Thursday, December 18, 2008

Axios uDig Extensions 1.1.0 rc11

Axios uDig Extensions 1.1.0-rc11 for uDig 1.1.1 have been published.

As new features we want highlighting the following improvements in the user interface and documentation:
  • Basque Location
  • Spanish Location
To download instructions and help, please, see this document: Axios uDig Extensions

if you want to know more about this project visit the
following page: Spatial Operations and Editing Tools

Source files are available in Axios download page.

Monday, December 15, 2008

IRC Meeting Time Moved

The uDig developer dynamic is changing; and we have a new IRC time more suited to global development:
  • Victoria: 12:00 noon Thursday
  • New York: 15:00 Thursday
  • Rome: 21:00 Thursday
  • Sydney: 7:00 Friday
  • World: Check Here
For more information on the IRC Meeting (including the weekly meeting time) please view our page on Communication

Thursday, December 11, 2008

uDig IRC Logs December 12th

  1. what is up
  2. community site?
  3. code sprint
  4. irc meeting time
  5. nominate gdavis for PSC
Action Items:
  • Graham Davis has been accepted onto the Project Steering Committee
  • will continue to be the community website; we will update the support page to list the organizations taking part in uDig development.
  • A code sprint with the direction of getting uDig 1.2 into shape has been set for January 16th-17 (Udig round the world)
  • Jesse is going to think bit more about when a good IRC meeting time will be and we will talk about it on email.  Best options seem to be 9 pm CET vs 6am CET
(9:16:04 AM)
gdavis_: hi jody
(9:16:12 AM) jgarnett: so IRC meeting started or do we need an agenda?
(9:16:16 AM) gdavis_ is now known as gdavis__
(9:16:22 AM) gdavis__ is now known as gdavis_
(9:16:28 AM) moovida: nothing done still
(9:16:32 AM) moovida: need agenda
(9:16:33 AM) Jesse_Eichar: nope just chatting
(9:16:45 AM) jgarnett has changed the topic to: 0) what is up 1) 2) code sprint
(9:16:49 AM) jgarnett: how is that for an agenda?
(9:16:54 AM) Jesse_Eichar: sounds good
(9:17:00 AM) moovida: yep
(9:17:00 AM) mauricio: ok
(9:17:13 AM) gdavis_ is now known as gdavis__
(9:17:17 AM) Jesse_Eichar: 0) Spend 3 days on sdi-uDig codesprint
(9:17:21 AM) gdavis__ is now known as gdavis_
(9:17:33 AM) jgarnett: hrm; I do wish mr bullen was here
(9:17:42 AM) Jesse_Eichar: hbullen just timed out
(9:17:48 AM) moovida: sdi-udig sprint?
(9:17:56 AM) moovida: is all of udig now in sdi?
(9:17:59 AM) gdavis_: do we also want to setup a weekly time to meet?
(9:18:00 AM) jgarnett: he holds the the direction of the project in his hands with his net.refractions.udig.libs replacement :-(
(9:18:21 AM) jgarnett: this time seems good; I can go 1 hour earlier easily.
(9:18:23 AM) Jesse_Eichar: yeah it has been since SDI 1.3 (Think that is the version) released in september
(9:18:51 AM) jgarnett: so shall we start?
(9:18:54 AM) moovida has changed the topic to: 0) what is up 1) 2) code sprint 3) irc meeting time
(9:18:54 AM) jgarnett: 0) what is up
(9:19:18 AM) moovida: yep, Jesse was on it
(9:19:25 AM) moovida: go on Jesse
(9:19:29 AM) jgarnett: jody - switching trunk to use ID rather than URL; stuck getting a linux build environment that is not magic; wondering about eclipse 3.4.1 migration
(9:19:51 AM) Jesse_Eichar: that's all for me. I have been busy on other projects lately
(9:19:52 AM) gdavis_: gdavis: I'm working on a module to geo-reference an image onto a basemap. I have most of the tools in place and am currently working on a tool to put placemarkers on an image and basemap and then warp it to fit.
(9:19:53 AM) jgarnett: (usual drill one line each give us a clue what you are doing; save questions until after the meeting)
