Thursday, January 29, 2009

uDig 1.2-M2

We are pleased to make a milestone release of uDig 1.2 available for testing.

This release gathers up all the great work accomplished during the January 18th code spint. This is the first release of uDig 1.2 that has gone through QA testing; a big thank you to all the testers who helped out during the code sprint.

Milestone releases are available here:In addition we would like to thank Geo Solutions for their assistance in integrating the imageio-ext library earlier this week.

IRC Logs January 30th

1) udig 1.2-M2 testing
2) rendering of invisible layers
3) feature cache implementation approach

(7:24:37 AM)
jgarnett: this is the right time slot for an IRC meeting
(7:24:45 AM) jgarnett: (but I forgot to send out a reminder yesterday)
(7:24:54 AM) jgarnett: so I am not sure how many people we will scare up
(7:25:00 AM) emily_g: well i have two questions
(7:25:06 AM) jgarnett: the 1.2-M2 release is ready; but we are bogging down on linux testing
(7:25:17 AM) jgarnett: sure ... I will send out a reminder email
(7:25:23 AM) emily_g: & I took the 1.2-M2 release and went most of the way through walkthrough 1
(7:25:31 AM) emily_g: I have a comments/issues
(7:25:38 AM) emily_g: when I'm finished I'll email the list
(7:25:55 AM) jgarnett: oh cool!
(7:26:41 AM) jgarnett: also moovida emails me that he committed a strange fix for the linux path issues (filename paths were getting garbled between runs of udig - mostly due to some crazy "relative path" code they put in at one stage)
(7:27:29 AM) jgarnett: aside: you were able to update and build recently right?
(7:27:39 AM) jgarnett: I still have some reports of people with build trouble
(7:28:26 AM) emily_g: I had some weird problems; I updated; refreshed; and did a build and had a whole bunch of errors. I cleaned/refreshed/closed eclipse and somehow it started working magically
(7:29:05 AM) jgarnett: hrm
(7:29:34 AM) jgarnett: I watched John Hudson do a similar thing; it appears as if changing the MANIFEST.MF
(7:29:59 AM) jgarnett: confuses poor eclipse; even when you do a refresh on the net.refractions.udig.libs project folder.
(7:30:06 AM) jgarnett: okay on to your questions
(7:30:22 AM) jgarnett has changed the topic to: 1) udig1.2-M2 2) questions and answer
(7:30:51 AM) emily_g: rendering; it looks to me like the renderer renders both visible and non-visible layers then only composes the visible layers
(7:31:09 AM) emily_g: I was wondering what the decision was behind rendering all layers
(7:31:11 AM) emily_g: all the time
(7:31:15 AM) emily_g: and not just the visible ones
(7:31:46 AM) emily_g: quiet often if I have a layer that I know will be slow to render (lots of features) I'll want to zoom in to a particular spot then make it visible and watch it render
(7:38:17 AM) jgarnett: thinking
(7:38:38 AM) jgarnett: I want to see all the renderers composed
(7:38:56 AM) jgarnett: so I can do things like watch it draw the wfs features as they come in
(7:39:05 AM) jgarnett: indeed I do see this functionality
(7:39:37 AM) jgarnett: oh wait
(7:39:46 AM) jgarnett: you are saying it is rendering the non visible layers?
(7:39:58 AM) jgarnett: that would be a bug would it not?
(7:40:00 AM) emily_g: correct
(7:40:04 AM) emily_g: it renders all layers
(7:40:08 AM) emily_g: and only composes the visible ones
(7:40:08 AM) jgarnett: really
(7:40:14 AM) emily_g: I don't think its necessarily a bug
(7:40:18 AM) emily_g: just a design decision
(7:40:26 AM) jgarnett: is that a change we made on trunk? does 1.1.1 work that way?
(7:40:32 AM) jgarnett: I would think it is a bug
(7:40:32 AM) emily_g: it means that if you are always turning layers on and off they are ready for you and there is not delay
(7:40:40 AM) jgarnett: we do try not t othrow out an rendered image
(7:40:47 AM) jgarnett: when the user toggles a layer visibility on and off
(7:40:49 AM) emily_g: I don't know about 1.1.1; I can look
(7:41:06 AM) jgarnett: but if the user zooms or pans with a layer turned off
(7:41:18 AM) jgarnett: I do not expect that layer to start rendering again until they turn it on
(7:41:29 AM) jgarnett: so I guess it would be a bug that was introduced; and not noticed
(7:41:48 AM) emily_g: okay I'll look at 1.1.1
(7:41:52 AM) emily_g: and report to the mailing list
(7:43:06 AM) jgarnett: um question
(7:43:13 AM) jgarnett: can we "fix" this?
(7:43:18 AM) emily_g: :)
(7:43:23 AM) jgarnett: for an easy performance gain :-)
(7:43:31 AM) emily_g: yes I think it can be fixed
(7:43:35 AM) emily_g: I don't know how much work it would be
(7:43:42 AM) emily_g: and I don't know how much performance gain we would get
(7:43:59 AM) emily_g: that depends on how slow the layers are that you are rendering
(7:45:59 AM) emily_g: I don't think the hidden layer render is captured in the composition; i think it just runs int he background sucking up cpu cycles
(7:46:08 AM) jgarnett: to be clear: rendering layers that are not visisble was not the intended design here; so I support treating this as a bug
(7:46:19 AM) emily_g: okay
(7:46:37 AM) emily_g: I'll post a message to the list and see how complex it would be to change it
(7:49:29 AM) jgarnett: did you have another question?
(7:49:49 AM) jgarnett: how are things going on your end; you keep sending facinating posts about feature caching
(7:49:56 AM) jgarnett: but I have not looked at the code you are working on
(7:50:52 AM) jgarnett: jhudson has been hacking away at gdavis WMS-C work (and wants to hunt down a memory leak). I think he has asked Graham if he can contribute a few patches back
(7:51:32 AM) emily_g: fun
(7:51:43 AM) emily_g: my next question was about my caching
(7:52:06 AM) emily_g: it currently takes the features from the cache; combines them with features from the wfs and returns all these features in a memoryfeaturecollection
(7:52:11 AM) emily_g: this is bad for many reasons
(7:52:45 AM) emily_g: and I was thinking of looking at creating a featurecollection/feature iterator that would read the feature only when needed & not store them in memory
(7:52:52 AM) emily_g: am I crazy?
(7:53:41 AM) jgarnett: just a sec
(7:53:46 AM) jgarnett: it takes features from the cache
(7:53:52 AM) jgarnett: and combines them with feaures from the wfs
(7:54:06 AM) jgarnett: um so how is that a cache; if you are getting features from the wfs anyways?
(7:54:33 AM) emily_g: I'm only getting features I don't have in the cache
(7:54:33 AM) jgarnett: normally featurecollections/feature iterators only read the features when needed
(7:54:38 AM) jgarnett: ah okay
(7:54:58 AM) jgarnett: I am still having trouble with your last sentence; since what you describe is how the normal wfs datastore works
(7:55:23 AM) emily_g: right
(7:55:37 AM) emily_g: somehow I need to combine the features from the cache with the features from the wfs
(7:55:59 AM) emily_g: I am currently doing this by using a memory feature collection
(7:57:44 AM) jgarnett: I see
(7:57:51 AM) jgarnett: but you would like to do it "as needed"
(7:57:59 AM) emily_g: yes
(7:58:00 AM) jgarnett: ie when the user first calls an iterator over the collection
(7:58:02 AM) jgarnett: I tried this
(7:58:04 AM) jgarnett: and hurt my brain
(7:58:28 AM) jgarnett: because the user sometimes does not use that iterator over the whole collection (ie they can fetch the first item and then close it)
(7:58:39 AM) jgarnett: but It is a good approach
(7:59:04 AM) jgarnett: commons collections has a a LazySet that is cool
(7:59:09 AM) jgarnett: and actually works along these lines
(7:59:19 AM) jgarnett: it wraps over an iterator; and only populates itself as needed
(7:59:41 AM) emily_g: that's cool
(7:59:50 AM) emily_g: I'll have to have a look
(8:00:32 AM) emily_g: unfortunately the caching code is somewhat crazy so this will probably required something more complicated that this
(8:00:37 AM) emily_g: but at least it might be a good starting point
(8:00:39 AM) emily_g: thanks
(8:00:47 AM) pramsey_ [] entered the room.
(8:00:49 AM) emily_g: the caching stuff works great once the features are cached :P
(8:01:57 AM) jgarnett: that is good to know :-)
(8:02:05 AM) jgarnett: okay I am going to wrap up the logs; thanks for the chat
(8:02:18 AM) emily_g: cheers; have a great day!
(8:02:18 AM) jgarnett: and I really look forward to your feedback on the udig 1.2-M2 testing
(8:02:20 AM) emily_g: thanks for the help
(8:02:26 AM) jgarnett: (and hope it does not eat up my weekend)
(8:02:35 AM) emily_g: (it won't)
(8:03:17 AM) jgarnett: it is starting to get really beautiful here :-)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

uDig IRC Meeting January 23rd

0) what is up
1) 1.2-M2 timeframe
2) raster bug
3) projection question
4) style editor question

Action items:
- jgarnett: export style extension point for moovida to test
- moovida: turn UDIG-1469 into a table of sample rasters to test
- jgarnett: hunt down imageio-ext project and see if a breakout QA session can be arranged

