Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Trunk QA IRC Breakout

Going through some problems found by the JGrass team on trunk:
0) advanced graphics preference page
1) theme page in style editor
2) selection
3) missing .prj
4) new layer creation
5) icon of contributed tools
6) bursa wolf problem


moovida: jgarnett: did you read my mail? we have to jump away from trunc until Cape Town
jgarnett: hi
jgarnett: I have not read email in 2 hours
jgarnett: that would make me sad :-(
moovida: you busy?
moovida: want me to summarize
jgarnett: I need to go grab food; will read email when I get back...
moovida: it makes me much more sad
jgarnett: no I can read the email; but I sure hope there is somethign I can do to help.
moovida: we have to back port a ton of code
moovida: can we talk afterwards?
moovida: I would like to discuss this
moovida: and see if it makes sense
jgarnett: okay;
jgarnett: from my stand point I want to do anything and everything I can to help your migration to trunk be smooth.
jgarnett: the sldparser troubles over the weekend for example.
moovida: yes Jody, I'm really gratefull
moovida: but there are too many
moovida: be would need people paid just to fix
moovida: anyway get some food and than we talk
moovida: I will be here
jgarnett: checking the page; I still just see 4
moovida: today we found some amazing troubles on selection
jgarnett: okay I do have people here (3 of them) paid to work on trunk.
moovida: things seem to go random
jgarnett: so anything you find can get some developer time - not sure if that was clear before.
moovida: ok, but they are working on specific things, right
jgarnett: only when you make a jira.
moovida: but we need time to test them
jgarnett: ie they are working at specific things; but trunk needs to be better for them to deliver their project.
jgarnett: So you are setting short term bug fixing priorities for us.
jgarnett: Or you need to give us instructions on how to test; for example that shapefile bug that was reported in email.
moovida: The problem is that we have to supply the software in 2 wweks
jgarnett: I understand the problem; and I agree 2 weeks may not be enough time.
jgarnett: I am just letting you know where you stand with respect to our priorities
jgarnett: I can ask developers to fix problems; but not to spend hours trying to reproduce a problem
moovida: is anyone there using udig trunc right now?
moovida: or are you just usign components for the work you are doing?
jgarnett: I am hard pressed to answer that; the developers I have never use udig - they always just use the components to meet customer needs.
jgarnett: our gis people use uDig as one of many tools
moovida: yes, I thought that
moovida: because some of the problems are such evident, that we are afraid that
jgarnett: often they use it for working with large shapefiles and wms services...
jgarnett: okay.
moovida: when those are out of the way, the hidden ones will kill us
jgarnett: I really better grab food; if you can do me a favour and report the bugs that are stressing you out - I do not see anyting on "selection" right now.
moovida: ok, you go and I report back
moovida: in the meanwhile
jgarnett: thank you.
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jgarnett: back
moovida: ok, second, I call Silvia
moovida: she wants to be in the talk
jgarnett: moovida I have a customer meeting in 10 mins (sigh)
moovida: outch
jgarnett: but really I want a list of bugs and what I need to do to make trunk work for you.
moovida: :), well, then I do not call her
jgarnett: thinking if I can go late to the meeting ... probably not.
jgarnett: sorry for the delay; I went to meet my wife at her work .... and found she had called in sick
moovida: :) no problem
jgarnett: It sounds like uDig trunk made it past your initial evaulation
jgarnett: and now Silvia is a much tougher customer
moovida: yes, for sure she is
jgarnett: and she is finding enough stuff to drive her crazy...
moovida: yes, and she is using it for work, so she really sometimes gets mad
jgarnett: If jira is not working (too slow?) can we just send an email per problem ... and only record a Jira if it is something that takes more than an hour?
moovida: and would need issues to be solved quickly
jgarnett: okay - mad Silvia is not fun :-P
moovida: more than one hour?!?!?!?!
moovida: that would be great :)
jgarnett: so the timezone difference is not something we can get around; but other than that responding to bugs can be quick.
jgarnett: how soon can a commit on this end
jgarnett: be shown to Silvia?
moovida: if that is reaction time than I would try :)
moovida: that is not a problem, if bugs reported until now are solved for tomorrow, than that would be somthing to work on
moovida: I am here to work also at night these days, so I can be the link
jgarnett: I do not mind trying for a fast reaction time; my problem is sending email back and forth figuring out what issue she is looking at.
jgarnett: (i have to go to my meeting)
jgarnett: back in 30 mins...
moovida: ok, when are you back
jgarnett: ... thanks.
