Tuesday, June 2, 2009

uDig Code Grind 2009 coming up!

We are embarking on a week long code sprint from July 13 to 17. The main goals are to focus on the core features and functionality of uDig 1.2 and ensure that they are release ready.

This will be a world-wide event with several members Australia as well as others from Europe and North America. We will maintain a strong presence on IRC but will supplement it with frequent skype calls and video conferences.

Everone is welcome to join. Documentation, testing or coding: all contributions are welcome.

Our many thanks to the sponsers of this sprint:



moovida said...

Lol, I really like the name. The Grindhouse Code Sprint! Good Jesse! That will be fun.:)

TheSteve0 said...

to join should we start in the IRC channel?

moovida said...

Hi TheSteve0, yes, the #udig IRC should be the starting point. Jesse and I which will be sprinting phisically together in Italy, and Jesse proposed to setup also some videoconference. Let's see if we find a way. But IRC is the sure thing.

Jody Garnett said...

LISAsoft is also going to join remotely.