(7:12:02 AM) moovida: oh, ok, just wanted to hear how your John Doe bug is doing :)
(7:12:13 AM) moovida: Mr. Garnett, welcome!
(7:14:20 AM) moovida: can we begin?
(7:14:31 AM) mauricio: ok
(7:14:44 AM) moovida: do we have an agenda?
(7:15:18 AM) jgarnett: morning
(7:15:23 AM) jgarnett: I am not sure we do yet
(7:15:25 AM) emily_g: I have a projection question that is probably better suited to geotools; but I thought I'd ask here to see if anybody else has come across it
(7:15:26 AM) jgarnett: but we can start one
(7:15:41 AM) moovida: yep
(7:16:21 AM) moovida: jgarnett: you do the moderation?
(7:16:33 AM) jgarnett has changed the topic to: 0) what is up 1) 1.2-M2 timeframe 2) raster bug 3) projection question
(7:16:36 AM) jgarnett: sure
(7:16:42 AM) moovida: great
(7:16:46 AM) mauricio: ok
(7:16:55 AM) moovida: 4) style editor question
(7:16:58 AM) jgarnett: anyone else got a subject for the agenda?
(7:17:09 AM) jgarnett has changed the topic to: 0) what is up 1) 1.2-M2 timeframe 2) raster bug 3) projection question 4) style editor question
(7:17:34 AM) jgarnett: okay let us start
(7:18:05 AM) jgarnett: 0) what is up (type in a line saying what you are working on; the idea is to be social and notice when two people are working on the same thing)
(7:18:19 AM) emily_g: I'm poking away at a wfs feature cache using the geotools unsupported gt-caching module
(7:18:49 AM) jgarnett: jgarnett - I am thinking about geotools involvement; trying to find more work; and looking into how raster support works in 1.2 if I get time or funding
(7:19:14 AM) mauricio: Mauricio: more spatial operation, unit test and learning about udig code base
(7:19:43 AM) moovida: Andrea Ant.: back on udig - postgrid/constellation connection
(7:20:26 AM) silli [n=chatzill@] entered the room.
(7:20:36 AM) jgarnett: fun fun
(7:20:42 AM) jgarnett: 1) 1.2-M2 timeframe
(7:20:56 AM) jgarnett: Just a quick note; I said I would get to this
(7:21:13 AM) jgarnett: and I am being held up due to geotiff files not working in many cases
(7:21:26 AM) jgarnett: I do want to package up the results of our code sprint however :-)
(7:21:55 AM) jgarnett: I was just hoping to have the raster display be a bit more capable; in part because I am getting bug reports and complaints on and off list
(7:22:16 AM) ***moovida in standing ovation
(7:22:20 AM) jgarnett: It does sound like all the fixes are in from the code sprint; Jesse went a few extra days
(7:23:04 AM) moovida: the raster stuff should be really tested with different images in type and size.
(7:23:04 AM) jgarnett: This will be a similar release to the 1.2-M1 release; just download zip archives; no fancy installer (although I may include a JRE)
(7:23:37 AM) jgarnett: that will bring us to the next topic moovida :-)
(7:23:52 AM) jgarnett: any further requests / comments etc.... on making a 1.2-M2 release?
(7:23:55 AM) moovida: sorry, I thought uyou started on this, beg for pardon :)
(7:24:18 AM) moovida: my feeling was that you wanted to put in also some of the raster fixes?
(7:24:29 AM) jgarnett: nope; I was just mentioning it as the reason for my delay.
(7:24:36 AM) jgarnett: yes; you got it
(7:24:46 AM) jgarnett: well let us move on then ....
(7:24:49 AM) jgarnett: 2) raster bug
(7:24:50 AM) moovida: which would also include the raster chat before deciding the timeline
(7:25:00 AM) ***moovida is too slow in typing
(7:25:02 AM) jgarnett: Yeah perhaps I have the agenda in a bad order
(7:25:12 AM) jgarnett: Here is an example of a bug report
(7:25:32 AM) jgarnett: but most of the reports are along the line of "it does not work"; and some truly impressive workarounds
(7:25:55 AM) jgarnett: The bug report above lists a bunch of same data from around the web; and says when they work in uDig 1.1; and if they work or not in uDig 1.2
(7:26:08 AM) jgarnett: So far I have two main ideas on the cause of this trouble
(7:26:35 AM) jgarnett: - RasterSymbolizer default (now that we pay attention to raster symbolizer .. we need to make a good default for each kind of image RGB, Grayscale etc...)
(7:27:07 AM) jgarnett: - Image metadata (in particular coordinate reference system definition). It does not appear as if this is getting picked up all the time
(7:27:41 AM) jgarnett: So the first one seems to be a uDig problem; the second one may have a solution in the geotools codebase
(7:28:42 AM) moovida: Are you sure that it is just that?
(7:29:00 AM) moovida: The errors I incurred in during the sprint were of different nature
(7:29:05 AM) moovida: with nice exceptions
(7:29:16 AM) moovida: worldimages not recognised
(7:29:21 AM) moovida: and so on
(7:29:29 AM) jgarnett: I see
(7:29:42 AM) jgarnett: Can we package up a couple bug reports with those nice exceptions :-)
(7:29:43 AM) moovida: that is what I mean
(7:30:03 AM) jgarnett: I test the clouds.jpg worldimage included in the sameple dataset without problem
(7:30:04 AM) moovida: yes, I put some on the sheet we had
(7:30:20 AM) moovida: clods.jpg is not a serious thing to test
(7:30:29 AM) moovida: we need some ortophoto
(7:30:35 AM) moovida: tecnical cards
(7:30:45 AM) jgarnett: it is however small enough to ask people to download; the bug report above includes some orthophotos
(7:30:45 AM) moovida: maps that use particular compressions
(7:31:01 AM) moovida: yes, the bug report above is great, impressive
(7:31:04 AM) jgarnett: hrm; it would be good to be organized and methodical here
(7:31:12 AM) moovida: exactly
(7:31:18 AM) jgarnett: so we do not dupicate tests; or leave out something obvious
(7:31:25 AM) moovida: we need to setup something easy like for the sprint
(7:31:33 AM) moovida: so that testers can help out better
(7:31:47 AM) jgarnett: I am afraid I do not often work with raster files; and am unsure how to make a nice grid of different options
(7:32:01 AM) moovida: we can be of help here
(7:32:09 AM) jgarnett: well perhaps we could start with that UDIG-1469 bug report; place the files in a google docs spreadsheet
(7:32:30 AM) jgarnett: into a grid based on what kind format they are trying to be (RGB, grayscale, scientific, whatever)
(7:32:31 AM) moovida: Ok, I can take the effort to start that one and add some new with images
(7:32:58 AM) moovida: and then how do we organise?
(7:33:24 AM) silli: hey both, if you need I can try some rasters and give you a feedback
(7:33:47 AM) moovida: :D I bet you can silli
(7:35:13 AM) moovida: jgarnett: what were you thinking of for fixing those bugs?
(7:35:38 AM) jgarnett: well I think (due to it being a bug) we still do not know where the problem is
(7:35:43 AM) jgarnett: or how many problems there are
(7:36:03 AM) jgarnett: I suspect that we will end up fixing stuff in udig as we find it (like generating good default styles)
(7:36:25 AM) jgarnett: and for others we may end up with a series of very kindly worded bug reports for geotools and/or imageio-ext
(7:36:35 AM) jgarnett: I also note that imageio-ext is trying to hit version 1.0
(7:36:44 AM) moovida: yes, true
(7:36:52 AM) jgarnett: so I am worried we may be "too slow" with our testing effort to help them be great rather than only good
(7:37:29 AM) moovida: what about planning a couple of hours of syncronized work?
(7:37:50 AM) moovida: you stay up late and I wake up early or vice versa
(7:38:02 AM) moovida: to get into the things and have a common start point
(7:38:25 AM) moovida: obviously I say "I" and "you" which is everybody :)
(7:38:35 AM) moovida: I'm sure mauricio wouldn't let us alone
(7:38:46 AM) mauricio: :)
(7:38:46 AM) jgarnett: :-)
(7:39:03 AM) jgarnett: monday is a holiday here in Australia; so I could easily do monday evening with you guys
(7:39:13 AM) jgarnett: I think that works out to Sunday for you however :-(
(7:39:39 AM) jgarnett: But yes I am up to doing a short breakout session on this subject; but we should coordinate with the imageio-ext guys
(7:40:03 AM) moovida: yes, too bad they didn't come
(7:40:05 AM) jgarnett: (I did try and invite simone to this meeting)
(7:40:19 AM) jgarnett: okay let us organize a time on email
(7:40:29 AM) jgarnett: and move on w/ our agenda (no sense having long meetings)
(7:40:36 AM) jgarnett: 3) projection question
(7:40:38 AM) jgarnett: emily?
(7:40:59 AM) emily_g: when I load the default states population from geoserver into udig
(7:41:03 AM) emily_g: it displays nothing
(7:41:11 AM) emily_g: untill I reproject the map to 4326
(7:41:24 AM) emily_g: I've boiled it down to there being a difference between these to projection definitions
(7:41:39 AM) moovida: what is the projection it pics up natively?
(7:41:41 AM) emily_g: ...
(7:41:51 AM) emily_g: ...
(7:41:52 AM) emily_g: AXIS["Geodetic latitude", NORTH],
(7:41:53 AM) emily_g: AXIS["Geodetic longitude", EAST],
(7:41:55 AM) emily_g: ..
(7:41:57 AM) emily_g: and
(7:42:09 AM) emily_g: AXIS["Geodetic longitude", EAST],
(7:42:11 AM) emily_g: AXIS["Geodetic latitude", NORTH]]
(7:42:30 AM) emily_g: the native projection of the data is 4326
(7:42:39 AM) jgarnett: in the basicwmsrenderer
(7:42:40 AM) moovida: you mean when you look up the CRS in geoserver you find this stuff?
(7:42:55 AM) jgarnett: there is a bunch of crazy code to see how the coordinate reference system of the map matches the one from the wms
(7:43:06 AM) emily_g: no I was debugging through the code trying to figure out why the renderer was rendering nothing
(7:43:15 AM) emily_g: wfs
(7:43:18 AM) emily_g: not wms
(7:43:25 AM) jgarnett: we have updated to epsg-hsql (and forced lon/lat order) ... any of these changes should require us retesting I guess
(7:43:28 AM) jgarnett: oh
(7:43:33 AM) emily_g: it renders nothing because the x&y values of the bounding box are being switched around
(7:43:38 AM) jgarnett: wfs is the same deal; but even more fun to debug
(7:43:52 AM) jgarnett: if you use the sample requests demo thing in geoserver
(7:44:02 AM) jgarnett: can you determine what order it wants the coordinates in?
(7:44:46 AM) emily_g: maybe I don't think it has much to do with geoserver though; geoserver is feeding up the correct data
(7:45:04 AM) emily_g: geotools is then switching around the long/lat values of the bounding box returned by geoserver
(7:45:10 AM) jgarnett: question
(7:45:18 AM) jgarnett: is this the WFS 1.0 DataStore
(7:45:26 AM) jgarnett: or the WFS 1.1 DataStore that gabriel "just" wrote
(7:45:33 AM) jgarnett: which one has this problem; or both?
(7:45:50 AM) jgarnett: When you do go into the code you should be able to see a ReferencedEnvelope come in
(7:45:50 AM) emily_g: I believe its the 1.1 datastore; I don't know about the 1.0 datastore
(7:45:52 AM) emily_g: I will try it
(7:46:01 AM) jgarnett: and be "adjusted" to match the WFS DataStore expectations
(7:46:06 AM) DrogoNevets left the room (quit: Connection timed out).
(7:46:09 AM) jgarnett: there is a FilterVisitor that does this work
(7:46:24 AM) emily_g: yes; and the only difference between the srs's is the order in which the axis are defined
(7:46:36 AM) jgarnett: I am not too happy with the WFS 1.1. datastore; it is a bit young and does not do editing yet
(7:47:08 AM) jgarnett: in the WFS 1.0 DataStore this was handled by a specific filter visitor (that had to modify the origional request to match the target crs)
(7:47:11 AM) emily_g: I'll ask the geotools list and stop taking up everyones time. I'll poke around with the wfs1.0 datastore too thanks.
(7:47:23 AM) jgarnett: I am not sure if this has been done well/correctly for the WFS 1.1 datastore
(7:47:28 AM) jgarnett: talk to gabriel as well
(7:47:33 AM) emily_g: ok good place to start - thanks
(7:47:37 AM) jgarnett: good question! not easy but good
(7:47:43 AM) jgarnett: 4) style editor question
(7:48:08 AM) moovida: ok, can we make the import and export buttons overridable?
(7:48:24 AM) moovida: it is a problem for non sld styles
(7:48:29 AM) moovida: in the style editor
(7:49:06 AM) jgarnett: thinking
(7:49:23 AM) jgarnett: can we make them only enabled for the SLD style pages?
(7:49:35 AM) jgarnett: or have an extension point which asks the style configurator what data it is editing
(7:49:37 AM) moovida: also perfect
(7:49:45 AM) jgarnett: and looks around for a wizard to be able to export that data?
(7:50:00 AM) jgarnett: so to answer your question; yes we can
(7:50:06 AM) jgarnett: but what is a good way to handle it ...
(7:50:13 AM) jgarnett: even for geotools style objects
(7:50:25 AM) jgarnett: we are going to get two good export formats (SLD 1.0 and SE 1.1)
(7:50:33 AM) jgarnett: so I am a bit puzzled
(7:50:42 AM) jgarnett: do you have a specific bug that is bugging you?
(7:50:49 AM) jgarnett: say exporting the style of a scalebar failing or something?
(7:50:50 AM) moovida: I don't see your point
(7:50:58 AM) moovida: it is not a bug
(7:51:09 AM) moovida: exporting of JGrass raster styles
(7:51:13 AM) moovida: which are not sld
(7:51:23 AM) jgarnett: I was thinking that some styles may have more then one format available; so we may need to think about that when trying to digure out how to export stuff
(7:51:24 AM) moovida: so the buttons are there and user always try to export
(7:51:34 AM) moovida: and get some xml crab file
(7:51:35 AM) jgarnett: okay cool
(7:51:39 AM) jgarnett: you have a use case
(7:51:57 AM) moovida: can't the responsability be given to the style editor?
(7:52:08 AM) jgarnett: I would be willing to make a quick extension point; if you are willing to try and test it
(7:52:10 AM) moovida: it should know the data it threats
(7:52:22 AM) moovida: Jody, I am very glad to do so
(7:52:23 AM) jgarnett: I would feel better if we had 3 implementations rather than just geotools Style and JGrass
(7:52:31 AM) jgarnett: any thing else we can think of?
(7:52:33 AM) moovida: for 1.1 and 1.2
(7:53:10 AM) moovida: I use it also for annotation layers in beegis
(7:53:20 AM) moovida: and that would be another format
(7:53:52 AM) moovida: but what are you thinking about? I'm not sure I get your lightspeed coding thoughts
(7:54:57 AM) jgarnett: hrm; I am trying not to change the API on 1.1 that much :-P
(7:55:00 AM) jgarnett: stable release and all
(7:55:13 AM) jgarnett: but if you have to you can backport and make a 1.1.2 release
(7:55:25 AM) jgarnett: okay sounds like we got some good activities to work on
(7:55:31 AM) jgarnett: thanks for the meeting everyone
(7:55:42 AM) moovida: agree with you. 1.2, not 1.1
(7:56:03 AM) jgarnett: aside: emily ... thanks for helping out John Hudson the other week
(7:56:17 AM) emily_g: no problems
(7:56:23 AM) emily_g: I hope its all working for him now
(7:56:32 AM) jgarnett: I will post the logs
(7:56:58 AM) moovida: thanks
(7:57:12 AM) jgarnett: moovida I will do an initial cut of a style export extension point now
(7:57:16 AM) jgarnett: and ask you to review via email
(7:57:36 AM) jgarnett: do you want to start thinking of a good format for us to work through the raster files in an organized manner
(7:57:45 AM) jgarnett: I could start; but I feel I do not know enough

