Thursday, September 18, 2008

IRC Logs September 18th

line up is?
Jesse_Eichar 1. emily question
Jesse_Eichar 2. ShaneIPS question
Jesse_Eichar ok go emily
emily_g why when I change the name of a RenderJob does the render job not get run?
Jesse_Eichar It is an eclipse thing
Jesse_Eichar you can only change the name of a Job when it is created
Jesse_Eichar You can change the task name
Jesse_Eichar but not the job name
emily_g no I think I was changing the name of the job when it was created
Jesse_Eichar (task name via the ProgressMonitor)
emily_g I was trying to debug something and jody suggested I name the render jobs something useful (besides a constant)
Jesse_Eichar Ah.
Jesse_Eichar I think I know
emily_g it's not a big deal - I just thought it was a little weird and wanted to know why
Jesse_Eichar All the jobs except the Composite jobs have system set to true
Jesse_Eichar so they don't show up in the progress view
Jesse_Eichar I think there is a setting in the view so you can see progress jobs as well
acuster ( has joined #udig
Jesse_Eichar could be it
emily_g yup I saw that
Jesse_Eichar not it?
Jesse_Eichar bummer
emily_g not my question
emily_g in the RenderJob constructor I see this
emily_g super(Messages.RenderExecutorImpl_title);
emily_g if I change it to super("Emilys Job")
emily_g everything stops rendering
Jesse_Eichar right
Jesse_Eichar oh
Jesse_Eichar Really?
Jesse_Eichar it breaks the rendering?
Jesse_Eichar bizarro
emily_g well actually I changed it to super (executor.toString()) but ya
Jesse_Eichar no idea
Jesse_Eichar sorry
emily_g everything stopped rendering
jgarnett (morning; sorry I am late - attending from home)
Jesse_Eichar that makes no sense to me
emily_g no big deal - just thought it was odd
emily_g k thanks
emily_g I'm done
Jesse_Eichar ShaneIPS?
Jesse_Eichar you available?
ShaneIPS yes
ShaneIPS I'm here
Jesse_Eichar you want to talk about builds?
ShaneIPS to build the SDK
Jesse_Eichar on trunk right?
Jesse_Eichar or 1.1.?
ShaneIPS that's correct
ShaneIPS on the trunk
Jesse_Eichar ok
Jesse_Eichar on what platform?
ShaneIPS windows using Eclipse 3.4
Jesse_Eichar never tried on windows but it should work
Jesse_Eichar linux will be easier since I have a linux eclipse created
Jesse_Eichar creating the correct eclipse is one of the trickier bits
Jesse_Eichar (so you know)
ShaneIPS ok
Jesse_Eichar so what error are you haveing now?
ShaneIPS Unable to find plug-in: Please check the error log for more details.
ShaneIPS so I installed eclipse 3.4 RCP
ShaneIPS I added the extras that I can download from the udig site
ShaneIPS and I get that error after following the export procedure on the UDig site
Jesse_Eichar I noticed the last time I did a build some one had added org.eclipse.rcp.nls... to the udig.product. I would remove that and try again
ShaneIPS ok..I'll give that a try
jgarnett ShaneIPS I assume you added the extras to the dropins folder? I am not sure if that makes a difference or not ...
Jesse_Eichar you can't put the extras in the dropins folder.
ShaneIPS I'm not sure I follow? I just extracted with 7zip on top of eclipse...? is that what you mean?
Jesse_Eichar ok that should work
Jesse_Eichar I am ignoring translations for trunk right now. so just remove that feature from the udig.product
Jesse_Eichar we will add translations in a bit
ShaneIPS so..remove org.eclipse.rcp.nls1 from udig.product under net.refractions.udig
ShaneIPS ?
Jesse_Eichar right
Jesse_Eichar although do you just want sdk?
Jesse_Eichar or do you want application?
ShaneIPS We would like to just go with the sdk
ShaneIPS do I still leave the org.eclipse.rcp.nls1 in the feature?
Jesse_Eichar ok then run the build with mvn -Dtargets=sdk and make sure that udig-sdk.project does not have the rcp.nls1
Jesse_Eichar for the SDK that product is ignored
Jesse_Eichar a different product is used
ShaneIPS don't use the net.refractions.udig_sdk-feature?
jgarnett Jesse is the wiki page Shane following updated to reflect using maven?
ShaneIPS and we hadn't been using maven...I've been doint it in eclipse
Jesse_Eichar ah with eclipse
Jesse_Eichar I haven't done it with eclipse for ever
ShaneIPS but I don't mind using maven
Jesse_Eichar a year almost
ShaneIPS>  ;) 
jgarnett (I repeate does the wiki page even mention maven?)
Jesse_Eichar in eclipse you run export from the udig-sdk.product
Jesse_Eichar no jody it doesn't
Jesse_Eichar it is new
Jesse_Eichar or you can use the maven command from trunk/extras/headless
Jesse_Eichar you can try both
Jesse_Eichar there are instructions in headless if you want to explore that venue
Jesse_Eichar sdk works well but the app export has bugs that I am working on still
Jesse_Eichar I think we need to get rid of the .qualifier everywhere though it is causing problems
Jesse_Eichar anything else?
Jesse_Eichar how about 1.1
Jesse_Eichar 3) 1.1.0
ShaneIPS no...I'll give the maven way a ry
jgarnett Well I have been sending you emails about the state of the build/tag whatever
jgarnett but have not been replied to.
Jesse_Eichar I know I have been ignoring email because I am too busy getting lab ready
jgarnett Have you updated? ie I have been committing fixes that did not show up in the SC2
Jesse_Eichar I did update before building SC2
Jesse_Eichar made a point of it