moovida: ok, I will be here
moovida: thanks to you
jgarnett: and yeah send me lots of small email so I have a clue what we are getting into :-)
moovida: I talk to Silvia in the meanwhile
jgarnett: the other developers here understand that having you on trunk helps everyone.
jgarnett: thanks muchly.
moovida: ok, I just feel bad to bother you, we should be adult :D
jgarnett: and please lots of small emails
jgarnett: rather than one big email with lots of lines
jgarnett: so we can have an email thread about each thing.
jgarnett: :-)
moovida: you can count on it
moovida: ok, talk to you later
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moovida: hi Silli
moovida: welcome to udig irc
silli: hi moovida!
moovida: :)
moovida: jgarnett is not back yet
moovida: :(
moovida: 30 minutes at refractions are quite long :)
silli: I am trying to understand how this tool works
silli: :-) they are Canadian!!
moovida: just write and press enter, nothing more
moovida: with backslash and the word me you give a comment
moovida: like that:
***moovida is thinking
moovida: that is all you need usually
silli: ah... thanks
moovida: no, sorry, it is slash
moovida: not backslash
silli: I think I wouldn't use backslash... or slash...
silli: advance users only uses this!
silli: :-)
jgarnett: back
jgarnett: yah I suck
jgarnett: I got hit by a couple meetings
moovida: :) I can immagine
jgarnett: (I forgot it was tuesday; since we had yesterda off ...)
jgarnett: sigh.
moovida: ten seconds and we would have lost Silvia
silli: hi Jody!!!
moovida: but you got her :)
silli: yeah men... I would go to sleeping
silli: but now, I am here
jgarnett: ?
jgarnett: I am checking email for a list of bugs ...
jgarnett: I talked to the other developers and they would prefer to use Jira to track and fix problems
moovida: :) I put them in JIRA
jgarnett: but everyone agrees that helping you iron out the show stopping bugs is very much needed.
jgarnett: cool - I am going off to look now.
silli: there are no problem to use JIRA
moovida: I just reopened the style bug
jgarnett: trying out "google chrome" :-)
moovida: but Silvia has this advanced graphic problem
silli: moovida do you make the advance graphic bug?
moovida: jgarnett: really, didn't think it is here
jgarnett: can anyone tell me about the advanced graphics problem?
moovida: silli: go
moovida: you have it
moovida: together with many other
silli: usually I disable the advance graphic in the uDig 1.1
silli: because with that the program is too slow
silli: and it occurs also with the trunk
silli: but now there isn't the option to disable the advance graphic
jgarnett: okay this is the first I have heard of it being a problem; reading your email it sounds like the preference page is missing on trunk?
jgarnett: I will go hunt it down and move it over now.
silli: yes that is
silli: i have some problem also with selections but Andrea hasn't so
silli: I think it will probably be the advance graphic
silli: but don't know
jgarnett: this one is not too bad; since I think I know the screen you are talking about - but in general if you could include a screen snap in the Jira or email it would help.
jgarnett: (not all the developers have even run uDig 1.1.x )
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moovida: but how are they supposed to bugfix, when they don't even know what it is?
jgarnett: updating 1.1.x now; I will open both development environments and see if I can find out what is missing.
moovida: and without a udig running?
silli: ok I will ad a screenshot to JIRA with my problems
jgarnett: they have a checkout of trunk; and they run that.
moovida: ah, ok, they have that
silli: the missing panel is
moovida: which is what Silvia and I are running
silli: udig UI
jgarnett: silly - screensnaps only help - you can decide if it is easier to do a screen snap or to write a longer bug description.
silli: the last one
jgarnett: yeah most developers have not ever checked out uDig 1.1.x; the only time they see it is as an SDK when they are learning.
jgarnett: moovida can I close http://jira.codehaus.org/browse/UDIG-1415
moovida: nein :)
jgarnett: oh I see you have commented about point layers ...
moovida: I jusr reopened it
jgarnett: cool.
moovida: yes
silli: ok, I will try to do screensnaps to explain better the problems
jgarnett: thanks very much silli
moovida: ok, jgarnett, so we will use JIRA
jgarnett: so what I was hoping to get is some idea of how many bugs we need to fix over the next two weeks; and make sure we can keep up on this end.
moovida: but how to behave if the bug are not fixed? :)
jgarnett: I think we should talk about any bug that will take more then a couple hours.
moovida: the problem is that some of the bugs will jump out when these are fixed
jgarnett: and see what can be done.
silli: for me it is hard to use trunk because of these basic problems
jgarnett: and I agree we will find more bugs; but not that much more. The places that really concerned me were all about GeoTools
jgarnett: and that has gotten much better.
jgarnett: silli yes.
