS: that would be incredibly useful
jgarnett: it was *really* nice for the teams; but it ended up that just Jesse was working on trunk :-)
KevinIPS: b/c we have a few people that run into random errors with checking out udig...not getting certain decpendencies and such
KevinIPS: i can't spell
KevinIPS: dependencies*
jgarnett: and part of working on an open source project together ... is working on an open source project together.
jgarnett: what about the idea above; have one member of your team that builds uDig and makes an SDK for your workgroup?
KevinIPS: yay! go team!
KevinIPS: i'll pass the idea along
jgarnett: (it is an option that you may find cheaper in developer sanity; but as I said above trunk is getting back on the straight and narrow :-D )
Jesse_Eichar: I will try to get the udig-sdk.product working again then making an SDK is easy
jgarnett: ... I think you are out of meeting topics Jesse?
KevinIPS: Yeah, i can tell. When I update udig now it doesn't break every day :)
Jesse_Eichar: yep and have to run.
ShaneIPS [] entered the room.
jgarnett: you could also ask the IPS guys to look into the udig-sdk.product Jesse
Jesse_Eichar: ciao all. could you post jody?
jgarnett: (after all it would save them effort in their workgroup)
jgarnett: I can post; thanks for your time everyone.