(9:20:25 AM) moovida: andrea - living with one leg on trunk and one still in 1.1 - working on constellation connections - jai geomorpho operations
(9:20:46 AM) jgarnett: emily_g ping?
(9:20:48 AM) emily_g: emily - thinking about how to make mapgraphics works with the tiled renderer
(9:20:59 AM) jgarnett: :-P
(9:20:59 AM) gdavis_: ooh fun :)
(9:21:08 AM) jgarnett: 1)
(9:21:44 AM) jgarnett: I would like to update the support page to list a few of the other organizations that play with udig; we have done this in the past (on our previous wiki based site) but those paragraphs were dropped when we went to the new web site.
(9:22:05 AM) jgarnett: now:
(9:22:47 AM) jeffloun: I've baulked at this so far because it seems to directly hurt me and my company, but if everyone thinks it is necessary, then I can probably reluctantly agree.
(9:22:48 AM) jgarnett: then:
(9:23:30 AM) jgarnett: question jeff? For me I am looking to balance two things ... a) showing that udig is supported around the world and is an active / open project
(9:23:37 AM) moovida: Jeff, I don't think we should force to a reluctant choice
(9:23:55 AM) jgarnett: vs showing that the udig codebase has a good commercial contact so that larger organizations have the option of setting up their own license agreement.
(9:24:03 AM) jgarnett: very similar to the line JBoss walked with Hibernate.
(9:24:22 AM) jgarnett: moovida++ correct - I want everyone to be comfortable.
(9:25:02 AM) moovida: so the choice is the wiki support page, right
(9:25:04 AM) moovida: ?
(9:25:34 AM) jeffloun: well, I'm not sure we can make a decision that everyone loves from the email exchanges I've seen?
(9:25:46 AM) jgarnett: basically I do not want mixed messages like and - it weakens the project if content is split between a community site and a corporate site
(9:26:09 AM) jgarnett: moovida if we end up with a wiki support page; the wiki will go back to being the real website
(9:26:20 AM) jgarnett: and the website will fall out of date.
(9:26:26 AM) moovida: jgarnett: you are right
(9:26:34 AM) mauricio: agree
(9:26:40 AM) jgarnett: does not seem to do anyone any good.
(9:27:01 AM) moovida: ok, the double life that weakens, got it
(9:27:20 AM) gdavis_: arent those 2 postgis urls pointing to the same site?
(9:27:34 AM) jeffloun: yah, they do
(9:27:42 AM) gdavis_: what's so bad about that?
(9:27:47 AM) jgarnett: note there is already a project website and a refractions support website
(9:28:14 AM) jeffloun: it's alright, let's just put a list of "companies that offer support:" under the existing support text, I think everyone would be good with that? I can live with it.
(9:28:48 AM) jgarnett: question for others here
(9:29:08 AM) jgarnett: does your organization have any interest in having a landing site that can be linked to?
(9:29:34 AM) jgarnett: I also note that the individuals on the PSC are listed here
(9:29:47 AM) Jesse_Eichar: I think that refractions has a very very strong branding, given that the sight URL has refractions in the name.
(9:29:51 AM) jgarnett has changed the topic to: 0) what is up 1) 2) code sprint 3) irc meeting time 4) nominate gdavis for psc
(9:30:04 AM) Jesse_Eichar: so I would imagine that you would stay as the first choice
(9:30:35 AM) jgarnett: I certaintly do; it is indeed why we moved the project from
(9:30:45 AM) Jesse_Eichar: But right now when I tell people that other companies are involved I get complete surprise.
(9:30:54 AM) Jesse_Eichar: The impression is that only refractions supports uDig
(9:31:00 AM) jeffloun: I agree, it is not a large change
(9:31:51 AM) jgarnett: understood; it is important to me that the udig project is seen as having the range of support it actually does (just from product positioning regardless of any bent for lisasoft)
