Monday, August 22, 2011


Our weekly summary:

- Andrea Antonello has nominate Levi for commit access. He has helped review the palette change request.

- Mauricio was checking the status of part of puzzle required for uDig Weather: gt-greb1, gt-netcdf, jgrass plugins. He was done a quickly review of what the meteorolgy communiy has written about standards.

- The LisaSoft team, John Hudson, Scott Henderson and Jody Garnett , has made the integration of the new GEF Palette tool . The following video shows the new look and feel of uDig.It is a great contribution for uDig project, thanks LisaSoft.

Monday, August 15, 2011


- Kenneth Gulbrandsoy has proposed to migrate uDig project persistance to Common Data Object (CDO). He has evaluated the efforts required and has finished the initial design. The PSC has approved the CDO proposal.

- Andrea has been working in some enhancements in Single band raster styling.

- Jody was improving the icons presentation.

- Jesse and Jody have reviewed the GEF Tool Palette proposed by Levi and Scott. The proposal was approved by the PSC.

- Mauricio has been analyzing the data structures used in the weather domain to share data. A draft of Data Weather Analysis and Forecast document was done. Moreover, he was reading the work done by Andrea Antonelo in the project Netcdf in JGrass.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

This week in uDig - August - Week 1

This week we want to highlight the following activities.

- Jody. He has made a progress in looking how to convert our wiki (which is in textile) into actual source code (now that eclipse supports textile). This would allow us to keep our developers guide github (but would require developer to use the help menu; or someone to run a helpviewer on a webserver).

- Levi. The concept proof of cheet sheet idea is in the main branch of udig-platform. He has committed some cheet sheet examples.

- Jesse has been replying to community questions. He is working in the teradata update site for the latest teradata plugin.

- Andrea is finishing the Java Open Source GIS Development course for the Potsdam University. He was teaching about uDig, Geotools and jGrass Tools.

- Mauricio has updated the Developer Tutorials. He began the inception for uDig Weather.

- The PSC has reviewed the cheat sheet merge request.