Thursday, August 21, 2008

IRC Logs August 21th

Agenda: 0) update 1) 1.1.0 checklist 2) random questions 3) macosx jre with gdal

[5:02pm] jgarnett: mornign!
[5:02pm] jgarnett: type mumble - good way to start the day
[5:02pm] moovida: afternoon
[5:02pm] Jesse_Eichar: hey jodz
[5:02pm] jgarnett: I got maybe 30-40 mins?
[5:02pm] Jesse_Eichar: hi andrea
[5:02pm] Jesse_Eichar: yep
[5:02pm] jgarnett: So let us get moving
[5:03pm] moovida: yupp
[5:03pm] moovida: hi Jesse
[5:03pm] Jesse_Eichar: ok
[5:03pm] Jesse_Eichar: agenda?
[5:03pm] Jesse_Eichar: 0) Update
[5:03pm] jgarnett: 1) 1.1.0 checklist
[5:04pm] Jesse_Eichar: 2) random 1.2 questions
[5:04pm] Jesse_Eichar: Andrea?
[5:04pm] jgarnett: I kind of thought Emily would be here to ask about rendering so (2) there is perfect.
[5:04pm] • moovida has nothing to add
[5:04pm] Jesse_Eichar: ok
[5:04pm] Jesse_Eichar: 0)
[5:04pm] Jesse_Eichar: update
[5:04pm] Jesse_Eichar: I have got 1.2 building both SDK and application
[5:04pm] Jesse_Eichar: woot!
[5:05pm] Jesse_Eichar: Bugs galore no doubt
[5:05pm] emily_g joined the chat room.
[5:05pm] moovida: wow, one day you have to tell me how you do
[5:05pm] Jesse_Eichar: but that's ok
[5:05pm] Jesse_Eichar:
[5:05pm] moovida: great, so we can start to work also with Cape Town vision
[5:05pm] moovida: and people test the application
[5:05pm] Jesse_Eichar: that's why I've been working so hard on it.
[5:06pm] Jesse_Eichar: I want 1.2 to have a milestone ready.
[5:06pm] moovida: good Jesse!
[5:06pm] Jesse_Eichar: In my mind (now) a 1.2 wouldn't be ready without a build
[5:06pm] Jesse_Eichar: That's it for me really.
[5:06pm] jgarnett: Jesse you know I have a problem with SDK releases right; especially on trunk.
[5:06pm] jgarnett: It makes me worried that we will all lean on you too much and you will not be able to get your own work done.
[5:07pm] jgarnett: For the refractions projects right now this will not be a danger; we are working on uDig itself.
[5:07pm] Jesse_Eichar: I am setting up a 32 bit linux build target
[5:07pm] jgarnett: but you know what I mean right?
[5:07pm] Jesse_Eichar: so all you will have to do is unzip it on to a linux machine
[5:07pm] Jesse_Eichar: and type:
[5:07pm] Jesse_Eichar: mvn
[5:07pm] Jesse_Eichar: and it will build apps and sdk
[5:07pm] Jesse_Eichar: I am trying to make it idiot proof
[5:07pm] Jesse_Eichar: ...
[5:07pm] moovida: wooot!!
[5:08pm] moovida: that will be a funky one
[5:08pm] jgarnett: ... oh I see. So if we can make our own SDK release
[5:08pm] Jesse_Eichar: as far as autobuilds can be idiot proof
[5:08pm] Jesse_Eichar: right
[5:08pm] jgarnett: then it will not be like we are leaning on you. Nice.
[5:08pm] Jesse_Eichar: I dislike being such a hot spot even more than you
[5:08pm] jgarnett:
[5:08pm] moovida: come on babes, I know you like that
[5:08pm] moovida: lol
[5:08pm] Jesse_Eichar: Oh
[5:08pm] jgarnett: jesse is the pretty one not me. I just dance.
[5:08pm] Jesse_Eichar: 1 more thing
[5:09pm] Jesse_Eichar: I am adding a .qualifier to all features and plugins
[5:09pm] Jesse_Eichar: so my released plugins will all be timestamped.
[5:09pm] Jesse_Eichar: No more confusion even if I forget to update the about box
[5:09pm] Topic changed to "0) update 1) 1.1.0 checklist 2) random questions" by jgarnett.
[5:09pm] Jesse_Eichar: updates from you guys?