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Axios uDig Extensions 1.2-m1 (under Development)

We want to share with the community these new features under development, added to spatial operation set:
  • Split operation: allows to split layer's features using lines from other layer.

  • Polygon to line operation: taking the polygons' borders as reference, generates new features with line string geometries.

This release is intended for users who want to test this new features. Please, protect your data before use this product.

You will find download instructions and help in Axios Download

If you want to know more about this project visit the
following page: Spatial Operations and Editing Tools

Sunday, January 18, 2009

udig around the world sprint... in numbers

At 15.00, Rome timezone, we closed the udig sprint (described here),
after more or less:

- hours of development: 57
- developer hours: 191

- reported bugs: 45
- fixed bugs: 24
- bugs still working on: 6
- left over bugs: 15

(bugstable used is here)

- thousands of lines of IRC discussions that were posted in the 3 posts before the current

- 3 involved continents: America, Australia, Europe

- tonns of passion for coding!

Thanks to everyone that partecipated, as developer and equally as
tester (this time testers were amazing, thanks!).

Udig 1.2 still needs a lot of love, we really hope we can make this
happen again not too far from now.

A quick build with the results of the 3 days of coding is available
here (It will take some hours to upload them, so wait a bit before you
get them):


The uDig Project Steering Committee

IRC logs - Code sprint EUROPE day 3: 7.30-15.00

[2009-01-18 07:43:06] moovida: :D
[2009-01-18 07:43:14] moovida: welcome back my friend
[2009-01-18 07:43:27] mauricio: Hi everyone
[2009-01-18 07:43:31] moovida: shouldn't we be somewhere skiing?
[2009-01-18 07:45:23] mauricio: :)
[2009-01-18 07:45:33] mauricio: well, ... 24
[2009-01-18 07:46:11] moovida: 24?
[2009-01-18 07:46:36] mauricio: sorry issue
[2009-01-18 07:46:41] mauricio: 24
[2009-01-18 07:46:59] moovida: yes, I was assuming that :)
[2009-01-18 07:47:01] mauricio: I will reinit my battle
[2009-01-18 07:47:11] moovida: good luck man!
[2009-01-18 07:47:21] mauricio: thanks
[2009-01-18 07:47:28] moovida: jgarnett1 did the redeploy, we should be good again
[2009-01-18 07:48:41] mauricio: ok
[2009-01-18 07:49:12] mauricio: then is there a new build to test?
[2009-01-18 07:49:21] mauricio: where is it?
[2009-01-18 07:49:26] moovida: I will do one now
[2009-01-18 07:49:36] moovida: you mean the plugins set?
[2009-01-18 07:49:37] mauricio: aha
[2009-01-18 07:49:47] moovida: or you mean the geotools build?
[2009-01-18 07:50:11] mauricio: I mean udig
[2009-01-18 07:50:16] mauricio: product
[2009-01-18 07:50:49] moovida: you think it would be a good idea to create one?
[2009-01-18 07:51:07] moovida: I can do that, but then it will takeforever to upload it
[2009-01-18 07:51:24] moovida: but you are the second person that is asking for it
[2009-01-18 07:51:35] moovida: so perhaps we should?
[2009-01-18 07:51:40] mauricio: yes
[2009-01-18 07:51:46] moovida: after bug 24 is in it? :)
[2009-01-18 07:52:02] mauricio: maybe some bugs are solved
[2009-01-18 07:52:17] mauricio: if they depend on geotools
[2009-01-18 07:52:29] moovida: ha, that could also be true
[2009-01-18 07:52:44] moovida: ok, you convinced me.
[2009-01-18 07:53:11] moovida: while you get into 24 again, I do packages for the fixes up to now
[2009-01-18 07:53:21] mauricio: yes
[2009-01-18 07:53:44] mauricio: I think 24 does not depend on geotools
[2009-01-18 07:54:02] mauricio: it is udig and swt problem
[2009-01-18 07:54:22] mauricio: I can work
[2009-01-18 07:54:52] moovida: ok
[2009-01-18 07:55:01] moovida: question: you have webdav access to udig downloads with the svn credentials?
[2009-01-18 07:55:20] mauricio: yes
[2009-01-18 07:55:34] moovida: great
[2009-01-18 07:55:58] moovida: I copied the imageio-ext dlls into my jte and now nothing works :)
[2009-01-18 07:56:02] moovida: funny
[2009-01-18 07:56:53] mauricio: :)
[2009-01-18 07:57:07] mauricio: dlls .... no comment
[2009-01-18 07:57:16] mauricio: :)
[2009-01-18 07:57:53] moovida: :D
[2009-01-18 07:58:17] mauricio: go for cafe
[2009-01-18 07:58:42] moovida: ok, later
[2009-01-18 07:59:03] moovida: dlls need to be executable
[2009-01-18 08:06:22] moovida: mauricio: do you have any idea about where the 1.2M products went?
[2009-01-18 08:06:32] moovida: the folder has just the axios folder
[2009-01-18 08:06:41] moovida: but the zips are gone
[2009-01-18 08:07:01] mauricio: yes
[2009-01-18 08:07:32] mauricio: I found that on friday
[2009-01-18 08:07:52] moovida: wondring what happened
[2009-01-18 08:08:09] mauricio: 1,2 is empty
[2009-01-18 08:08:38] mauricio: I found 1.2 build in ...
[2009-01-18 08:09:21] moovida: ahhh, branches
[2009-01-18 08:09:25] moovida: they told in the list
[2009-01-18 08:09:28] moovida: I forgot
[2009-01-18 08:09:31] moovida: thanks man
[2009-01-18 08:09:39] mauricio: yes branches
[2009-01-18 10:26:03] aborruso: hi all
[2009-01-18 10:26:13] aborruso: good sunday
[2009-01-18 10:26:14] acuster:
[2009-01-18 10:27:03] aborruso: moovida are you there?
[2009-01-18 10:28:00] moovida: hello
[2009-01-18 10:28:05] moovida: good Sunday
[2009-01-18 10:28:11] aborruso: make me know
[2009-01-18 10:28:13] moovida: glad to see you all here
[2009-01-18 10:28:14] aborruso: when
[2009-01-18 10:28:22] aborruso: I must close
[2009-01-18 10:28:24] moovida: so you are all addicted to work in the weekend :)
[2009-01-18 10:28:32] aborruso: the spreadsheet
[2009-01-18 10:28:41] moovida: close the spreadsheet?
[2009-01-18 10:28:46] aborruso: from read/write to read
[2009-01-18 10:29:00] moovida: you mean if you close it, we can't see it any more?
[2009-01-18 10:29:06] aborruso: no
[2009-01-18 10:29:12] moovida: oh, sorry, got it
[2009-01-18 10:29:12] aborruso: I think
[2009-01-18 10:29:17] aborruso: to make it
[2009-01-18 10:29:27] aborruso: only available in read mode
[2009-01-18 10:29:30] aborruso: and
[2009-01-18 10:29:34] aborruso: I will export it
[2009-01-18 10:29:39] aborruso: and send to you
[2009-01-18 10:29:46] aborruso: but
[2009-01-18 10:29:51] aborruso: it's only an idea
[2009-01-18 10:30:01] aborruso: I can leave it
[2009-01-18 10:30:06] aborruso: writable
[2009-01-18 10:30:11] aborruso: by all
[2009-01-18 10:30:37] moovida: no, it is ok I think
[2009-01-18 10:30:53] moovida: I first want to see what will happen with the left bugs
[2009-01-18 10:31:08] moovida: they will probably be put in JIRA
[2009-01-18 10:31:15] moovida: and then be forgotten :(
[2009-01-18 10:31:18] aborruso: I'm very happy you have used it
[2009-01-18 10:31:42] moovida: I hope Jody comes online at some point
[2009-01-18 10:31:48] moovida: and then we will discuss this
[2009-01-18 10:31:49] moovida: thanks
[2009-01-18 10:31:53] aborruso: We can insert it embedded in some web page
[2009-01-18 10:32:12] mauricio: well... I must go
[2009-01-18 10:32:24] mauricio: 24 is open :(
[2009-01-18 10:32:33] moovida: mauricio: you leave me here on my own? :)
[2009-01-18 10:32:46] mauricio: :D
[2009-01-18 10:32:53] moovida: hmm... will you be able to work on it in near future?
[2009-01-18 10:33:03] mauricio: yes
[2009-01-18 10:33:03] moovida: what do you think?
[2009-01-18 10:33:07] moovida: oh, great
[2009-01-18 10:33:10] moovida: thanks man
[2009-01-18 10:33:16] moovida: very appreciated
[2009-01-18 10:33:31] moovida: have a nice Sunday
[2009-01-18 10:33:34] mauricio: we are very interested to solve editing stuf
[2009-01-18 10:34:03] moovida: I will propose ery soon another PSC code sprint session
[2009-01-18 10:34:12] moovida: 1.2 needs more love
[2009-01-18 10:34:20] mauricio: yes
[2009-01-18 10:34:21] moovida: else we will never get anywere
[2009-01-18 10:34:40] aborruso: 1.2 seems a great release
[2009-01-18 10:34:56] aborruso: and also for me needs more love
[2009-01-18 10:34:58] moovida: yes, but it has too many problems
[2009-01-18 10:35:01] aborruso: +1
[2009-01-18 10:35:10] aborruso: it's true
[2009-01-18 10:35:13] moovida: there are 1000 things I see, that weren't even mentioned
[2009-01-18 10:35:22] moovida: operations that do not work
[2009-01-18 10:35:36] moovida: tonns of unordered tools that were added
[2009-01-18 10:35:48] moovida: there will also be the need of cleaning up a bit
[2009-01-18 10:36:00] moovida: let's see what happens
[2009-01-18 10:36:18] aborruso: moovida
[2009-01-18 10:36:28] moovida: mauricio: the packages are uploading
[2009-01-18 10:36:29] aborruso: would you like that I make
[2009-01-18 10:36:36] moovida: I will post the links as they finish
[2009-01-18 10:36:38] aborruso: some raster tests
[2009-01-18 10:36:54] moovida: that would be really nice aborruso
[2009-01-18 10:37:09] moovida: I did a few, but I noticed that there are several problems
[2009-01-18 10:37:10] mauricio: moovida: we commit the solved
[2009-01-18 10:37:11] aborruso: import and view?
[2009-01-18 10:37:30] moovida: and we need good descriptions of the testcases
[2009-01-18 10:37:38] moovida: mauricio: ok, great
[2009-01-18 10:37:53] moovida: aborruso: yes, just visualization
[2009-01-18 10:37:57] moovida: tiff
[2009-01-18 10:37:58] moovida: jpg
[2009-01-18 10:38:03] moovida: mosaic of the same