(9:31:52 AM) Jesse_Eichar: so it that a decision then? (just to be sure)
(9:31:56 AM) jgarnett: I will make the motion
(9:32:25 AM) moovida: so, to be sure I understand
(9:32:32 AM) jgarnett: I motion that we update the support page to list the organizations that support udig; "support" is taken to mean having volunteered a member to sit on the PSC (rather that just anyone out of the blue)
(9:32:33 AM) Jesse_Eichar: "I will make the motion"... :P
(9:33:05 AM) Jesse_Eichar: +1
(9:33:09 AM) jgarnett: note the stronger language; this is a form of "pay to play" - perhaps the language is too strong?
(9:33:23 AM) moovida: +1
(9:33:24 AM) jgarnett: +1
(9:33:26 AM) Jesse_Eichar: yep noted
(9:33:34 AM) mauricio: +1
(9:33:41 AM) jgarnett: okay time to move on ...
(9:33:50 AM) jgarnett: can I first grab agenda topic (4) :-)
(9:33:57 AM) jgarnett: 4) nominate gdavis for PSC
(9:34:01 AM) Jesse_Eichar: let jef vote
(9:34:02 AM) jeffloun: do you want me to make that change? just send me the company names and urls
(9:34:12 AM) moovida: can I first see his georeferencing module? :D
(9:34:22 AM) jgarnett: We have commit access Jeff
(9:34:34 AM) jeffloun: if my vote means anything, +1
(9:34:41 AM) jgarnett: thanks jeff
(9:34:58 AM) Jesse_Eichar: for now it does. After this meaning Graham is taking over for you
(9:35:04 AM) gdavis_: the incomplete georeferencing module is committed in the community section of trunk
(9:35:23 AM) ***moovida just joking Graham
(9:35:28 AM) gdavis_: :)
(9:35:31 AM) moovida: :D
(9:35:58 AM) jeffloun: sure, we may sit-in on meeting for each other from time-to-time, but he has more tech knowledge so i think it makes more sense
(9:35:59 AM) jgarnett: I would like to nominate graham davis to sit on the PSC ... for two reasons. He has extensive eclipse RCP and open source experience (geotools module maintainer etc.). He is becoming the point of contact for refractions research and can keep the steering committee abrest of any internal project deadlines we other wise trip over.
(9:36:06 AM) jgarnett: And he is just a nice guy :-)
(9:36:08 AM) Jesse_Eichar: ok +1 to gdavis to the PSC from me :)
(9:36:30 AM) Jesse_Eichar: I also can recommend graham
(9:36:30 AM) moovida: +1 to gdavis
(9:36:31 AM) mauricio: +1
(9:36:33 AM) jgarnett: +1 for gdavis from me.
(9:36:42 AM) jgarnett: (and it will be nice to have an odd number of votes)
(9:36:48 AM) jeffloun: +1
(9:36:53 AM) jgarnett: +1
(9:37:01 AM) gdavis_: yay for being the odd vote :)
(9:37:06 AM) moovida: jgarnett: , you voted twice
(9:37:08 AM) jgarnett: We will also update the developer page to list gdavis as psc.
(9:37:16 AM) jgarnett: well I did say gdavis was nice did I not...
(9:37:22 AM) jgarnett: (sigh - tough crowd)
(9:37:26 AM) moovida: :D
(9:37:29 AM) moovida: great
(9:37:31 AM) Jesse_Eichar: next point I need to get to bed (again)
(9:37:39 AM) jgarnett: 3) irc meeting time
(9:37:44 AM) moovida: yep
(9:37:46 AM) jgarnett: Can we meet earlier than this and still get everyone?
(9:37:51 AM) moovida: how to deal with that?
(9:37:52 AM) silli: 2) code sprint?
(9:37:54 AM) gdavis_: works for me
(9:38:06 AM) jgarnett: how much earlier would people like?
(9:38:10 AM) moovida: jgarnett is doing the agenda backwards
(9:38:21 AM) silli: :-)
(9:38:22 AM) jgarnett: reverse polish notation actually
(9:38:37 AM) moovida: for us always at 23 is not very feasible
(9:38:41 AM) jgarnett: (I was leaving code sprint until the end)
(9:38:47 AM) jgarnett: can we go 3 hours earlier?
(9:38:50 AM) Jesse_Eichar: meeting is going to be hard for me. I will make it when I can but normally go to bed around 2-3 hours ago.
(9:38:52 AM) moovida: but changing often means lose people
