Friday, March 11, 2011

udig development version available for osgeo4w users

After finally upgrading the Osgeo4w version of uDig to the current 1.2.1, we also decided to add the development version of uDig to the game. It might be a bit unstable from time to time and handle itself like the evil brother of uDig

If you installed it you should feel its presence through its devil red icon in the applications menu.

One good reason to try that out is because it has some nice features that would not be there before an official release. One example is for sure the georeferencing tool that was resurrected from the community repository by moovida and jive. Have a look at some nice screenshot and docs for the module.

What will be next? The line cleaner?
The doors are open...

Spatial Operations Tutorials for Udig 1.2.1

Hello everyone, recently, we have improved the Spatial Operation Framework in order to do easy its extension with some new operations. Thus, we have updated the following tutorials:
  • How to add a New Spatial Operation

  • Reusing Existent Spatial Process. Integrating Sextante

Important, this new feature is compatible with uDig 1.2.1.

To download, visit the section Tutorials and Documents in

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spatial Operations & Editing Tools for uDig 1.2.1

We have published a new release of our Spatial Operations & Editing Tools for uDig 1.2.1 project.
It includes many fixed bugs and performance improvements.
Now, the product is provided as:
  • Editing Tools 1.3.3 for uDig 1.2.1
  • Spatial Operations 1.3.1 for uDig 1.2.1
This features are available in uDig Community Updates Site:

To download the source and binary distributions, visit our download page in