[2009-01-18 10:38:11] mauricio: moovida: aha you mean that there is a new build for 1.2
[2009-01-18 10:38:12] mauricio: ?
[2009-01-18 10:38:18] moovida: with imageio-ext and wothout
[2009-01-18 10:38:28] aborruso: mosaic? Add both to a map?
[2009-01-18 10:38:30] moovida: yes, remember, we talked about the products
[2009-01-18 10:38:39] mauricio: yes
[2009-01-18 10:38:43] moovida: (was for mauricio)
[2009-01-18 10:38:47] mauricio: I remember it
[2009-01-18 10:38:50] moovida: I am uploading them
[2009-01-18 10:38:55] mauricio: ok
[2009-01-18 10:38:58] mauricio: see you
[2009-01-18 10:39:02] moovida: ok, ciao
[2009-01-18 10:39:22] mauricio: ciao friends (good luck)
[2009-01-18 10:39:34] moovida: :) we will need it
[2009-01-18 10:39:50] moovida: been good to serve with you :D
[2009-01-18 10:40:03] moovida: "to serve and reproject"
[2009-01-18 10:40:07] moovida: that is what we do
[2009-01-18 10:40:18] moovida: sorry guys, I'm a bit strange today
[2009-01-18 10:40:20] moovida: :)
[2009-01-18 10:40:31] moovida: aborruso: mosaic made with gdal
[2009-01-18 10:40:40] moovida: creates a shapefile of the tiles
[2009-01-18 10:40:45] moovida: and you canload the shp
[2009-01-18 10:40:51] moovida: and it shows the images
[2009-01-18 10:41:18] moovida: ok, I try to understand where the clipboard goes between the copy and the paste
[2009-01-18 10:41:23] moovida: someone eats it
[2009-01-18 10:42:41] aborruso: moovida you talk about gdaltindex?
[2009-01-18 10:43:11] moovida: yes
[2009-01-18 10:43:21] aborruso: ok
[2009-01-18 10:43:32] moovida: whatever comes to your mind
[2009-01-18 10:43:46] moovida: and please add the issues at the end of the sheet
[2009-01-18 10:43:51] aborruso: mosai for me is to build one tif starting from 4 tifs
[2009-01-18 10:43:53] moovida: since we have no ids
[2009-01-18 10:44:17] moovida: ah, ok, I am not sure
[2009-01-18 10:44:25] aborruso: I'll do what you say
[2009-01-18 10:44:29] moovida: how do you call what I said?
[2009-01-18 10:44:50] aborruso: I do not know :-D
[2009-01-18 10:44:56] moovida: tileindexing? :)
[2009-01-18 10:45:07] moovida: better gdaltileindexing :)
[2009-01-18 10:45:09] moovida: ok
[2009-01-18 10:45:32] aborruso: ok
[2009-01-18 10:45:39] aborruso: I go
[2009-01-18 10:56:06] =-= acuster is now known as avc_lazy
[2009-01-18 11:04:29] jgarnett1: back
[2009-01-18 11:04:34] jgarnett1: the deploy did finally go out
[2009-01-18 11:04:46] moovida: hello mr garnett
[2009-01-18 11:04:53] jgarnett1: good morning
[2009-01-18 11:05:09] moovida: the deploy went through and the things work
[2009-01-18 11:05:18] jgarnett1: (I am through a danish induced trial of nesting - ie trip to IKEA to set up an very empty flat)
[2009-01-18 11:05:45] jgarnett1: moovida++ yes I can see it too 59 minuets and 33 seconds on my console - I am glad it works.
[2009-01-18 11:05:57] moovida: yep
[2009-01-18 11:06:19] jgarnett1: So let me grab an update
[2009-01-18 11:06:24] jgarnett1: and then you can tell me how to be useful.
[2009-01-18 11:06:37] moovida: :)
[2009-01-18 11:14:08] jgarnett1: aaime ping? I hooked up your labeler - seems good so far
[2009-01-18 11:14:20] aaime: jgarnett1, nice
[2009-01-18 11:14:23] jgarnett1: after the code sprint I will try and make a property page to allow people to play with the options.
[2009-01-18 11:14:37] aaime: Good
[2009-01-18 11:14:48] aaime: Actually... the current one does not allow to set the basic SLD options
[2009-01-18 11:14:52] aaime: such as label placement
[2009-01-18 11:14:56] aaime: or attribute dependent rotation...
[2009-01-18 11:15:04] jgarnett1: I did notice that when we make a text symbolizer right now; we get in trouble with the validation routine (some kind of vendor extension). We were given the validation code from geoserver - perhaps you guys have an update for me?
[2009-01-18 11:15:37] aaime: I don't know... in GeoServer we have a customized SLD schema
[2009-01-18 11:15:43] jgarnett1: ah
[2009-01-18 11:15:48] aaime: that has the definitions of all the extra elements
[2009-01-18 11:15:55] aaime: that is, VendorOption, Priority and Graphics
[2009-01-18 11:16:16] jgarnett1: hrm; wonder if we could host that inside geotools ... I hate duplicating work.
[2009-01-18 11:16:22] aaime: if you are checking against a standard schema no suprirse it does not validate
[2009-01-18 11:16:30] jgarnett1: agreed.
[2009-01-18 11:16:41] aaime: jgarnett1, not easily
[2009-01-18 11:16:56] aaime: since the schema files are inside the web application, not inside any jar
[2009-01-18 11:17:11] aaime: (they are files published because they are dumped into the webapp, that is)
[2009-01-18 11:17:21] jgarnett1: Well I may be able to recognize the error messages produced by VendorOption, Priority and Graphics; and filter them out of the msg I show my user.
[2009-01-18 11:17:29] jgarnett1: but I do understand the difficulity.
[2009-01-18 11:17:41] aaime: anyways if you want to pick up the fixed schemas
[2009-01-18 11:17:50] aaime: I can point you to the right place
[2009-01-18 11:17:58] aaime: or just give you the pach, it's really just 3 lines
[2009-01-18 11:18:01] aaime: in the schema
[2009-01-18 11:18:05] jgarnett1: patch would be better
[2009-01-18 11:18:20] jgarnett1: I see you are having to fix stuff in the validation module; is that for the great filter cross over project?
[2009-01-18 11:18:28] aaime: yeah
[2009-01-18 11:18:33] aaime: trying to resume a bit work on that
[2009-01-18 11:18:35] jgarnett1: aaime++
[2009-01-18 11:18:51] aaime: Ah, I'm getting closer to a point where I'll have to do some damage in order to complete the switch
[2009-01-18 11:18:53] jgarnett1: hopefully by the time you visit me in Sydney for FOSS4G I can afford to buy you several beers
[2009-01-18 11:19:07] aaime: so far I tried to only make safe changes
[2009-01-18 11:19:30] jgarnett1: I am very happy with this udig code sprint thing; I really miss working with others on IRC. So if you need to do your damage on a weekend let me know.
[2009-01-18 11:19:44] jgarnett1: what kind of unsafe changes do we have to look forward to?
[2009-01-18 11:19:51] aaime: No no, that kind of changes will require some agreement
[2009-01-18 11:20:11] aaime: api break (changing from gt2 filter to geoapi filter in the signatures)
[2009-01-18 11:20:19] jgarnett1: ah;
[2009-01-18 11:20:31] jgarnett1: we already had agreement; what we did not have was someone doing the work.
[2009-01-18 11:20:32] aaime: moving classes that cannot be switched to a legacy module
[2009-01-18 11:20:38] aaime: (think all the sax parsers)
[2009-01-18 11:20:50] jgarnett1: the 2nd point about moving classes does qualify however.
[2009-01-18 11:20:58] jgarnett1: hrm; I did update one of the SAX parsers I thought.
[2009-01-18 11:20:59] aaime: fixing geoapi filter function definition
[2009-01-18 11:21:27] aaime: jgarnett1, the issue with the sax parsers is that they would have to be rewritten in order to work with geoapi factory
[2009-01-18 11:21:40] aaime: now they build the filter on the leading edge and populate it as they go
[2009-01-18 11:21:48] jgarnett1: hrm ... what is the last point. And I believe I did fix at least one of the SAX parsers to work with the geoapi factory.
[2009-01-18 11:21:58] jgarnett1: Although perhaps it was the DOM parser.
[2009-01-18 11:22:00] aaime: with geoapi we'd have to accumulate the parameters needed to build one as we parse, and build the filter on the trailing edge
[2009-01-18 11:22:19] aaime: so we'd need a tree based temporary storage
[2009-01-18 11:22:33] aaime: (or maybe just a stack)
[2009-01-18 11:23:01] aaime: at that point I probably prefer to just move them to legacy and tell people to use the xsd based parser
[2009-01-18 11:23:02] jgarnett1: I see your point.
[2009-01-18 11:23:08] jgarnett1: yeah
[2009-01-18 11:23:32] jgarnett1: I was very close to that with the SLD parsing yesterday; it was being frustrating.
[2009-01-18 11:24:00] aaime: well, that's one thing that scares me
[2009-01-18 11:24:10] aaime: is that I can find my way in the old SLD parser
[2009-01-18 11:24:25] aaime: and I end up cursing every living being when I try to get near to the new one
[2009-01-18 11:25:09] aaime: really my policy has become "either Justin does the xml part, or I refuse to work on the whole" for everything that has any xml handling
[2009-01-18 11:29:34] aborruso: moovida are you there??
[2009-01-18 11:29:43] moovida: yes
[2009-01-18 11:29:49] aborruso: ok
[2009-01-18 11:29:54] aborruso: only a question
[2009-01-18 11:29:56] aborruso: I have made
[2009-01-18 11:30:11] aborruso: I have built
[2009-01-18 11:30:18] aborruso: a shapefile
[2009-01-18 11:30:28] aborruso: with gdaltindex
[2009-01-18 11:30:31] aborruso: now
[2009-01-18 11:30:35] aborruso: I have added it
[2009-01-18 11:30:38] aborruso: to udig
[2009-01-18 11:30:42] aborruso: and I views
[2009-01-18 11:30:58] aborruso: and I view
[2009-01-18 11:31:12] aborruso: the boxes
[2009-01-18 11:31:20] aborruso: of the geotiles
[2009-01-18 11:31:28] moovida: and not the rasters
[2009-01-18 11:31:35] moovida: you have them in the same folder?
[2009-01-18 11:31:36] aborruso: no
[2009-01-18 11:31:42] aborruso: yez
[2009-01-18 11:31:51] aborruso: I have made the test
[2009-01-18 11:31:53] moovida: hmmm, good question
[2009-01-18 11:31:57] aborruso: also with -write_absolute_path