moovida: yes, probably yes, but I have a friend called Murphy
jgarnett: but I need to know what the "basic" problems are.
silli: :-) bad friend
moovida: he really loves me :)
silli: these are visualization and selection
jgarnett: I was hoping we could have a list the basic problems; to make sure that we can get everything nice and neat in the available 2 weeks.
jgarnett: (rather everything nice and neat that matters to you)
jgarnett: visualization is one of the major places that has seen a lot of work in GeoTools.
jgarnett: Selection (ie Filter) also.
silli: ok lets try to do a list of the major
moovida: ok, so do you think some of the bugs can be solved until tomorrow?
jgarnett: I have back ported the best parts to uDig 1.1.x (ie the CQL query language)
silli: yes there is still the problem, I think, there was in the 1.1
moovida: So Silvia can play around a bit better and track other problems
silli: where filter selection will not be displayed in the map window
jgarnett: The only bug you have reported that "scares" me is the one about the Style Editor "theme" page - I would like to turn that off.
moovida: I think we could live without that
moovida: I wil simply switch it of
moovida: off
moovida: what about the missing prj stuff?
jgarnett: silly I have that problem (filter not being shown until I hit refresh) in uDig 1.1.x as well - especially on slower computers.
moovida: it is not mandatory
silli: colours are enought
silli: theme is too much for our applications
jgarnett: okay we are starting to talk about more than one issue....
jgarnett: 1) theme
jgarnett: 2) selection
jgarnett: 3) missing .prj
jgarnett: anything else ...
jgarnett: ... we can go through the list after.
jgarnett: 0) advanced graphics preference page
moovida: new layer creation
jgarnett: 4) new layer creation
moovida: icon of contributed tools
jgarnett: you can add the numbers yourself ...
jgarnett: 5) icon of contributed tools
moovida: :) sure
jgarnett: trying to think of there anything bugging me on trunk.
jgarnett: okay we are stalling out ...
jgarnett: let us go through the list
jgarnett: 0) advanced graphics preference page
silli: Jody, what can you do for tomorrow?
moovida: yes, for us these are the things now
silli: first one
jgarnett: I would like to do them all for tomorrow; but I only have 1 more hour left at work today.
silli: to solve
jgarnett: I do want to look at all of these issues today; and I will fix the easy ones as I look at them.
moovida: :) are you superman?
jgarnett: no ... it is just that bug fixing is not always hard.
jgarnett: especially when we have a working example in the form of 1.1.x to compare against.
silli: superJody
silli: nice to hear this!
jgarnett: (often these fixes amount to stepping through both of them with a debugger; and finding out that some patch was not applied to trunk)
jgarnett: the harder ones are when it is an actual problem w/ geotools.
jgarnett: back to our list ...
moovida: ok, got it
jgarnett: advanced graphics page ... I am pretty sure I can get this one done before I go home today.
jgarnett: 2) selection
jgarnett: I need some more information on this one; hopefully I can review a Jira shortly?
jgarnett: I want to know if it is a general problem; or something I can just look at with shapefiles?
moovida: silli: this one could be solves with advanced graphics
jgarnett: note is this a problem with selections not "refreshing" the map?
silli: moovida are you sure that the shape have coluor on your pc?
moovida: yes, sure
moovida: nice yellow
moovida: jgarnett: I saw silli select points on a layer
silli: ok so probably also the selection problem is related to advance graphic
jgarnett: if this is a mac specific issue I may just cry.
moovida: and of 10 selected points only two hav the selection
silli: no, I have a linux installed
moovida: no, she is on linux
moovida: sorry
jgarnett: so if I modify the advanced graphics thing
jgarnett: silli can retest tomorrow.
jgarnett: got it.
moovida: yep
silli: yes!
jgarnett: 3) missing .prj
jgarnett: this amounts to Jesse doing a bunch of smart stuff on the stable branch right? for both shp and image files.
jgarnett: and then it guesses correctly what to do?
moovida: yes, I wonder if that would solve th eproblem on imagemosaic
moovida: because when I made Simones tools, I created an image mosaic
moovida: and even if it had the prj file correctly,
jgarnett: I know jesse was shy about commiting fixes to geotools coverage support on trunk; I am less shy. But I may need to talk to him to confirm I am doing it right.
silli: excuse me... is in this bug also che Mr. Bursa problem?
moovida: when loading it as fiirst layer on new mad, it would default to WGS84
moovida: 6) bursa wolf problem
***moovida thanks Silli to not forget
silli: ok now understand
jgarnett: moovida++
jgarnett: for this one we may need to talk to Jesse to see what has been done; but I understand it is very important.
