Friday, September 26, 2008

IRC Logs September 25th

Jesse_Eichar hi emily
Jesse_Eichar so any body have any topics they want to talk about?
Jesse_Eichar ShaneIPS? you want to talk builds?
emily_g hello jesse
emily_g I don't think I have anything important
Jesse_Eichar fair enough
emily_g if anybody is interested we have been working on a tiled rendering system which seems to mostly work. We still have some bugs and performance issues to sort out but you can watch shapefiles render in tiles and pan around without flickering.
Jesse_Eichar Nice
Jesse_Eichar So should I cut a demo app?
Jesse_Eichar :D
emily_g probably not yet
mauro_ He eveyone
emily_g the rcp app in the tutorials section uses our tiling stuff
Jesse_Eichar ok
Jesse_Eichar but not the default uDig?
emily_g no, not the default uDig
emily_g however I have played around with it in the default udig
Jesse_Eichar I see. How do you turn it on?
emily_g you need to make the MapEditor use the TiledRenderManagerDynamic instead of the RenderManagerDynamic - this will get you rendering into tiles but won't help with the flicker free panning
emily_g for flicker free panning you need to make the MapEditor use a ViewportPaneTiledSWT, but I haven't tried this out in the MapEditor soI don't know what the results are like (I've only tested this out in the MapView we created)
emily_g so what this means for now is that you have the manually change the code; I think at one point Jody suggested adding a preference page
Jesse_Eichar ok thanks emily
Jesse_Eichar since no one seems to have much to say I'm going to continue working on the 1.2 sdk and app export
mauro_ :) then I will check SC3 with our plugins
Jesse_Eichar please
Jesse_Eichar I am going to call it 1.1 tomorrow so if you don't find anything by then... :)
ShaneIPS Hi Jesse, I'm available for talking builds:)
mauro_ I think my test will be a big success :)
Jesse_Eichar too late
Jesse_Eichar joking
Jesse_Eichar Hi Shane
ShaneIPS hello
Jesse_Eichar I found what I think is the last big bug
ShaneIPS I just finished checking out a little while ago
Jesse_Eichar ok
Jesse_Eichar have you tried the mvn yet?
ShaneIPS yes...but it's still giving me the same errors
Jesse_Eichar ok
Jesse_Eichar of course
Jesse_Eichar you have to delete the old maven plugin
ShaneIPS oooh
Jesse_Eichar it won't download the new one cause I didn't change the version numbers
ShaneIPS from the m2 directory?
Jesse_Eichar .m2/org/scala-tools should do it
Jesse_Eichar .m2/repository/...
Jesse_Eichar that is
ShaneIPS ok...I'm trying it now
Jesse_Eichar let me know
Jesse_Eichar I really hope it works it was a nightmare getting it as far as I did
Jesse_Eichar I hate URLs in java
ShaneIPS appears to be working now..I'll give you a final update as soon as it finishes
Jesse_Eichar ok I am fixing a bug where I get the name of the final zip file wrong. But it shouldn't take me long to fix
ShaneIPS alright...sounds great:)
mauro_ Jesse_Eichar: bad lack :(
Jesse_Eichar what problem?
mauro_ Jesse_Eichar: yes
mauro_ udig dont display the create layer dialog
mauro_ do you know this issue
mauro_ ?
Jesse_Eichar with your plugin or normally?
mauro_ normaly
mauro_ without axios
Jesse_Eichar hmmm. It worked for me. what platform?
Jesse_Eichar linux I guess?
mauro_ linux
Jesse_Eichar 64 bit?
mauro_ 32
Jesse_Eichar ok haven't tried 32
mauro_ this is the fail
Jesse_Eichar Did you see this problem in SC2?
mauro_ !ENTRY org.eclipse.ui 4 0 2008-09-25 17:31:00.942
mauro_ !MESSAGE Unhandled event loop exception
mauro_ !STACK 0
mauro_ java.lang.NullPointerException
mauro_ at net.refractions.udig.project.ui.internal.actions.NewLayerAction.setDefaultGeomType(Unknown Source)
mauro_ at net.refractions.udig.project.ui.internal.actions.NewLayerAction.runWithEvent(Unknown Source)
mauro_ at org.eclipse.ui.internal.PluginAction.runWithEvent(
mauro_ at org.eclipse.ui.internal.WWinPluginAction.runWithEvent(
mauro_ at org.eclipse.jface.action.ActionContributionItem.handleWidgetSelection(
mauro_ at org.eclipse.jface.action.ActionContributionItem.access$2(
mauro_ I will send you the log
mauro_ by mail
Jesse_Eichar what type of data?
mauro_ I cannot set anything
mauro_ I am creating a layer
Jesse_Eichar oh right
Jesse_Eichar What work flow?
Jesse_Eichar Layer > Create?
mauro_ but udig does not show the dialog
mauro_ yes
Jesse_Eichar ok let me look into this
Jesse_Eichar this is a critical problem
Jesse_Eichar (obviously)
mauro_ New map > Layer > create
mauro_ ok
Jesse_Eichar interesting
Jesse_Eichar only happens when you do that to an empty map
Jesse_Eichar aaaahhh I know why
mauro_ good!
Jesse_Eichar because the create layer dialog tries to find defaults from the selected layer
Jesse_Eichar ok fixing
mauro_ good
Jesse_Eichar could you do other testing to make sure that is the only error you encounter?
Jesse_Eichar just add a layer to the map before creating a new layer
mauro_ ok
Jesse_Eichar or create a layer without an open map
Jesse_Eichar thanks
mauro_ it go well
mauro_ goes
mauro_ udig without map; then Layer > Create
mauro_ udig open the create new layer dialog :)
Jesse_Eichar good good
Jesse_Eichar ok got to run home
Jesse_Eichar thank you all for visiting
CIA-52 UDig: jeichar * r30831 udig/extras/headlessbuild/ (4 files in 2 dirs): quick hack to make the build work
Jesse_Eichar ShaneIPS I had a good build you can try it out and see if it works
Jesse_Eichar see you all later