[2009-01-18 11:32:25] moovida: jgarnett1: the tile shapefile should work in this version, right?
[2009-01-18 11:32:37] moovida: I am sure I tried ti time ago on some test build
[2009-01-18 11:32:44] moovida: hmpf
[2009-01-18 11:33:08] moovida: don't know what to say aborruso
[2009-01-18 11:33:14] aborruso: ok
[2009-01-18 11:33:24] moovida: sorry, just report it like that
[2009-01-18 11:33:31] aborruso: ok
[2009-01-18 11:33:53] moovida: jgarnett1: when you have time, have a look at issue 39
[2009-01-18 11:34:09] aborruso: Now I must go
[2009-01-18 11:34:36] moovida: okky, thanks for paasing by
[2009-01-18 11:34:40] aborruso: in the evening I write a little report about raster
[2009-01-18 11:42:55] jgarnett1: okay; issue 39.
[2009-01-18 11:43:17] jgarnett1: I am just filing a very long bug report; a potential customer is trying to hold me hostage - "fix this or we cannot consider udig"
[2009-01-18 11:43:19] jgarnett1: bleck
[2009-01-18 11:43:26] jgarnett1: on the bright side it is a good bug report.
[2009-01-18 11:43:52] moovida: ok, if you want to finish first, I am glad to grab some food
[2009-01-18 11:44:01] moovida: and we can iscuss afterwards
[2009-01-18 11:44:09] moovida: depends on how long you are there
[2009-01-18 11:44:12] aaime: jgarnett1, I usually tell those people to go to hell :)
[2009-01-18 11:44:47] jgarnett1: yeah but you have too much work
[2009-01-18 11:44:49] jgarnett1: and I do not
[2009-01-18 11:44:59] aaime: You have a point there
[2009-01-18 11:49:15] moovida: ok, I take the chance to grab some food
[2009-01-18 11:49:18] moovida: later
[2009-01-18 11:49:23] [INFO] You are now marked as away (I'm not here right now.). Click the nickname button or use the |/back| command to return from being away.
[2009-01-18 11:52:46] jgarnett1: I will look at issue 39.
[2009-01-18 11:53:54] aaime: jgarnett1, where are you storing those issues? in udig jira?
[2009-01-18 11:54:19] aaime: (like, issue 39 there seems to have been fixed a long time ago?)
[2009-01-18 11:55:01] jgarnett1: heh see the subject line
[2009-01-18 11:55:13] jgarnett1: these crazy cats have a spreadsheet to collaborate on for the weekend
[2009-01-18 11:55:30] aaime: oh, I see
[2009-01-18 11:56:00] aaime: so issue 39 is the one at line 39 in the bugstable?
[2009-01-18 11:56:20] aaime: hey, who's that Andrea A.?? :)
[2009-01-18 11:56:40] aaime: really moovida, we have a scary name overlap
[2009-01-18 12:06:28] jgarnett1:
[2009-01-18 12:06:31] jgarnett1: bleck
[2009-01-18 12:07:00] jgarnett1: interesting one of the things that is stopping udig is the assumption of WFS 1.1
[2009-01-18 12:07:26] jgarnett1: going to have to make it assume WFS 1.0 until the WFS 1,1 DataStore can do transactions or someting
[2009-01-18 12:08:33] jgarnett1: aaime - question for you
[2009-01-18 12:08:44] jgarnett1: this issue 39 has to do with a mistake made on the part of Jesse
[2009-01-18 12:08:48] jgarnett1: when making the shapefile datastore factory
[2009-01-18 12:08:57] aaime: yeah, I know
[2009-01-18 12:09:01] jgarnett1: he is caching created instances internally.
[2009-01-18 12:09:10] jgarnett1: I let him know; and he knows it is a mistake
[2009-01-18 12:09:10] aaime: it is hitting one GeoServer user as well
[2009-01-18 12:09:16] jgarnett1: but has not had the time to remove this "feature"
[2009-01-18 12:09:19] aaime: so why did he do so?
[2009-01-18 12:09:23] jgarnett1: I am going to go in and remove this cache.
[2009-01-18 12:09:26] aaime: I mean it's more work
[2009-01-18 12:09:32] aaime: so there must have been a reason?
[2009-01-18 12:09:35] jgarnett1: he actually assumed this was the job of ShapefileDataStoreFactory
[2009-01-18 12:09:50] jgarnett1: it was just an assumption.... he was surprised he was not supposed to do that.
[2009-01-18 12:09:53] aaime: #@?£!!!
[2009-01-18 12:12:28] jgarnett1: in anycase I am off to fix it
[2009-01-18 12:12:38] [INFO] You are no longer marked as away.
[2009-01-18 12:12:44] moovida: back
[2009-01-18 12:13:11] moovida: I see the reset problem hits also geoserver?
[2009-01-18 12:13:17] jgarnett1: I only found this feature in GeoTools 2.4 when I rolled shapefile and index shapefile into the same module.
[2009-01-18 12:13:19] moovida: reset related in fact
[2009-01-18 12:13:38] jgarnett1: yeah not to worry guys; it is just a mistake on jesse's part that he has never had time to clean up; I will have it removed in a jiffy.
[2009-01-18 12:14:03] aaime: moovida, yes it does, but only for a very niche use case
[2009-01-18 12:14:13] aaime: a user that configured shapefiles in GeoServer
[2009-01-18 12:14:21] moovida: you sure that it will not break something?
[2009-01-18 12:14:29] aaime: and then starts changing thei contents _and_ structure behing GeoServer
[2009-01-18 12:14:40] aaime: and pretends GS to figure out the new feautre type on config reload
[2009-01-18 12:14:50] aaime: which does not happen because the datastore is cached
[2009-01-18 12:15:51] aaime: moovida, off the top of my mind, it should not break anything but... we'll only know for sure when the change is done...
[2009-01-18 12:19:46] jgarnett1: the javadocs already are from me saying we should remove this "feature"
[2009-01-18 12:19:53] jgarnett1: so now is the time
[2009-01-18 12:34:43] jgarnett1: back
[2009-01-18 12:34:53] jgarnett1: deploying *just* shapefile now with the intended change
[2009-01-18 12:35:57] jgarnett1: and it is now finished deploying
[2009-01-18 12:35:58] moovida: great, gonna try that out
[2009-01-18 12:36:04] jgarnett1: moovida what is next :-)
[2009-01-18 12:36:06] moovida: tell me when
[2009-01-18 12:36:10] jgarnett1: now
[2009-01-18 12:36:11] moovida: :)
[2009-01-18 12:36:23] moovida: ok, I have problems with the copy/paste
[2009-01-18 12:36:33] moovida: teh thing goes to the clipboard
[2009-01-18 12:36:41] moovida: and comes back when pasting
[2009-01-18 12:36:50] moovida: but the dropaction can't be found
[2009-01-18 12:37:13] moovida: so the features are not pasted
[2009-01-18 12:38:12] jgarnett1: hrm
[2009-01-18 12:38:29] jgarnett1: I had a lot of trouble following how drop actions and so on worked
[2009-01-18 12:38:39] moovida: yes, same for me
[2009-01-18 12:38:41] jgarnett1: where in the code base are you
[2009-01-18 12:39:02] moovida: DropActionProcessor
[2009-01-18 12:39:13] moovida: public void process(IExtension extension, IConfigurationElement element)
[2009-01-18 12:39:39] moovida: around there
[2009-01-18 12:40:08] jgarnett1: okay I know this part well
[2009-01-18 12:40:23] jgarnett1: aside: let me know if that shapefile changes fixes it for you
[2009-01-18 12:40:35] jgarnett1: (I am making the geotools bug report now before I commit)
[2009-01-18 12:40:46] moovida: ok refreshing now
[2009-01-18 12:40:51] moovida: and trying
[2009-01-18 12:44:17] moovida: jgarnett1: are you sure it deployed?
[2009-01-18 12:45:14] jgarnett1: Uploading:
[2009-01-18 12:45:15] jgarnett1: ar
[2009-01-18 12:45:18] jgarnett1: that is what it said
[2009-01-18 12:45:46] moovida: also changes in udig?
[2009-01-18 12:45:55] moovida: didn't see commits pass by
[2009-01-18 12:47:00] moovida: it didn't substitute the new jar
[2009-01-18 12:47:37] jgarnett1: no changes in udig
[2009-01-18 12:47:48] jgarnett1: hrm
[2009-01-18 12:47:51] moovida: ok, I will try a clean also
[2009-01-18 12:48:08] jgarnett1: just running refresh.xml should do it
[2009-01-18 12:48:19] jgarnett1: (perhaps you have "clean" hooked up to refresh.xml?)
[2009-01-18 12:48:31] moovida: no
[2009-01-18 12:48:46] moovida: hmm, trying again
[2009-01-18 12:55:14] moovida: I seem to have issues with windows holding the jars
[2009-01-18 12:55:24] jgarnett1: hrm
[2009-01-18 12:55:37] jgarnett1: I see; hense the clean to force it to download stuff
[2009-01-18 12:55:48] jgarnett1: in anycase what were we working on?
[2009-01-18 12:55:54] jgarnett1: I could do 47 I think
[2009-01-18 12:56:14] jgarnett1: but perhaps we should take stock of how far we can get through the various walkthroughs?
[2009-01-18 12:56:34] jgarnett1: 26 for example seems a trouble spot?
[2009-01-18 12:56:41] jgarnett1: and 23
[2009-01-18 12:57:27] jgarnett1: I have about 30 mins left in me; trying to get lots of sleep after being sick
[2009-01-18 12:58:32] Jesse_Eichar: aaime: you there?
[2009-01-18 12:58:57] jgarnett1: aside: Hi Jesse - happy to finally be online when you are
[2009-01-18 12:59:24] Jesse_Eichar: its a change eh :)
[2009-01-18 12:59:32] Jesse_Eichar: so andrea is not available I guess :(
[2009-01-18 12:59:39] Jesse_Eichar: Maybe you can help
[2009-01-18 12:59:39] jgarnett1: well if I could ever get internet at home it would help
[2009-01-18 12:59:45] jgarnett1: aaime has been around
[2009-01-18 12:59:52] jgarnett1: but sure; what can I do?
[2009-01-18 13:00:01] jgarnett1: I will trade you moovida'a copy and paste questions :-)
[2009-01-18 13:00:11] Jesse_Eichar: thats fair
[2009-01-18 13:00:14] Jesse_Eichar: I found a bug with the Postgis datastore
[2009-01-18 13:00:35] jgarnett1: yep
[2009-01-18 13:00:37] Jesse_Eichar: when a feature iterator is closed the datasource of the datastore is also disposed
[2009-01-18 13:00:49] Jesse_Eichar: so 2 questions
[2009-01-18 13:00:57] Jesse_Eichar: 1. Is this the old datastore from way back?
[2009-01-18 13:01:03] jgarnett1: thinking about that; the datasource should be from a pool; so that should be okay.