jgarnett: 4) new layer creation
moovida: the missing prj not so much, but the other yes
jgarnett: This is a straight forward problem; geotools changed its feature model.
jgarnett: and although we tried to update the create new layer dialog
jgarnett: nobody has tested it yet.
silli: the problem in the new layer is
jgarnett: so I assume it is a case of actually trying it out with a debugger; and fixing the strack traces as they occur.
silli: when you have a selected layer and try to create a new one
jgarnett: oh please continue...
silli: in this case the geometry is dupplicated
silli: and not correct
moovida: yes, but also when you do not select one and try to change the type it throws and exception
jgarnett: it is supposed to try and "copy" the existing feature type right?
moovida: I commnted it in the JIRA
jgarnett: what do you mean by change the type ...
moovida: the name attribute from String to Integer
jgarnett: oh okay; so chance are it is trying to build the type all the time; and failing at every turn :-(
jgarnett: okay moving on ...
jgarnett: 5) icon of contributed tools
jgarnett: not sure what you mean by this one?
moovida: me , but also Ugo Taddei
moovida: when you create a modal tool
moovida: in a custom plugin
moovida: the the toolproxy will not resolve the plugin activator id properly
moovida: and therefore doesn't find the icon
moovida: so they are those bad red squares
jgarnett: oh
moovida: I described it in the JIra
moovida: with example
jgarnett: the changed some of the plugin/bundle stuff in eclipse
jgarnett: so perhaps that is tripping us up?
moovida: I couldn't figure out
jgarnett: but it is odd that the built in ones would work ... and yours would not.
moovida: why do the udig ones work?
jgarnett: how did you create these plugins?
moovida: yes
moovida: what do you mean by how?
jgarnett: moovida we spent some time making sure the MANIFEST.MF thing
jgarnett: looked very close to what you get
jgarnett: when you make a new plug-in these days.
jgarnett: ie made sure there were no warnings and so on.
jgarnett: ie did you make this plug-in in Eclipse 3.4?
jgarnett: or are you porting something you did earlier?
moovida: no, they worked with the 1.1.x
moovida: or not?
moovida: I'm trying to remember
silli: no, they are new
moovida: thanks silli
jgarnett: okay; well if we can reproduce this problem (say in a community plugin?) that would really help.
moovida: they were never in 1.1?
jgarnett: I can make sure my community plugin does not have this problem
jgarnett: and perhaps we can compare?
moovida: that would be good
moovida: but, i mean, then I could compare with the info tool
jgarnett: true; I guess you could.
moovida: I did it really many times when I was trying to track the problem
moovida: so perhaps i do not see the diffreence
jgarnett: chances are this is going to be something in the MANIFEST.MF; it tends to look up resources by "bundle" now.
jgarnett: so if the bundle name does not match what you think it matches
jgarnett: we would have a problem?
moovida: yes, that could be
jgarnett: aside: silli I cannot find the "advanced graphics" preference page in uDig 1.1.x - can you tell me where to look?
jgarnett: okay last one ...
jgarnett: 6) bursa wolf problem
silli: yes that one!
jgarnett: I need test data; and then we can try and make a bug report.
jgarnett: Martin is good at fixing stuff; but a test case is needed.
jgarnett: I hope it is just a config option I got wrong.
silli: ok I can send the data now or put it on the JIRA
silli: what do you prefer?
jgarnett: in jira
silli: ok, lets try
jgarnett: thanks guys
jgarnett: I need to go talk to Emily now
silli: sorry, I am wrong or the Bursa isn't jet in the JIRA?
moovida: just 1 sec
moovida: silli: no, I think it isn't
moovida: jgarnett: the manifest
silli: ok I'll do it
moovida: silli: thanks
moovida: jgarnett: Eclipse-LazyStart: true
moovida: which it saiy to be deprecated
moovida: and wants Bundle-ActivationPolicy: lazy
moovida: guess Jody is gone to Emily
moovida: hmmm, I would love to go to sleep :)
moovida: I think we had them all for now, right silli ?
silli: yes
silli: I am ok now
silli: I want to go bed
silli: tomorrow morning I will have a bad morning
silli: :-)
moovida: yes, silli, just go
moovida: I say ciao to Jody
jgarnett: ciao
jgarnett: so um how about we "meet" on IRC
jgarnett: a bit earlier tomorrow?
moovida: that is a great idea
jgarnett: if we could set a good time
jgarnett: we could do it each day
moovida: that would be best
jgarnett: 8 am PST?
jgarnett: or if it is quick like today perhaps 8:30 :-P
moovida: ups, I have to check what that is
moovida: :D
jgarnett: silly ping? where in uDig 1.1.x should I see the "Advanced Graphics" preference setting.