[5:10pm] jgarnett: sure
[5:10pm] jgarnett: Jesse I tried sending a list of things from the training course ... did you see the email?
[5:10pm] jgarnett: The only user facing one is the lack of an updatesite
[5:10pm] jgarnett: so the walkthrough 1 is broken.
[5:10pm] jgarnett: But - everything else worked -
[5:11pm] Jesse_Eichar: which update site
[5:11pm] Jesse_Eichar: the "main" update site?
[5:11pm] Jesse_Eichar: or the community?
[5:11pm] jgarnett: The one in walkthrough 1; the community plugin you download (ie "Jody")
[5:11pm] jgarnett: does not work
[5:11pm] jgarnett: because the renderer API changed.
[5:11pm] jgarnett: We need to republish it
[5:11pm] Jesse_Eichar: right I haven't updated it yet
[5:11pm] jgarnett: I fix the code for a month now ...
[5:11pm] Jesse_Eichar: I will try to do so this week
[5:11pm] jgarnett: ... are there instructions on publishing to the update site?
[5:11pm] jgarnett: the update site is needed before we release; or we need to remove that section
[5:11pm] jgarnett: from the walkthrough
[5:12pm] Jesse_Eichar: I don't really know how to be honest...
[5:12pm] Jesse_Eichar: The one time I tried to update (not clobber) I failed
[5:12pm] jgarnett: okay that is the last thing *needed* before we release 1.1.0. We have press releases; looks like we can make builds.
[5:12pm] moovida: you can export directly the site from eclipse
[5:12pm] Jesse_Eichar: only axios has managed to do an update
[5:12pm] moovida: it will create everything needed
[5:12pm] moovida: is that what you mean?
[5:12pm] Jesse_Eichar: I will probably clobber the update site and ask axios to republish their plugins
[5:12pm] jgarnett: Could we ask Axios to do an update then?
[5:12pm] Jesse_Eichar: No
[5:12pm] Jesse_Eichar: you export the site
[5:13pm] jgarnett: um axios has started there own update site I thought ...
[5:13pm] Jesse_Eichar: but that assumes you have been building the site on the same machine for ever so that all plugins for all versions are there
[5:13pm] Jesse_Eichar: I will kill axios's updates
[5:13pm] Jesse_Eichar: and lose all historical updates (IE for earlier RCs)
[5:13pm] Jesse_Eichar: I don't care about previous RCs too much
[5:13pm] Jesse_Eichar: but I do care about axios
[5:13pm] jgarnett: And I should care about 1.0.6
[5:14pm] Jesse_Eichar: haha
[5:14pm] Jesse_Eichar: that was dead a LONG time ago
[5:14pm] jgarnett: okay can we make this the priority? There is nothing else needed for uDig 1.1.0 for users.
[5:14pm] jgarnett: I have some more entries on the list here ...
[5:14pm] jgarnett: refractions SelectionListener vs eclipse SelectionListener; no reason for confusion we should rename ours (it does not appear to be referenced anywhere in the code base)
[5:14pm] jgarnett: can I kill this class? It is not referenced anywhere?
[5:14pm] jgarnett: Or can we rename it...
[5:15pm] Jesse_Eichar: I have to get the update site up that is high priority
[5:15pm] Jesse_Eichar: I don't know about Selection Listener
[5:15pm] Jesse_Eichar: I will search for Vitali's document
[5:15pm] Jesse_Eichar: to see how he uses it
[5:15pm] Jesse_Eichar: I gather they have a project starting at some point
[5:16pm] Jesse_Eichar: so we shouldn't kill it in ignorance.
[5:16pm] jgarnett: Jesse if it is too hard (the update site) make a new one for 1.1.0?
[5:16pm] jgarnett: then 1.0.6 will not notice or care.
[5:16pm] Jesse_Eichar: I think 1.0.6 is toast already any how. There have been so many changes that I don't think it survived it
[5:17pm] Jesse_Eichar: I will make a replacement and email axios
[5:17pm] jgarnett: - We found one bug (of the try/catch kind) for IResolveAdapter handling - making it hard to debug when IResolveAdapter does not have target provided. Basically everything stops working.
[5:17pm] Jesse_Eichar: bd
[5:17pm] jgarnett: This one is fairly serious; and I thought I patched it last month. But it does not seem to be in the code base making me sad.
[5:17pm] Jesse_Eichar: bad I saw that
[5:18pm] jgarnett: Basically when a couple teams in the class left out a field (the target class)
[5:18pm] jgarnett: udig never recovered.