[2009-01-18 13:01:11] Jesse_Eichar: or is it the H2 designed one
[2009-01-18 13:01:15] jgarnett1: this is the old datastore from way back
[2009-01-18 13:01:22] jgarnett1: we have not tried any of the new ones yet.
[2009-01-18 13:01:31] Jesse_Eichar: its not ok because it does a null pointer the second time it is used
[2009-01-18 13:01:36] Jesse_Eichar: So I can render only once :(
[2009-01-18 13:01:37] jgarnett1: (we do not even include the jars)
[2009-01-18 13:01:49] jgarnett1: then the problem may be ours during set-up
[2009-01-18 13:02:05] jgarnett1: we probably needed to supply some extra parameters telling it to make up its own darn pool.
[2009-01-18 13:02:14] jgarnett1: but you are correct aaime would be the best person here.
[2009-01-18 13:02:23] Jesse_Eichar: crappers
[2009-01-18 13:02:28] Jesse_Eichar: is it worth trying the new ones?
[2009-01-18 13:02:56] jgarnett1: you would need to modify refresh.xml
[2009-01-18 13:03:01] jgarnett1: and I do not even think I deploy them
[2009-01-18 13:03:15] jgarnett1: but we could check; I did not think they made it in the default build yet.
[2009-01-18 13:03:17] Jesse_Eichar: ok so the answer is no.
[2009-01-18 13:03:22] jgarnett1: and I only deploy the default build
[2009-01-18 13:03:31] jgarnett1: reviewing PostgisDataStoreFactory now
[2009-01-18 13:03:48] jgarnett1: there is things here about MAXCON, MINCONN and so on
[2009-01-18 13:03:50] Jesse_Eichar: Also look at the JDBC2DataStore
[2009-01-18 13:03:51] jgarnett1: and they have default values.
[2009-01-18 13:03:57] Jesse_Eichar: that is where I am having problems
[2009-01-18 13:04:09] jgarnett1: what line; I have the file open
[2009-01-18 13:04:22] Jesse_Eichar: look at the datasource field
[2009-01-18 13:04:26] jgarnett1: yes
[2009-01-18 13:04:28] Jesse_Eichar: it is only assigned at construction
[2009-01-18 13:04:33] jgarnett1: correct
[2009-01-18 13:04:34] aaime: BACK
[2009-01-18 13:04:38] aaime: what's up?
[2009-01-18 13:04:41] Jesse_Eichar: and when dispose it called it is nulled
[2009-01-18 13:04:43] jgarnett1: are you saying the dataSource is set to null?
[2009-01-18 13:04:45] jgarnett1: ah
[2009-01-18 13:04:47] Jesse_Eichar: yes
[2009-01-18 13:04:53] jgarnett1: okay well we need to fix that
[2009-01-18 13:05:03] Jesse_Eichar: aaime. problems with JDBC2DataStore
[2009-01-18 13:05:05] jgarnett1: sorry jesse I miss understood
[2009-01-18 13:05:12] aaime: tell me
[2009-01-18 13:05:23] Jesse_Eichar: for some reason when I close a feature iterator dispose is being called on the datastore
[2009-01-18 13:05:26] Jesse_Eichar: strange
[2009-01-18 13:05:31] aaime: erk!!!
[2009-01-18 13:05:36] Jesse_Eichar: (causes some problems :) )
[2009-01-18 13:05:50] aaime: well, you have to find where and post a jira
[2009-01-18 13:05:57] Jesse_Eichar: Can I make a patch and have you quickly review it?
[2009-01-18 13:05:58] aaime: add a breakpoint in teh dispose
[2009-01-18 13:06:09] aaime: sure, well...
[2009-01-18 13:06:16] aaime: I'll review the patch, just not sure when
[2009-01-18 13:06:19] Jesse_Eichar: ok fair enough
[2009-01-18 13:06:22] aaime: I'm out of here in 20 minutes or so
[2009-01-18 13:06:24] jgarnett1: (aside: Jesse I have been patching a few things in shapefile on you)
[2009-01-18 13:06:32] Jesse_Eichar: I know, that is fine jody
[2009-01-18 13:06:33] aaime: and I don't know if I'll be around this afternoon
[2009-01-18 13:06:35] jgarnett1: aaime can I review the patch? I do have postgis here in order to run the tests
[2009-01-18 13:06:44] Jesse_Eichar: I will jira it and you can review at your leisure
[2009-01-18 13:06:49] Jesse_Eichar: doesnt have to be today
[2009-01-18 13:06:53] jgarnett1: (although I am also not around for long)
[2009-01-18 13:06:56] aaime: Jesse, wehre is the issue? Do you have a class and a line?
[2009-01-18 13:07:03] Jesse_Eichar: I will find it again
[2009-01-18 13:07:04] Jesse_Eichar: hold on
[2009-01-18 13:08:31] aaime: my eclipse tells me there is no code calling dispose() directly in iterators and such.. maybe it's a uDig wrapper?
[2009-01-18 13:09:03] Jesse_Eichar: must be some how
[2009-01-18 13:09:40] Jesse_Eichar: ah. sorry for the panic.
[2009-01-18 13:09:49] Jesse_Eichar: There was 2 threads one was in dispose and the other not
[2009-01-18 13:10:02] Jesse_Eichar: but I was looking at dispose and saw the highlight
[2009-01-18 13:10:10] aaime: Ah... mind, once you call dispose, it's forever (like a diamond)
[2009-01-18 13:10:12] Jesse_Eichar: so I assumed it was the thread I was examining
[2009-01-18 13:10:24] Jesse_Eichar: ok I can fix
[2009-01-18 13:10:29] moovida: jgarnett1: the reset method doesn't reser
[2009-01-18 13:10:38] moovida: did you try the fix you did ongeotools?
[2009-01-18 13:10:39] aaime: so no gt2 patch needed?
[2009-01-18 13:10:53] jgarnett1: I can try now
[2009-01-18 13:11:07] moovida: try to visualize a shapefile
[2009-01-18 13:11:15] jgarnett1: yep
[2009-01-18 13:11:16] moovida: then, while it is loaded
[2009-01-18 13:11:22] moovida: remove the qix and fix
[2009-01-18 13:11:27] jgarnett1: yep
[2009-01-18 13:11:28] moovida: and then reset teh resource
[2009-01-18 13:11:36] moovida: it should recreated the index files
[2009-01-18 13:11:42] moovida: but it doesn't on mine
[2009-01-18 13:11:53] jgarnett1: I am thinking about that
[2009-01-18 13:12:05] jgarnett1: it should only create them if we ask nice; and I am not sure how we are asking
[2009-01-18 13:12:10] jgarnett1: what number is this one?
[2009-01-18 13:12:24] aaime: jgarnett1, without those the datastore does not work at all write wise
[2009-01-18 13:12:26] moovida: 39
[2009-01-18 13:12:37] Jesse_Eichar: aaime. No gt patch required
[2009-01-18 13:12:49] aaime: the .fix file ensures stable fids in the face of writes, right Jesse?
[2009-01-18 13:12:57] Jesse_Eichar: right
[2009-01-18 13:13:12] Jesse_Eichar: I have a change to ShapeDS planned this year so we don't need to have it though
[2009-01-18 13:13:13] aaime: as for the .qix, there is a flag in the factory to control its creation if my memory serves me right
[2009-01-18 13:13:13] moovida: Jesse_Eichar: have a look at issue 39 description
[2009-01-18 13:13:16] aaime: (not sure it works)
[2009-01-18 13:13:18] moovida: what Emily added
[2009-01-18 13:14:21] Jesse_Eichar: confused
[2009-01-18 13:14:29] moovida: jgarnett1: if the service is recreated, shouldn't it reread the thing and in case create indexes?
[2009-01-18 13:14:41] moovida: Jesse_Eichar: by what?
[2009-01-18 13:14:50] Jesse_Eichar: what does caching in ShapefileDatastoreFactory have to do with the qix and fix?
[2009-01-18 13:15:07] moovida: when the reset is called
[2009-01-18 13:15:08] Jesse_Eichar: Ahhh. They arent generated becuase the DS already exists
[2009-01-18 13:15:25] moovida: because it was cached
[2009-01-18 13:15:31] Jesse_Eichar: right
[2009-01-18 13:16:10] Jesse_Eichar: that caching was a misunderstanding of the API on my part feel free to kill it. Since there was a createDataStore and createNewDatastore in the API I thought createDatastore meant use a cache.
[2009-01-18 13:16:13] Jesse_Eichar: 2 fixes
[2009-01-18 13:16:19] Jesse_Eichar: quick one is to call createNewDatastore
[2009-01-18 13:16:30] Jesse_Eichar: longer better one is fix the DSFactory
[2009-01-18 13:16:36] jgarnett1: moovida: the service being recreated will try and connect to the shapefile; when we go to connect to a shapefile we try and choose the best implementaiton for the job
[2009-01-18 13:16:38] jgarnett1: ShapefileDataStore
[2009-01-18 13:16:43] jgarnett1: or IndexedShapefileDataStore
[2009-01-18 13:16:49] jgarnett1: what we choose depends on what files are around.
[2009-01-18 13:17:01] jgarnett1: we can provide a hint to ask it to create an index; I am not sure if we do
[2009-01-18 13:17:28] jgarnett1: I will test in a moment.
[2009-01-18 13:17:29] moovida: ok, but in 1.1 the reset recreates the indexes
[2009-01-18 13:17:35] moovida: so what changed now?
[2009-01-18 13:17:38] Jesse_Eichar: we do I am pretty sure jody
[2009-01-18 13:17:40] moovida: just the caching?
[2009-01-18 13:17:58] Jesse_Eichar: caching has always been there
[2009-01-18 13:18:08] moovida: aha
[2009-01-18 13:18:10] Jesse_Eichar: jody line 94 of ShpServiceImpl
[2009-01-18 13:18:22] moovida: then I do not understand
[2009-01-18 13:18:29] jgarnett1: looks like it tries to use indexing only if asked in preferences
[2009-01-18 13:18:39] jgarnett1: public boolean isUseSpatialIndex() {
[2009-01-18 13:18:39] jgarnett1: return getPreferenceStore().getBoolean(PreferenceConstants.P_CREATE_INDEX);
[2009-01-18 13:18:39] jgarnett1: }
[2009-01-18 13:18:52] aaime: the caching in the datastore factory has been there forever afaik?
[2009-01-18 13:18:52] Jesse_Eichar: which is true jody
[2009-01-18 13:18:52] jgarnett1: Jesse I removed the ShapefileDataStoreFactory cache of datastores
[2009-01-18 13:19:04] Jesse_Eichar: when?
[2009-01-18 13:19:11] aaime: jgarnett1, did you commit?
[2009-01-18 13:19:12] jgarnett1: 20 mins ago
[2009-01-18 13:19:12] jgarnett1: yes
[2009-01-18 13:19:12] Jesse_Eichar: I know the caching affects things differently on trunk
[2009-01-18 13:19:12] aaime: cannot see that in the logs
[2009-01-18 13:19:26] Jesse_Eichar: so if there is caching it would explain the problem
[2009-01-18 13:19:26] jgarnett1: CIA saw it