Jesse_Eichar updating now to see if there are more now
Jesse_Eichar help fragment deleted
Jesse_Eichar that is the only change
Jesse_Eichar is that right?
jgarnett did you update the 1.1.0 tag?
jgarnett hrm
jgarnett well the nl folder is not being included in the release
jgarnett (can you check the
Jesse_Eichar the fragment has just been deleted
jgarnett (or run with -nl DE next time)
Jesse_Eichar how can I check the
jgarnett yes it has; the addition of an nl folder to the normal udig help module is what was done last week.
Jesse_Eichar ah
Jesse_Eichar ok
jgarnett see email; it does not look like the nl folder is included in SC2.
Jesse_Eichar ok will make sure nl folder is included
jgarnett also note we have a "serious" new problem - help does not run if you are logged in as a user.
jgarnett (only if you are an administrator on windows)
jgarnett so no help for your course.
jgarnett jesse I have been testing SC1 and then SC2 - are you getting these emails? It is the only way I am trying help you with your course  :-) 
Jesse_Eichar I did see those
jgarnett do you have any idea what has changed? This is a new change as far as I know.
Jesse_Eichar I don't know what to do about the user not seeing help problem
jgarnett I can try installing an older copy of uDig and see if the problem existed earlier...
Jesse_Eichar upgraded to eclipse 3.3
Jesse_Eichar It uses a new server for help I think
Jesse_Eichar could be related to that change
Jesse_Eichar I just added plugins until it seemed to work
Jesse_Eichar but there is probably a preference or something else that needs to be done to get it to work
jgarnett So I could test RC14 and see if the problem is still there.
jgarnett okay sounds like something for a dot release.
Jesse_Eichar right. I think RC14 is 3.3 as well. RC12 I think is what to test
jgarnett Is there anything else of note? Some problems with shapefiles reported on the user list.
jgarnett ie what else do you need to get done for 1.1.0?
Jesse_Eichar shapefiles was a problem with SC1 fixed with SC2
Jesse_Eichar just my lab
jgarnett Is their anything that can be done to help; and is there anything that needs testing...
Jesse_Eichar I am fixing lots of little things
jgarnett (that is the way of labs - only chance we get to use uDig)
Jesse_Eichar I have no time to fix testing not directly related to my lab
Jesse_Eichar>  :) 
Jesse_Eichar truth
Jesse_Eichar Although i am actually doing GIS work here
Jesse_Eichar so I have been using it as a real user
Jesse_Eichar did some data analysis on my project today using udig  :) 
jgarnett so basically you would like to be left alone; and we can expect another SC3 ... which you would like tested on vista or something?>
Jesse_Eichar right
jgarnett (are you at least running in windows as you prep for your lab?)
Jesse_Eichar I am going to test on XP
Jesse_Eichar but not vista
silli it seems that there are only windows XP at FOSS4G
silli but I am not sure if also for the labs
silli workshops for sure
Jesse_Eichar yes windows. Although some linux if you request it. But I am doing XP
silli yes, I think they will have that, too
jgarnett I think that is mostly it
silli to be sure you probably could ask the special mailing list for the workshops at FOSS4G
Jesse_Eichar ok I have to go now
jgarnett it is a bit frustrating trying to help on this end.
Jesse_Eichar I know sorry
jgarnett hopefully someone can post the logs.
Jesse_Eichar There is not much to do except fix help
Jesse_Eichar hopefully it works now
Jesse_Eichar other than that I think I am pretty happy (as long as my computer doesnt crash)
jgarnett I was waiting for feedback from you before applying the change to 1.1.x and trunk
Jesse_Eichar ah
Jesse_Eichar I will try as soon as I can
CIA-52 UDig: jeichar * r30776 /udig/tags/1.1.0/ (21 files in 13 dirs): fixes for FOSS4G
jgarnett Jesse what did you think
jgarnett of killing 1.1.x
jgarnett and replacing it with 1.1.0
jgarnett (since 1.1.0 is turning into a branch on you)
Jesse_Eichar yes
Jesse_Eichar It is a branch
Jesse_Eichar except what work has been done on 1.1.x?
jgarnett I would like to resuce the prefernece page order from 1.1.x
jgarnett everything else (documentation for features etc... has been brought over already)
jgarnett and my customer would be just has happy with a 1.1.0 SDK as a 1.1.1 SDK
Jesse_Eichar ok
Jesse_Eichar so let me see
Jesse_Eichar I cannot do this until at least next week
CIA-52 UDig: jeichar * r30777 /udig/tags/1.1.0/plugins/net.refractions.udig.core/src/net/refractions/udig/core/internal/ fix for copying features
Jesse_Eichar so next week maybe we can make switch?
jgarnett you could do it now; just delete 1.1.x and rename
jgarnett I can apply the prefernece pages again
jgarnett (it is basically a new root page called "GIS" or something)
Jesse_Eichar but I need to do an SVN switch etc...
Jesse_Eichar I have no desire to do this
jgarnett understood
Jesse_Eichar ok really got to run
Jesse_Eichar next tuesday we can
Jesse_Eichar ciao
jgarnett I have to go as well
jgarnett does anyone have the complete logs?
jgarnett emil_g do you have the logs?
jgarnett I gotta run; late for work myself now....
moovida bye Jody
emily_g yes jody I can get you the logs

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