[5:18pm] Jesse_Eichar: I am not sure how to fix it.
[5:18pm] jgarnett: no reason to be so brittle.
[5:18pm] Jesse_Eichar: I agree
[5:18pm] jgarnett: even just a try catch in the loop of checking extensions would do it.
[5:18pm] Jesse_Eichar: At least not with out good eror messages
[5:18pm] jgarnett: normally you send a message to the log; and throw out that entry from your extension point.
[5:19pm] jgarnett: Here is one for Emily and Jesse
[5:19pm] Jesse_Eichar: yep
[5:19pm] Jesse_Eichar: I agree
[5:19pm] jgarnett: In the course when you make a renderer - the Renderer interface is internal - making everyone unhappy implementing it
[5:19pm] moovida: /me silently adds to agenda 3) macosx jre with gdal
[5:19pm] jgarnett: can this be changed?
[5:20pm] Jesse_Eichar: not for 1.1
[5:20pm] Topic changed to "0) update 1) 1.1.0 checklist 2) random questions 3) macosx jre with gdal" by jgarnett.
[5:20pm] jgarnett: fair answer.
[5:20pm] jgarnett: We have an actual API contract violation.
[5:21pm] jgarnett: IGeoResource superclass was not resolving to an IGeoResource as expected by
[5:21pm] jgarnett: CatalogUI.title method; all the udig IGeoResource implementations perform this
[5:21pm] jgarnett: function so we never noticed the mistake
[5:21pm] Jesse_Eichar: ah
[5:21pm] jgarnett: So I need to add a line to IGeoResource and we should be good.
[5:21pm] jgarnett: Now one final one ... that is hard for me to explain.
[5:21pm] Jesse_Eichar: sounds good
[5:21pm] jgarnett: RenderMetrics.canStyle
[5:21pm] jgarnett: is used to record how many entries on a style blackboard
[5:21pm] jgarnett: a renderer can handle.
[5:21pm] jgarnett: We make a renderer in the course; that expects a Color.
[5:22pm] jgarnett: if the color is there it votes +1
[5:22pm] jgarnett: if it is not it gets +0 votes.
[5:22pm] jgarnett: Another renderer (the default one that does not need a color)
[5:22pm] jgarnett: always votes +0 (because it does not care about the style blackboard)
[5:22pm] jgarnett: so I need a way for renderers
[5:22pm] jgarnett: to indicate "Hey! I do not have the information I need to draw!"
[5:23pm] Jesse_Eichar: there is
[5:23pm] Jesse_Eichar: canRender or some such
[5:23pm] jgarnett: That is at the RenderMetricsFactory level
[5:23pm] Jesse_Eichar: it takes it out of the running completely
[5:23pm] jgarnett: so that would make "checking the style blackboard" something that
[5:23pm] jgarnett: two classes are responsible for ...
[5:23pm] Jesse_Eichar: ah
[5:23pm] jgarnett: ... is that cool? Or is it just confusing.
[5:23pm] Jesse_Eichar: I see
[5:24pm] jgarnett: Now I used to have a system where; mr default renderer could basically vote +0.5
[5:24pm] jgarnett: but I no longer have that. We simplifed to just checking the style blackboard. And this problem is a result.
[5:24pm] jgarnett: Can we think of anyway to recover the situtation?
[5:24pm] Jesse_Eichar: I think originally I made the decision that a renderer must be able to use defaults if the style isn't on the BB
[5:25pm] jgarnett: Okay if that is the case; then it is true. Both the default CSVRenderer and the ColorCSVRenderer *could* work.
[5:25pm] CIA-42: UDig: jeichar * r30645 udig/ (100 files in 92 dirs): updated version numbers and small updates for headless build
[5:25pm] jgarnett: but how to we make it so the CSVRenderer is chosen?
[5:25pm] Jesse_Eichar: isOptimised
[5:25pm] Jesse_Eichar: no good way right now
[5:26pm] Jesse_Eichar: that is what I used to get ShpRenderer over Basic
[5:26pm] Jesse_Eichar: But what we need is preference or some sort of external declaration that knows something about the system
[5:26pm] Jesse_Eichar: I don't see how it can be properly done in all cases without an "overlord"
[5:26pm] jgarnett: yeah but that is just a "switch" - isOptimized() is.