[2009-01-18 13:19:28] jgarnett1: CIA-9: jive * r32254 /trunk/modules/plugin/shapefile/src/ (2 files in 2 dirs): Remove cache of DataStore; see GEOT-2287
[2009-01-18 13:19:33] aaime: k
[2009-01-18 13:19:40] Jesse_Eichar: make sure a new test is made without caching
[2009-01-18 13:20:05] jgarnett1: Jesse I am not sure I understand you ...
[2009-01-18 13:20:37] Jesse_Eichar: what I mean is although caching never change between gt 2.2 and gt trunk
[2009-01-18 13:20:41] Jesse_Eichar: the effects of caching has changed
[2009-01-18 13:20:55] Jesse_Eichar: so make sure you have tested with caching removed and verify that the bug still occurs
[2009-01-18 13:21:19] jgarnett1: jesse what do you mean by cache
[2009-01-18 13:21:34] jgarnett1: I was thinking of the map of that was held in ShapefileDataStoreFactory
[2009-01-18 13:21:40] jgarnett1: it sounds like you are talking about something different?
[2009-01-18 13:21:56] jgarnett1: It was holding a cache of previously created instances
[2009-01-18 13:22:28] moovida: Jesse_Eichar: when I reset I see that in ShpServiceImpl the key is there and set to true
[2009-01-18 13:22:55] Jesse_Eichar: that is what I was talking about jody
[2009-01-18 13:23:05] Jesse_Eichar: just test
[2009-01-18 13:23:07] Jesse_Eichar: :)
[2009-01-18 13:23:34] Jesse_Eichar: moovida you can quickly test as well by changing
[2009-01-18 13:23:40] Jesse_Eichar: ds = (ShapefileDataStore) dsf.createDataStore(params);
[2009-01-18 13:23:49] Jesse_Eichar: in ShpServiceImpl#getDS
[2009-01-18 13:23:51] Jesse_Eichar: to
[2009-01-18 13:23:58] Jesse_Eichar: ds = (ShapefileDataStore) dsf.createNewDataStore(params);
[2009-01-18 13:24:20] moovida: yep
[2009-01-18 13:25:12] moovida: hmpf
[2009-01-18 13:25:15] moovida: same result
[2009-01-18 13:25:35] Jesse_Eichar: bummer then
[2009-01-18 13:25:49] Jesse_Eichar: have you looked at generateIndexDialog?
[2009-01-18 13:25:53] Jesse_Eichar: in same class?
[2009-01-18 13:26:04] jgarnett1: it seems to recreate the qix file for me
[2009-01-18 13:26:09] moovida: wait
[2009-01-18 13:26:17] moovida: yes Jesse_Eichar
[2009-01-18 13:26:24] Jesse_Eichar: break point in isIndexed
[2009-01-18 13:26:29] moovida: it thinks to be indexes
[2009-01-18 13:26:30] jgarnett1: confirmed
[2009-01-18 13:26:32] moovida: indexed
[2009-01-18 13:26:43] moovida: jgarnett1: what?
[2009-01-18 13:26:50] moovida: you visualize,
[2009-01-18 13:26:56] jgarnett1: reset: recreates the qnx file for me as requested
[2009-01-18 13:26:58] moovida: remove index files and reset
[2009-01-18 13:27:02] jgarnett1: I can delete it; render for a while
[2009-01-18 13:27:10] jgarnett1: reset the file; and watch it come back; and keep rendering
[2009-01-18 13:27:17] moovida: restarting udig
[2009-01-18 13:28:18] moovida: no way
[2009-01-18 13:28:49] moovida: what is going on?
[2009-01-18 13:29:00] moovida: jgarnett1: you made just the change Jesse said
[2009-01-18 13:29:03] moovida: in getDS?
[2009-01-18 13:30:43] moovida: Jesse_Eichar: there is this one bug I am hoping you appear for 3 days now :)
[2009-01-18 13:30:50] moovida: issue 26
[2009-01-18 13:30:57] jgarnett1: I made no change in getDS
[2009-01-18 13:30:57] moovida: please, can you enlight us
[2009-01-18 13:31:01] jgarnett1: no change in uDig; only geotools
[2009-01-18 13:31:09] moovida: jgarnett1: no chenges in getDS?
[2009-01-18 13:31:12] moovida: argh
[2009-01-18 13:31:19] moovida: what then?
[2009-01-18 13:31:35] Jesse_Eichar: I will update and test in a bit moovida
[2009-01-18 13:31:41] moovida: how do I try your fix?
[2009-01-18 13:31:47] jgarnett1: moovida I must of failed to get the jar to you :-(
[2009-01-18 13:31:55] moovida: Jesse_Eichar: ok
[2009-01-18 13:32:15] moovida: jgarnett1: aha, it works with that jar that I never got
[2009-01-18 13:32:18] moovida: ok
[2009-01-18 13:32:35] moovida: np, it will be tested at your next geotools deploy :)
[2009-01-18 13:32:46] moovida: I know there will be one
[2009-01-18 13:33:04] aaime: hum... wouldn't it be better to have a local gt2 build?
[2009-01-18 13:33:15] aaime: isn't the udig stuff able to pick it up?
[2009-01-18 13:36:21] jgarnett1: moovida: I have deployed it again
[2009-01-18 13:36:32] jgarnett1: (no changes just deployed again)
[2009-01-18 13:36:40] moovida: great, I try
[2009-01-18 13:36:43] jgarnett1: however I wonder if we are grabing the jars from the correct repository?
[2009-01-18 13:37:01] jgarnett1:
[2009-01-18 13:37:09] jgarnett1: this is where it should be getting stuff
[2009-01-18 13:37:22] moovida: yesterday it worked, so I guess yes
[2009-01-18 13:39:54] jgarnett1: hrm
[2009-01-18 13:40:07] moovida: should I remove the local .m2 repo?
[2009-01-18 13:40:33] jgarnett1: maybe just remove that jar from the local repo
[2009-01-18 13:42:11] moovida: downloaded
[2009-01-18 13:42:30] moovida: let's see what happens
[2009-01-18 13:44:58] moovida: finally!!!
[2009-01-18 13:45:31] moovida: it works
[2009-01-18 13:45:38] moovida: let's mark that green :)
[2009-01-18 13:45:59] jgarnett1: go ahead
[2009-01-18 13:49:11] acuster: moovida, to force a replacement in your .m2 you can, in a working directory with geotools source code, run "mvn -U eclipse:eclipse eclipse:clean"
[2009-01-18 13:49:32] acuster: that should be a no-op with updating side effect
[2009-01-18 13:49:44] moovida: thanks acuster , on this pc I do not have the geotools source
[2009-01-18 13:50:39] moovida: jgarnett1: are you on the copy/paste
[2009-01-18 13:50:41] moovida: ?
[2009-01-18 13:51:04] jgarnett1: nope
[2009-01-18 13:51:09] moovida: ok
[2009-01-18 13:51:13] jgarnett1: I am on something stupid while I waited to go home
[2009-01-18 13:51:18] jgarnett1: I fixed the WMS labels
[2009-01-18 13:51:26] jgarnett1: rather than getting the top/left of the legend graphic
[2009-01-18 13:51:27] moovida: ok, np
[2009-01-18 13:51:34] jgarnett1: I am getting the bottom left ... it is working every time
[2009-01-18 13:51:35] moovida: can you comment me number 47?
[2009-01-18 13:51:51] jgarnett1: even for
[2009-01-18 13:51:54] jgarnett1: I will look now
[2009-01-18 13:53:37] CIA-51: UDig: 03jgarnett * r31063 10udig/plugins/net.refractions.udig.catalog.wms/src/net/refractions/udig/catalog/internal/wms/ Grab the bottom/left area of the legend graphic (when it is too big) to account for mapserver being silly
[2009-01-18 13:54:20] jgarnett1: should make ugo happy
[2009-01-18 13:54:34] jgarnett1: 47
[2009-01-18 13:54:40] jgarnett1: this one is a bit interesting
[2009-01-18 13:54:52] jgarnett1: the graphic wants to be redrawn when every anything happens
[2009-01-18 13:55:05] jgarnett1: but by default map graphics are only asked to draw when the viewport model changes
[2009-01-18 13:55:28] jgarnett1: the long term solution would be to have mapgraphics indicate what they care about: viewport model, everything on the map, whatever
[2009-01-18 13:55:49] moovida: very long term...
[2009-01-18 13:55:54] jgarnett1: the short term solution is to have the mapgraphic register a listener on the map when it first draws; a hack I saw gdavis do
[2009-01-18 13:55:57] jgarnett1: but it is a bad hack
[2009-01-18 13:55:58] jgarnett1: thinking
[2009-01-18 13:57:21] jgarnett1: the MapGraphicRenderer really has the responsibility here
[2009-01-18 13:57:31] jgarnett1: but it is supposed to delegate to the MapGraphic
[2009-01-18 14:00:53] moovida: ok, it is a minor issue though
[2009-01-18 14:01:09] moovida: we have a couple of odd problems
[2009-01-18 14:01:13] moovida: left
[2009-01-18 14:01:38] moovida: Jesse_Eichar: any hint about where to look to see why it is not pasting the features from shapefile on a layer?
[2009-01-18 14:01:56] Jesse_Eichar: yo yo
[2009-01-18 14:02:05] moovida: I see the copy and paste actions were substituted
[2009-01-18 14:02:10] Jesse_Eichar: backing up the chat
[2009-01-18 14:02:22] moovida: ok
[2009-01-18 14:02:55] moovida: jgarnett1: was issue 21 closed?
[2009-01-18 14:03:05] Jesse_Eichar: so copy and paste is not working moovida?
[2009-01-18 14:03:17] moovida: no
[2009-01-18 14:03:34] moovida: selected features from pone layer to the other
[2009-01-18 14:03:41] Jesse_Eichar: let me do a quick test myself
[2009-01-18 14:03:48] moovida: great, thanks
[2009-01-18 14:04:05] jgarnett1: 21 was closed
[2009-01-18 14:04:12] moovida: but if you have to run i would prefer you to have a look at the import export wizard issue
[2009-01-18 14:04:17] Jesse_Eichar: ah shoot.
[2009-01-18 14:04:21] jgarnett1: moovida I am making the change to mapgraphic now
[2009-01-18 14:04:23] Jesse_Eichar: I have to update to get the changes
[2009-01-18 14:04:24] Jesse_Eichar: 1 sec
[2009-01-18 14:04:40] moovida: jgarnett1: to register the refresh?
[2009-01-18 14:10:23] jgarnett1: yes
[2009-01-18 14:10:33] jgarnett1: Jesse_Eichar I have a question when you got a moment
[2009-01-18 14:10:40] Jesse_Eichar: k
[2009-01-18 14:10:44] Jesse_Eichar: now is good
[2009-01-18 14:10:44] jgarnett1: I would like to listen to layers changing
[2009-01-18 14:10:50] jgarnett1: and I have a render context
[2009-01-18 14:10:55] jgarnett1: since I am the MapgraphicRenderer
[2009-01-18 14:11:03] Jesse_Eichar: MapCompositionListener is the way to do that on the map
[2009-01-18 14:11:16] jgarnett1: thinking
[2009-01-18 14:11:21] jgarnett1: if there are listeners for all I want to do
