Sunday, January 11, 2009

Open Source Geospatial

A recent discussion on OSGeo-Discuss has reminded me of a question we often get with respect to uDig development (or even just open source geospaital development). What is available?

With that in mind here are some links that you can use when starting your research:
  • Stefan Steiniger has put together a nice summary of Desktop GIS application
  • Open Source Geospatial A recent presentation given by Jody Garnett at the Sydney Open Source Developers Conference. The Slides have been modified from a presentation provided by Mark Leslie.
We of course are very pleased with the open source geosptial scene, and uDig as a product. You will find a real sense of compitition and collaboration between the products mentioned here.

Finally it is worth just trying out open source geospatial:
Remember as you deal with these projects that the course of the future is plotted by you, our user community.  If any product here does not meet your needs please talk to the developer community in question, you will find all of these projects responsive to your input and enthusiastic about to domain we work in.

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