[5:27pm] Jesse_Eichar: yeah I know
[5:27pm] jgarnett: I need some kind of flexability; I know I can make this work by having RenderMetricsFactory do a check of the style blackboard.
[5:27pm] jgarnett: That will be a bit weak.
[5:28pm] Jesse_Eichar: thinking...
[5:28pm] Jesse_Eichar: I don't remember the API good enough right
[5:28pm] jgarnett: ha ha
[5:28pm] Jesse_Eichar: but lets move on
[5:28pm] jgarnett: what about a "base" number.
[5:28pm] jgarnett: to start counting from.
[5:28pm] Jesse_Eichar: I don't understand?
[5:28pm] jgarnett: CSVRenderer coudl have 0.5
[5:28pm] Jesse_Eichar: That is sillz
[5:28pm] jgarnett: ColorCSVRenderer (that has a requirement) could start at 0.
[5:28pm] Jesse_Eichar: unless it is a preference
[5:28pm] Jesse_Eichar: that is what I mean by "overlord"
[5:29pm] Jesse_Eichar: some mechanism for setting up preferences that knows about all the plugins
[5:29pm] jgarnett: I thought of making ColorCSVRenderer (who has a requirement)
[5:29pm] jgarnett: start at -1
[5:29pm] Jesse_Eichar: for example if I wrote ccvs
[5:29pm] jgarnett: and then they would both end up at 0
[5:29pm] Jesse_Eichar: and you wrote colorcvs
[5:29pm] Jesse_Eichar: how would we know
[5:29pm] jgarnett: (0 would basically mean "I can function")
[5:29pm] jgarnett: and then we could choose the renderer that recognized the most entries on the style black board)
[5:29pm] Jesse_Eichar: then how could the users choose which one they prefers
[5:30pm] jgarnett: we could have a method; getNumberOfRequiredStyleEntry
[5:30pm] Jesse_Eichar: But I recognize lots of styles doesn't mean I do a good job...
[5:30pm] Jesse_Eichar: does it?
[5:30pm] jgarnett: if they put a Color on the blackboard they get ColorCSVRenderer
[5:30pm] Jesse_Eichar: I mean it is a way to game the system
[5:30pm] jgarnett: if they take it off they get the default CSVRenderer.
[5:30pm] jgarnett: oh just a sec.
[5:30pm] Jesse_Eichar: but is that desirable?
[5:30pm] jgarnett: Jesse I am not looking for a way to game the system.
[5:30pm] jgarnett: I want a way to indicate - ColorCSVRenderer has a *requirement*
[5:31pm] jgarnett: and I have no way to do that right now.
[5:31pm] jgarnett: okay thanks for listening to the problem.
[5:32pm] Jesse_Eichar: I know I am looking farther ahead... because I have not yet had a design that I like..
[5:32pm] Jesse_Eichar: I thought there was a way...
[5:32pm] Jesse_Eichar: wait...
[5:32pm] Jesse_Eichar: I need to look something up.
[5:32pm] jgarnett: I think for uDig 1.1.0 I will do the check at RenderMetricsFactory.
[5:32pm] jgarnett: And we can explore this issue on trunk?
[5:32pm] jgarnett: ie that will give me a solution that runs.
[5:32pm] jgarnett: oh one more thing
[5:32pm] jgarnett: there is no way to clear an entry in the StyleBlackboard
[5:33pm] jgarnett: you can clear the whole thing; but not remove a single entry.
[5:33pm] Jesse_Eichar: can you use the
[5:34pm] Jesse_Eichar: ProjectBlackboardConstants.Map__PREFERRED_RENDERER?
[5:34pm] Jesse_Eichar: can you not set it to null or something?
[5:34pm] Jesse_Eichar: (definately a problem if not)
[5:34pm] Jesse_Eichar: looks like there are some constants you can set to game the system.
[5:34pm] Jesse_Eichar: bad long term solution
[5:35pm] Jesse_Eichar: might work for now
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[5:36pm] jgarnett: yeah I neer really want to use the PREFERRED_RENDERER thing; that breaks my idea of the design.
[5:36pm] jgarnett: let us move on.
[5:36pm] jgarnett: 2) random questions
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[5:36pm] jgarnett: On trunk the layer menu now says something like "{0}"
[5:36pm] jgarnett: that has been around in the source code for a week or so; I see acuster noticed it in the SDK.