jgarnett: silli ping?
moovida: silli: are you alive?
silli: I am here
jgarnett: perhaps she has wisely gone to bed.
silli: sleeping maybe...
jgarnett: I am looking in uDig 1.1.x for the advanced graphics setting; and I cannot even see it there.
moovida: :) no way, again the last ten seconds, but we got here :)
jgarnett: wonder if Jesse has removed it from both?
silli: no, the last 1.1 has the option
silli: it is the last option in the list
jgarnett: where?
jgarnett: what list?
jgarnett: list of prefernece pages?
silli: I can send you a snapshot
silli: yes
jgarnett: thanks.
jgarnett: I do not see that
silli: udig -> preference
jgarnett: the last thing in the list of prefernece pages for me ... is Tool
jgarnett: or if I expand it
silli: just a moment
silli: after that
jgarnett: Too > Edit Tool > Edit Tool Performance
jgarnett: I do not have anything after that
jgarnett: (on uDig 1.1.x checkout)
silli: i use the last SDK for the 1.1.x
silli: right moovida?
moovida: yes
moovida: uDig UI
moovida: it was there
jgarnett: for UDIG UI
silli: is it possible to send file in the IRC?
jgarnett: I only see Default Character Set
jgarnett: not possible; but you can attach to Jira :-P
moovida: where Default Character Set? in 1.1?
jgarnett: in UDIG UI preference page
moovida: ah
jgarnett: I am checking the online help; perhaps it has a screen snap.
silli: I am sending the screen snap
silli: sent
jgarnett: http://udig.refractions.net/confluence/display/EN/Preferences
silli: it is disabled because now I am using a mac and not good installed
jgarnett: you see in that screen snap (on the above page) there is a uDig UI page?
jgarnett: for me that has been moved under "General"
jgarnett: and it only contains some charset stuff.
jgarnett: wonder if Jesse busted it trying to do charset stuff for Korean's?
silli: that link is advance editing not advance graphic
silli: ahhhh
silli: I looked for the option in other parts but didn't find
moovida: no, I don't think this is the same
moovida: did Jesse split some things up and distribute them?
jgarnett: please provide link to Jira when you have attached the screen snap?
silli: I don't have it here now
jgarnett: I am not sure...
silli: to check if it is or not
jgarnett: okay (tomorrow then)
moovida: ok
silli: ok guys
silli: I am ok, I would go to bed
moovida: night silli
jgarnett: okay I found the code ...
jgarnett: but have no idea why it is not being displayed ...
jgarnett: oh ...
jgarnett: if (Platform.getOS().equals(Platform.OS_LINUX)) {
jgarnett: addField(new BooleanFieldEditor(
jgarnett: net.refractions.udig.ui.preferences.PreferenceConstants.P_ADVANCED_GRAPHICS,
jgarnett: Messages.UiPreferences_advancedGraphics_label, getFieldEditorParent()));
jgarnett: }
jgarnett: apparently this is only an option for linux
jgarnett: for me on windows it is showing up empty ...
moovida: ah, now I see :)
moovida: for me on mac also
silli: mac yes, for me too
jgarnett: whew...
silli: maybe now it is not for linux
silli: but the problems with the advance graphic we have only in linux
jgarnett: if I uncomment the check mark; it is visible for me on windows.
jgarnett: so what do we do guys?
silli: moovida
silli: what do we do?
moovida: That is odd, it should be there for Silvia on linux
jgarnett: I can remove the check; but I am not really sure what this beast does.
jgarnett: you are correct it should be there on linux.
jgarnett: wow turning that off is pretty amazing; no more transparency!
silli: on linux there isn't the option
moovida: exactly
moovida: but much faster :)
jgarnett: really?
jgarnett: thinking
jgarnett: it is the same speed for me
jgarnett: but perhaps you are playing with more data than me?
moovida: oh, it was faster in editig, I think
moovida: silli: go to bed, you have a meeting tomorrow
silli: yes I go!
jgarnett: okay I will turn this back on; so people on any platform can experiment.
jgarnett: night
silli: trying to finish all the things for the bursa problem
jgarnett: mind if I post these logs?
moovida: absolutely no problem
silli: no problem
silli: good night
silli: ciao
moovida: night silli
moovida: Jody, I think I will also leave
moovida: so tomorrow 8 PST
moovida: I still have to check
jgarnett: okay
jgarnett: I will do what I can on this list today
moovida: thanks Jody
jgarnett: thanks for the effort testing
moovida: I hope we get through it

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For the record: I was true about my friend Murphy... the same day Jody got sick :)