Sunday, January 18, 2009

udig around the world sprint... in numbers

At 15.00, Rome timezone, we closed the udig sprint (described here),
after more or less:

- hours of development: 57
- developer hours: 191

- reported bugs: 45
- fixed bugs: 24
- bugs still working on: 6
- left over bugs: 15

(bugstable used is here)

- thousands of lines of IRC discussions that were posted in the 3 posts before the current

- 3 involved continents: America, Australia, Europe

- tonns of passion for coding!

Thanks to everyone that partecipated, as developer and equally as
tester (this time testers were amazing, thanks!).

Udig 1.2 still needs a lot of love, we really hope we can make this
happen again not too far from now.

A quick build with the results of the 3 days of coding is available
here (It will take some hours to upload them, so wait a bit before you
get them):


The uDig Project Steering Committee

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