Saturday, July 30, 2011

This week in uDig

This post is a summary of what the uDig community has done this week.

- Jody Garnett is currently working on the GeoTools gt-process code. This should allow uDig to make use of some great new operations such as cookie-cutter that are being brought over from the GeoServer project.

- Jody has released an uDig 1.2.2 SDK; users are invited to test.

- Frank Gasdorf has been updating the OSGeo Live DVD content to ensure the latest version of uDig is well represented.

- Andrea Antonello is preparing a training for the university of Potsdam. He will teach how to write models and use them in the uDig Spatial Toolbox. He will afterwards release them
as official docs for geotools/uDig.

- Putna Levi has drafted up the idea of adding cheat sheets to uDig. New users will benefit greatly from there introduction and it will help streamline the initial learning process.

- Mauricio Pazos has improved the CQL parser including the Relate Geooperation which allows to evaluate a pair of geometry taking in to account the intersection matrix (DE-9IM).

- We have formally switched over to Eclipse 3.7; and are looking forward to working with the new GUI designer.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

uDig 1.2.2 Released

The uDig Community is overjoyed to announce the release of uDig 1.2.2.

This release is made in conjunction with GeoTools 8.0-M1 and the OSGeoLive DVD projects. We would like to thank these communities for their support. In particular a kind word goes out to Andrea Amie and Micheal Bedward and Daniele Romagnoli for a smooth GeoTools release in support of our schedule. Aslo a tip of the hat to Frank Gasforf and Cameron Shorter and the OSGeo Live project for setting the schedule (in conjunction with FOSS4G)

We would also like to thank Levi Punta and Nathaniel Keslo for sorting out a patch allowing uDig to use Natural Earth dataset out of the box.

Release Details

Download the package appropriate to your platform, unzip and run:

About uDig 1.2.2

The release adds a number of new features and updates the uDig platform to the latest open source libraries.

Here is what you can look forward to in the desktop application:

  • Extensive update to online help including uDig Overview
  • Spatial Toolbox view allowing access to OMS3 processing; with a step by step Introduction to Spatial Toolbox tutorial
  • Updated Info and Profile tool for raster data
  • Teradata support
  • New import and export formats: CSV and KML.
  • For information on additional new features visit our What is new page
For developers:
  • Access to the latest GeoTools 8.0-M1
  • Access to the latest ImageIO-EXT and finally a modern version of GDAL (on supported platforms)
  • The uDig git repository has moved to github to join the cool kids - and shows a very healthy stream of pull requests.
  • Works with Eclipse 3.6