(9:39:20 AM) jgarnett: I can do 4 hours earlier Jesse; but only when I get internet at home. Would that be early enough for you?
(9:39:34 AM) Jesse_Eichar: I have to think...
(9:39:45 AM) jgarnett: okay let us take this to email then ...
(9:39:49 AM) moovida: that would be ok also for me, what about gdavis?
(9:39:59 AM) Jesse_Eichar: honestly no probably not. When the kids are awake it is out of the question.
(9:40:04 AM) jgarnett: It is still in work hours for gdavis as far as I can tell.
(9:40:08 AM) gdavis_: right now is 2:30 pm for me, so earlier is fine
(9:40:16 AM) moovida: ok
(9:40:17 AM) jgarnett: 3 hours earlier jesse?
(9:40:23 AM) Jesse_Eichar: for me 6 am is better but probably not so nice for the others here.
(9:40:30 AM) jgarnett: when do your kids go to bed.
(9:40:33 AM) mauricio: it s ok for me
(9:40:33 AM) Jesse_Eichar: or canada
(9:41:11 AM) jgarnett:
(9:41:13 AM) Jesse_Eichar: what time it in victoria right now?
(9:41:26 AM) gdavis_: 2:40pm
(9:41:42 AM) jgarnett: 6am could work (see above link works out to 9pm, 4pm and 6am)
(9:42:09 AM) gdavis_: 6am what time?
(9:42:18 AM) gdavis_: utc?
(9:42:19 AM) jgarnett: see above link gdavis
(9:42:23 AM) Jesse_Eichar: zurick time :( not good for zou guys
(9:42:26 AM) jgarnett:
(9:42:59 AM) jgarnett: 9pm europe also looks okay
(9:43:08 AM) gdavis_: ya 9pm isnt a great time for me
(9:43:49 AM) moovida: ok, this gets endless, should take it to email, jgarnett was right
(9:43:50 AM) jgarnett: I would like to leave this for jesse to think about; Jesse can you make a motion when you are ready?
(9:43:52 AM) Jesse_Eichar: ok lets take it to mail
(9:43:55 AM) jgarnett: cool.
(9:44:01 AM) jgarnett: pop stack
(9:44:03 AM) jgarnett: 2) code sprint
(9:44:20 AM) jgarnett: code sprint is a great idea ... and there are some very fun / stratigic things to work on.
(9:44:29 AM) jgarnett: I would be up for a weekend hacking if anyone else is game.
(9:44:33 AM) moovida:
(9:44:46 AM) moovida: I'm glad to join
(9:44:48 AM) jgarnett: In particular hacking on the mr buller's ideas would be amazing :-)
(9:45:03 AM) silli: me too!
(9:45:07 AM) moovida: but I would like to have it organised
(9:45:28 AM) moovida: we work mostly with udig and do just small fixed in udig
(9:45:32 AM) moovida: from time to time
(9:45:42 AM) jgarnett: the first 2 weekends are bad for me; I should be on a plane going off to give a udig course.
(9:45:43 AM) moovida: so we would need coordination and directions
(9:45:57 AM) jgarnett: however I wanted to try the udig 1.2 SDK for the training course so I was going to try hitting it really hard.
(9:46:26 AM) moovida: so you wanted to do it earlier? or later?
(9:46:40 AM) jgarnett: moovida; we can set goals and be organized. The going through trunk for stability is a good goal for example.
(9:46:59 AM) moovida: yes, absolutely
(9:47:07 AM) jgarnett: I would like to do it earlier (it would be amazing prep for me doing a training course) .. however I do not suspect that anyone has a weekend avaialble during the holidays.
(9:47:23 AM) silli: I think it is possible to do also on 27-28th December
(9:47:26 AM) jgarnett: since I am new in town and have no friends yet (ha ha) my weekends are available.
(9:47:37 AM) moovida: yes, difficult
(9:47:41 AM) jgarnett: that weekend is often tied up with familly
(9:48:02 AM) moovida: you mean 27-28 od December? :)
(9:48:10 AM) jgarnett: so let me first ask those with familly commitments; when do you think you guys could have a weekend near the internet :-)
(9:48:11 AM) moovida: I think we can't get anyone
(9:48:23 AM) Jesse_Eichar: no weekends for me
(9:48:48 AM) tupi: neither for me
(9:48:48 AM) Jesse_Eichar: basically ever