[5:37pm] Jesse_Eichar: I saw the emails
[5:37pm] Jesse_Eichar: sounds like an easy fix to me
[5:37pm] Jesse_Eichar: or not...
[5:37pm] Jesse_Eichar: it all looks ok to me
[5:37pm] Jesse_Eichar: odd
[5:38pm] jgarnett: I think this happened when some translations came forward from 1.1.x
[5:38pm] KevinIPS joined the chat room.
[5:39pm] moovida: isn't the mapping 0 and 2
[5:39pm] Jesse_Eichar: ah
[5:39pm] moovida: and the about 0 and 1?
[5:39pm] Jesse_Eichar: and in the props the mapping is 1 and 2
[5:40pm] moovida: exactly
[5:40pm] jgarnett: Can I ask someone with blog access to post a link to this:
[5:40pm] jgarnett:
[5:40pm] Jesse_Eichar: well some one ca figure it out
[5:40pm] jgarnett: I was trying to get gdavis to do it; but he has not managed to get in the blog for some reason.
[5:40pm] Jesse_Eichar: this is not stressing me right now
[5:41pm] jgarnett: So here is a good question
[5:41pm] jgarnett: what is stressing you?
[5:41pm] jgarnett: (I got stressed with Emily's questions about removing EMF from RenderCreator and friends.)
[5:42pm] Jesse_Eichar: cool
[5:43pm] Jesse_Eichar: Just looking at how much time I have in front of me is stressing.
[5:43pm] Jesse_Eichar: ok waht is next
[5:43pm] Jesse_Eichar: lets talk 3)
[5:43pm] Jesse_Eichar: macosx jre with gdal
[5:43pm] moovida: wait, the shortcuts
[5:44pm] Jesse_Eichar: shortcuts?
[5:44pm] moovida: were ar emy loved shortcuts on trunk
[5:44pm] moovida: ar emy == are my
[5:44pm] Jesse_Eichar: ah
[5:44pm] moovida: pan select
[5:44pm] moovida: p and s and z
[5:44pm] jgarnett: right!
[5:44pm] Jesse_Eichar: yeah I don't know why they broke
[5:44pm] Jesse_Eichar: they have been broken for as long as we've had a trunk
[5:44pm] Jesse_Eichar: I did a quick check and didn't see anything obvious
[5:44pm] Jesse_Eichar: ...
[5:44pm] jgarnett: that broken when we upgraded trunk to eclipse 3.3
[5:45pm] moovida: oh, I see
[5:45pm] Jesse_Eichar: maybe the key configuration wasn't selected in the ini file
[5:45pm] jgarnett: but 1.1.0 is now using Eclipse 3.3.
[5:45pm] Jesse_Eichar: yep I think that is is
[5:45pm] moovida: yeah, right
[5:45pm] jgarnett: so I think we just need to check the stable branch against trunk.
[5:45pm] moovida: and 1.1 has them
[5:45pm] Jesse_Eichar: the plugin_customization.ini in net.refractions.udig
[5:45pm] Jesse_Eichar: is completely different from 1.1
[5:45pm] Jesse_Eichar: we should copy it
[5:46pm] Jesse_Eichar: it might fix that problem
[5:46pm] jgarnett: (I have to go - I will read the rest of the logs later)
[5:46pm] moovida: ok, have you also experienced the problem Silvia had with data import wizard
[5:46pm] Jesse_Eichar: ok
[5:46pm] moovida: ok, ciao jgarnett
[5:46pm] Jesse_Eichar: which one is that?
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[5:46pm] moovida: if you try to import something through the wizard
[5:47pm] moovida: and select data
[5:47pm] moovida: the next wizard page is an empty composite
[5:47pm] Jesse_Eichar: which type of data?
[5:48pm] moovida: you never come to the data page
[5:48pm] moovida: import -> other
[5:48pm] moovida: on next my wizard is empty
[5:48pm] moovida: were before the list of data types was
[5:48pm] moovida: usually we do not notice because we DnD
[5:48pm] Jesse_Eichar: ah import, not add layer
[5:48pm] moovida:
[5:49pm] moovida: yes, import
[5:50pm] Jesse_Eichar: nope
[5:50pm] Jesse_Eichar: I haven't really been on trunk
[5:50pm] moovida: yours works fine?
