Sunday, March 24, 2013

uDig 1.4.0 Released

The uDig Community is pleased to announce the release of uDig 1.4.0.

This release offers some great new features including the long anticipated GeoScript editor (thanks to HydroloGIS),  a full featured graticule map decoration (thanks to Kenneth Gulbrandsoy), and a new Document view (thanks to LISAsoft).

Thanks to Galdoslat-lon and LISAsoft for their participation in OWS9. Their extensive quality assurance work has allowed uDig to enable WMS 1.3.0 by default.

On the development front the SDK now functions as standalone target platform complete with Eclipse and GeoTools source code. Thanks to Sam Guymer for this work, and to community members Suraj Patil and Thomas Dolley for testing. We also offer our congratulations to Kenneth Gulbrandsoy for his promotion to committer status.

The release is issued under a dual EPL and BSD license and marks our initial contribution to LocationTech. No further releases are scheduled under the Refractions banner.

Release Details

About uDig 1.4.0

License Transition Complete

The uDig project has changed to a dual BSD / EPL license. This license is in support of our application to LocationTech (an Eclipse Foundations industry working group). 

GeoScript Editor

This release offers some great new features including the long anticipated GeoScript editor. The use of scripting within a GIS application affords a great middle ground between developers and users. The GeoScript project is focused on taming the power of GIS for dynamic scripting languages. This strong focus on ease-of-use makes for an excellent alignment with the uDig project.

Document View

The use of feature attributes as a jumping off point for a document, web page or script action is known as a hot-link, while the concept of an attachment is well-known from the use of email. uDig provides the innovative combination of these two ideas in a single Document view.

As part of this work, dynamic feature labels can be defined (used by the Info Tool and Document view).

About uDig 1.4 Series

The 1.4 series brings several exciting new features to the table while serving as a stepping stone for the project's migration to LocationTech.

For users:
  • GeoScript editor allowing scripting directly from the uDig application
  • Document view for working with attachments and hot-links
  • New graticule map decorator supporting metric coordinate reference systems
  • WMS 1.3.0 now enabled by default
For developers:
  • Provided under a dual EPL and BSD license with associated refresh of a all headers, plugin license and about.html files.
  • Transition to Maven command line build is complete with both product and SDK builds
  • SDK is a complete target platform (no longer requires an Eclipse Download).
  • Based on GeoTools 9.0-M0
Release notes:

Known Issues

  • The mac release does not support the full range of ImageIO-EXT formats. Please contact udig-devel if you are in position to build GDAL on Mac OSX.
  • The ImageIO-EXT / GDAL library requires native code for MrSID and ECW limiting support to win32 and linux32 platforms.


Anurag said...

It would be great to have a repository of scripts (similar to ESRI's ArcScripts)... novice programmers like me can just download and modify them to suit their needs.

moovida said...

Hi Anurag, I completely agree with you! Actually I already started in my small world, so if we find a good way to share them, we might even include a way to get them through uDig directly. Let's talk about it!