(9:48:55 AM) jgarnett: weekend of the 17th seems fine (out of those proposed on the page)
(9:48:58 AM) mauricio: :)
(9:49:16 AM) jgarnett: thinking; would you guys like to try for a friday / saturday combo?
(9:49:30 AM) jgarnett: (ie is there anyway you can warn work and get a day freedup for solid hacking?)
(9:49:30 AM) moovida: hold on, so some only in the weekend and some only outside?
(9:49:57 AM) jgarnett: do a pass the batton thing ... correct.
(9:50:50 AM) Jesse_Eichar: that is more likely workable. That way I can likely get one day in on the sprint.
(9:51:27 AM) moovida: for me infra or weekend is oth ok
(9:51:46 AM) gdavis_ is now known as gdavis__
(9:51:54 AM) gdavis__ is now known as gdavis___
(9:51:58 AM) jgarnett: how about the Jan 16th/17th or Jan 2nd/3rd
(9:52:03 AM) moovida: so I leave the choice to those who have issues
(9:52:23 AM) gdavis___ is now known as gdavis_
(9:52:44 AM) jgarnett: (2nd / 3rd would be the most helpful for me ... but everyone may be still slow from new years parties)
(9:53:01 AM) moovida: :)
(9:53:05 AM) silli: :)
(9:53:11 AM) moovida: I would vote for 2/3
(9:53:18 AM) moovida: no problam with that
(9:53:37 AM) moovida: but then we would need to get a udig 1.2test out for testing soon
(9:53:41 AM) jgarnett: I can do any of those so I would like to leave the decision with those with scheduling conflicts
(9:53:45 AM) moovida: so that bugs are collected
(9:53:57 AM) jgarnett: moovida++ (but we can take that to email)
(9:53:59 AM) Jesse_Eichar: cant do 2-r
(9:54:11 AM) Jesse_Eichar: 2-3 because I am moving for Jan 1ish
(9:54:20 AM) jgarnett: how about 16th / 17th then jesse?
(9:54:29 AM) Jesse_Eichar: I think that is acceptable
(9:54:57 AM) moovida: mauricio?
(9:55:01 AM) moovida: ugo?
(9:55:06 AM) mauricio: 16 17+
(9:55:08 AM) moovida: gdavis?
(9:55:10 AM) tupi: fine
(9:55:40 AM) jgarnett: gdavis_ ping?
(9:55:49 AM) jgarnett: okay let us pencil that in; and we can start organzing on email (making a 1.2 test and building up a hit list etc...)
(9:55:59 AM) gdavis_: i cant commit to anything right now
(9:56:10 AM) gdavis_: i might be travelling next month and don't know yet
(9:56:25 AM) Jesse_Eichar: ok sounds great continue in email.
(9:56:28 AM) silli left the room (quit: "ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.4/2008102920]").
(9:56:29 AM) Jesse_Eichar: I'm bagged.
(9:56:43 AM) gdavis_: ok, i think the meeting is over then?
(9:56:56 AM) Jesse_Eichar: I hope so :)
(9:57:03 AM) gdavis_: jesse, please see if you can check my email about modal tools tomorrow or the next day
(9:57:10 AM) gdavis_: would appreciate it
(9:57:17 AM) gdavis_: or wait, you already did
(9:57:17 AM) Jesse_Eichar: sure will
(9:57:22 AM) Jesse_Eichar: Well read the email
(9:57:29 AM) Jesse_Eichar: didn't do anything about it though.
(9:57:40 AM) Jesse_Eichar: there is some bug in 1.2 but I don't know what
(9:57:46 AM) gdavis_: right ok
(9:57:52 AM) jgarnett: pop
(9:57:54 AM) jgarnett: stack empty
(9:57:56 AM) jgarnett: meeting over.
(9:57:56 AM) moovida: added the date to
(9:58:04 AM) moovida: please add ideas there
(9:58:13 AM) Jesse_Eichar: I will see if I see the problem tomorrow.
(9:58:22 AM) jgarnett: I will post the logs
(9:58:28 AM) jgarnett: thanks everyone; and welcome gdavis
(9:58:30 AM) moovida: great jgarnett
(9:58:30 AM) Jesse_Eichar: but can't guarantee because we have a demo on monday so I will probably be busy.
(9:58:38 AM) moovida: thanks, good night
(9:58:45 AM) gdavis_: thanks
(9:58:46 AM) mauricio: good night
(9:58:46 AM) Jesse_Eichar: ok thanks everyone and good night
(9:58:50 AM) Jesse_Eichar left the room.
(9:58:50 AM) ***moovida slowly fading away...
(9:59:08 AM) tupi left the room.
(9:59:22 AM) moovida left the room.
(9:59:23 AM) mauricio: mauricio shutdown