[2009-01-18 14:11:26] jgarnett1: I would change my approach
[2009-01-18 14:11:41] jgarnett1: and just say that if a MapGraphic implements MapCompositionListener ... it can respond to those events.
[2009-01-18 14:11:52] jgarnett1: but I suspect I wanted to see when any layer has a change of style
[2009-01-18 14:12:06] jgarnett1: (ie so I can respond to SLDStyle entries being changed and update my colors)
[2009-01-18 14:12:24] jgarnett1: ie I was expecting to dip into the EMF stream of changes as an adaptor or something
[2009-01-18 14:12:59] Jesse_Eichar: For SLD changes you need to listen to the layer
[2009-01-18 14:13:06] Jesse_Eichar: on the style blackboard
[2009-01-18 14:13:13] Jesse_Eichar: or register with the style itself
[2009-01-18 14:13:38] jgarnett1: so I need to drill into each and every layer eh?
[2009-01-18 14:13:44] Jesse_Eichar: the way we work now is when a style is changed the style blackboard should be kicked
[2009-01-18 14:13:52] jgarnett1: I thought EMF would let me listen "further up" the tree
[2009-01-18 14:13:56] jgarnett1: yep.
[2009-01-18 14:13:59] Jesse_Eichar: Yes. There is supposed to be a way but I have never got it to work
[2009-01-18 14:14:11] jgarnett1: darn .. that was my hope for this one.
[2009-01-18 14:15:20] Jesse_Eichar: sorry
[2009-01-18 14:15:22] Jesse_Eichar: its a pain
[2009-01-18 14:15:22] jgarnett1: I will think a bit I guess
[2009-01-18 14:17:21] Jesse_Eichar: ok got to sign off. I will try to look at export problem
[2009-01-18 14:17:42] moovida: :(
[2009-01-18 14:20:11] jgarnett1: hrm so I am close but far away
[2009-01-18 14:20:13] jgarnett1: too far away for after midnight
[2009-01-18 14:20:19] jgarnett1: but we do have an improvement to make
[2009-01-18 14:20:25] moovida: ok Jody
[2009-01-18 14:20:41] moovida: let's call it the sprint
[2009-01-18 14:20:47] moovida: I have enough of it
[2009-01-18 14:21:01] moovida: there are issues that take too long for me to solve
[2009-01-18 14:21:18] moovida: and would need some hint of who knows the internals
[2009-01-18 14:21:40] moovida: I will try to put together a report
[2009-01-18 14:21:43] jgarnett1: what one was that so I can update the spreadhseet?
[2009-01-18 14:21:54] jgarnett1: okay that would be good
[2009-01-18 14:21:56] *christel* [Global Notice] Hi all, As some of you may have noticed, we lost our ipv6 servers for a extended period of time in the last day. I am terribly sorry about this, it would appear that we've unmasked yet another peculiar hyperion bug. They're back up now and we shouldn't experience any further problems. Thank you for using freenode and have a great day.
[2009-01-18 14:21:57] moovida: teh refresh you mean?
[2009-01-18 14:22:09] jgarnett1: tomorrow when I get a chance I will try and go through walkthrough 1 and walkthrough 2
[2009-01-18 14:22:12] moovida: 47
[2009-01-18 14:22:24] jgarnett1: it looks like some "easy" ones were left in here ... such as not using WFS 1.1
[2009-01-18 14:22:30] moovida: I think the issues of thewalkthrough are ok, apart of the WFS
[2009-01-18 14:22:41] moovida: yeah, exactly
[2009-01-18 14:22:50] moovida: but there are some that block
[2009-01-18 14:23:03] moovida: like the import dialogs with missing page
[2009-01-18 14:23:23] moovida: there would be the need for one more sprint, not too far from now
[2009-01-18 14:23:34] moovida: I will propose that to the PSC
[2009-01-18 14:23:37] jgarnett1: understood
[2009-01-18 14:23:47] moovida: else we never get to 1.2 in my opinion
[2009-01-18 14:23:51] jgarnett1: also there is a need for me to be healthy for the sprint; which I did not plan for
[2009-01-18 14:23:56] jgarnett1: moovida++
[2009-01-18 14:24:12] jgarnett1: in anycase this has been really nice for me; I was going crazy not hacking with anyone
[2009-01-18 14:24:14] moovida: :) yes, you made it having been sick
[2009-01-18 14:24:16] moovida: thanks
[2009-01-18 14:24:20] jgarnett1: it is very late now - but thank you for the company
[2009-01-18 14:24:30] moovida: I liked the sprint a lot
[2009-01-18 14:24:36] moovida: and many bugs were fixed
[2009-01-18 14:25:18] moovida: good, have a nice sleep
[2009-01-18 14:25:26] jgarnett1: can you let me know if Jesse does not get back to the shapefile export? I may be able to do something with it
[2009-01-18 14:25:40] jgarnett1: (just check everything is commited - thank you!)
[2009-01-18 14:25:56] moovida: thanks to you Jody.
[2009-01-18 14:26:07] moovida: I'll put some order in what's left
[2009-01-18 14:26:28] moovida: and get out of the house at least this evening :D
[2009-01-18 14:26:30] jgarnett1: I am going to try and get the raster rendering issues resolved; on work time if I can
[2009-01-18 14:26:41] moovida: I have seen the JIRA
[2009-01-18 14:26:51] moovida: tried quickly a link
[2009-01-18 14:26:56] moovida: but it was broken
[2009-01-18 14:27:00] jgarnett1: yeah it is not very helpful; did not tell me what the images are ... I think they are geotiff
[2009-01-18 14:27:48] jgarnett1: okay good night
[2009-01-18 14:30:15] CIA-51: UDig: 03aantonello * r31064 10udig/plugins/ (2 files in 2 dirs): small corrections on Italian messages
[2009-01-18 14:40:51] avc_work: moovida, ?
[2009-01-18 14:41:02] avc_work: not sure if you all are tracking it
[2009-01-18 14:41:05] avc_work: on file import
[2009-01-18 14:41:17] avc_work: if you use the buttons in the wizard, we can't move forward
[2009-01-18 14:41:29] avc_work: you need to double click on the icons in the lists
[2009-01-18 14:45:17] moovida: you mean the tab is empty?
[2009-01-18 14:45:23] moovida: that one
[2009-01-18 14:45:33] moovida: or the next button is disabled?
[2009-01-18 14:45:54] avc_work: the next button is not disabled but does nothing
[2009-01-18 14:46:08] avc_work: 1) new uDig
[2009-01-18 14:46:09] moovida: aha, no I didn't know that one
[2009-01-18 14:46:20] avc_work: 2) right click on catalog => import
[2009-01-18 14:46:54] * avc_work waits for uDig to launch
[2009-01-18 14:47:11] avc_work: 3) click on "Data"
[2009-01-18 14:47:16] avc_work: 4) click on "next"
[2009-01-18 14:47:25] avc_work: => blank grey wizard page
[2009-01-18 14:47:41] avc_work: if (3) is double-click on "Data"
[2009-01-18 14:47:54] avc_work: => we get the next page
[2009-01-18 14:48:00] avc_work: Is that still true?
[2009-01-18 14:48:02] moovida: yes, that one is the issue I was hoping Jesse help me to solve
[2009-01-18 14:48:11] avc_work: cool
[2009-01-18 14:48:18] moovida: but I didn't know that by double clicking it works
[2009-01-18 14:48:47] avc_work: ha!
[2009-01-18 14:49:11] moovida: it is a bit frustrating
[2009-01-18 14:53:12] avc_work: nick acuster
[2009-01-18 14:53:16] =-= avc_work is now known as acuster
[2009-01-18 14:53:33] acuster: where do we stand with the style (view vs. dialog):?
[2009-01-18 14:54:19] moovida: ? view vs dialog?
[2009-01-18 14:54:29] moovida: what do you mean?
[2009-01-18 14:54:33] acuster: there are both a style view and a style dialog
[2009-01-18 14:54:38] acuster: that do the same thing
[2009-01-18 14:54:42] acuster: the dialog is sick
[2009-01-18 14:54:55] acuster: just lost its window and focus
[2009-01-18 14:55:19] moovida: ah, the modality thing?
[2009-01-18 14:55:23] moovida: that one you mean?
[2009-01-18 14:55:35] acuster: not sure what you mean by that
[2009-01-18 14:55:51] acuster: we can't change line colours with the syling dialog?
[2009-01-18 14:56:17] moovida: the first dialog steals the focus of the second dialog
[2009-01-18 14:56:32] moovida: and no way to access the second?
[2009-01-18 14:56:36] moovida: is it that?
[2009-01-18 14:57:53] acuster: what's the second dialog?
[2009-01-18 14:57:59] acuster: 1) click on a layer
[2009-01-18 14:58:13] acuster: 2) click on the palette
[2009-01-18 14:58:17] acuster: => dialog opens
[2009-01-18 14:58:26] acuster: 3) click on the color of the symbol
[2009-01-18 14:58:40] acuster: => loose the window decoration and control of the dialog
[2009-01-18 14:58:48] moovida: yes, that is it
[2009-01-18 14:58:58] acuster: WARNING: I am on the december milestone!
[2009-01-18 14:58:59] moovida: but it doesn't happen to me on windows
[2009-01-18 14:59:12] moovida: and also not on my ubuntu
[2009-01-18 14:59:22] moovida: but that needs to be fixed
[2009-01-18 14:59:25] moovida: you are right
[2009-01-18 14:59:33] moovida: wasn't mentioned in this sprint
[2009-01-18 14:59:39] moovida: and is showstopper
[2009-01-18 15:00:24] acuster: Last time I worked on uDig, I had decided to start from the bottom
[2009-01-18 15:00:34] acuster: I. Create an SDK
[2009-01-18 15:01:07] acuster: II. Work on the Catalog: build a new widget for each 'entry', fix storage of connection parameters ...
[2009-01-18 15:01:27] acuster: I still suspect that needs doing
[2009-01-18 15:01:45] moovida: yes, you are very right :)
[2009-01-18 15:01:49] acuster: but wonderfully the SDK part has been taken care of recently
[2009-01-18 15:02:06] moovida: not completely
[2009-01-18 15:02:15] moovida: sdk should have automatic builds
[2009-01-18 15:03:16] acuster: every time I click on a layer in the "Layers" view, I get a system beep!
[2009-01-18 15:11:48] acuster: thanks for giving it some love
[2009-01-18 15:16:24] moovida: I think I will need a good beer now
[2009-01-18 15:16:29] moovida: i an open space
[2009-01-18 15:16:41] moovida: I feel wasted all in a sudden