[5:50pm] Jesse_Eichar: so I am not a good one to ask
[5:50pm] Jesse_Eichar: I never import
[5:50pm] CIA-42: UDig: jeichar * r30646 udig/plugins/net.refractions.udig/plugin_customization.ini: trying to get key bindings back
[5:50pm] moovida: ahh, ok
[5:50pm] Jesse_Eichar: just DND or add layer
[5:51pm] moovida: well, we'll get that later on than, it is not critical
[5:51pm] moovida: I can debug it at some point
[5:51pm] moovida: about 3) ?
[5:51pm] moovida: or something else?
[5:52pm] Jesse_Eichar: lets do 3
[5:52pm] Jesse_Eichar: I have to go soon
[5:52pm] moovida: me also
[5:52pm] moovida: don't know about 3
[5:53pm] Jesse_Eichar: haha
[5:53pm] moovida: I helped to compile the gdal and ecw and mrsid and kakdu
[5:53pm] moovida: in Bolsena
[5:53pm] Jesse_Eichar: I mainly want to get all the imageIO libs
[5:53pm] moovida: but then never cared about it any more
[5:53pm] Jesse_Eichar: so I can create JREs
[5:53pm] Jesse_Eichar: for the headless builld
[5:53pm] moovida: so I do not know what to do
[5:53pm] moovida: ahhh, hold on
[5:53pm] moovida: you need the native libs?
[5:53pm] Jesse_Eichar: I need:
[5:53pm] Jesse_Eichar: I think that is all I need
[5:54pm] Jesse_Eichar: for lin32
[5:54pm] Jesse_Eichar: 64
[5:54pm] Jesse_Eichar: and osx
[5:54pm] Jesse_Eichar: (I assume PPC is screwed?)
[5:54pm] moovida: I think both 64 and ppc are
[5:54pm] Jesse_Eichar: 64 too?
[5:54pm] Jesse_Eichar: lin64?
[5:54pm] Jesse_Eichar: why?
[5:55pm] moovida: Not screwed, but I don't know if anyone built them
[5:55pm] Jesse_Eichar: I see
[5:55pm] Jesse_Eichar: too bad
[5:55pm] moovida: have there ever been some?
[5:55pm] Jesse_Eichar: well in time we'll get it
[5:55pm] Jesse_Eichar: I am new to this.
[5:55pm] Jesse_Eichar: It is the blind leading the blind right now
[5:55pm] moovida:
[5:55pm] moovida: I can send you the native for macosx
[5:56pm] moovida: should have them lying around somewhere on my mac box
[5:56pm] Jesse_Eichar: coo
[5:56pm] Jesse_Eichar: cool
[5:56pm] Jesse_Eichar: please send them
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[5:56pm] moovida: for linux they should be in an official release of imageio-ext?
[5:56pm] Jesse_Eichar: It is going to be a job to get them installed in a friendly way...
[5:56pm] Jesse_Eichar: but we'll figure it out
[5:56pm] Jesse_Eichar: I would think so
[5:56pm] moovida: I think they have win and linux
[5:56pm] moovida: binary download
[5:56pm] Jesse_Eichar: There is a windows JRE already good
[5:57pm] Jesse_Eichar: ah ok
[5:57pm] Jesse_Eichar: I will have to try and find it
[5:57pm] moovida: I will do also this evening
[5:57pm] Jesse_Eichar: so if you can get me the osx that will be great
[5:57pm] moovida: who comes first email the other
[5:57pm] Jesse_Eichar: ok sounds like a plan
[5:57pm] moovida: yes sure
[5:57pm] Jesse_Eichar: got to run as well
[5:57pm] Jesse_Eichar: ciao all
[5:57pm] moovida: great, then ciao
[5:57pm] moovida: have to run also
[5:57pm] moovida: who posts the logs?
[5:57pm] moovida: can you Jesse_Eichar
[5:57pm] moovida: ?
[5:58pm] KevinIPS_ joined the chat room.
[5:58pm] Jesse_Eichar: No I can't actually
[5:59pm] Jesse_Eichar: I haven't figured out this client yet
[5:59pm] moovida: ups, then we have a problem
[5:59pm] Jesse_Eichar: (after 3 years )
[5:59pm] Jesse_Eichar: ok well I can finally take the time and figure it them
[5:59pm] Jesse_Eichar: It is jus XML after all
[5:59pm] moovida: I have the same problem, but because of formatting
[5:59pm] Jesse_Eichar: I can at work run a transformation on it
[5:59pm] lotu joined the chat room.
[5:59pm] Jesse_Eichar: ok going now
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