Thursday, April 26, 2012

uDig in GSoc 2012

Same as in the past years uDig it partecipating in the Google Summer of Code 2012.

This year two students proposed projects to our community:

Carol Hansen, which will enable uDig users to plot shortest-path route of OSM data, using a Neo4j-Spatial API. She will be mentored by a last year's students of our community, Davide Savazzi, and supported both by Neo4j's and our community.

The second project is by Marco Foi, an Italian Geologist, which will bring back what the latest releases of uDig are heavily missing: the Axios toolset. As his project states, he will be porting the Axios Spatial Tools into uDig core 1.3. Marco will be mentored by our vector tools expert Mauricio Pazos.

We all do welcome Carol and Marco into our community and hope they will enjoy the projects they are starting to work on.

Big kudos go to the Osgeo coordinators and the Summer of Code project for their support and patience during the less technical parts of the project kick-off.

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