Thursday, September 18, 2008

IRC Logs September 18th

line up is?
Jesse_Eichar 1. emily question
Jesse_Eichar 2. ShaneIPS question
Jesse_Eichar ok go emily
emily_g why when I change the name of a RenderJob does the render job not get run?
Jesse_Eichar It is an eclipse thing
Jesse_Eichar you can only change the name of a Job when it is created
Jesse_Eichar You can change the task name
Jesse_Eichar but not the job name
emily_g no I think I was changing the name of the job when it was created
Jesse_Eichar (task name via the ProgressMonitor)
emily_g I was trying to debug something and jody suggested I name the render jobs something useful (besides a constant)
Jesse_Eichar Ah.
Jesse_Eichar I think I know
emily_g it's not a big deal - I just thought it was a little weird and wanted to know why
Jesse_Eichar All the jobs except the Composite jobs have system set to true
Jesse_Eichar so they don't show up in the progress view
Jesse_Eichar I think there is a setting in the view so you can see progress jobs as well
acuster ( has joined #udig
Jesse_Eichar could be it
emily_g yup I saw that
Jesse_Eichar not it?
Jesse_Eichar bummer
emily_g not my question
emily_g in the RenderJob constructor I see this
emily_g super(Messages.RenderExecutorImpl_title);
emily_g if I change it to super("Emilys Job")
emily_g everything stops rendering
Jesse_Eichar right
Jesse_Eichar oh
Jesse_Eichar Really?
Jesse_Eichar it breaks the rendering?
Jesse_Eichar bizarro
emily_g well actually I changed it to super (executor.toString()) but ya
Jesse_Eichar no idea
Jesse_Eichar sorry
emily_g everything stopped rendering
jgarnett (morning; sorry I am late - attending from home)
Jesse_Eichar that makes no sense to me
emily_g no big deal - just thought it was odd
emily_g k thanks
emily_g I'm done
Jesse_Eichar ShaneIPS?
Jesse_Eichar you available?
ShaneIPS yes
ShaneIPS I'm here
Jesse_Eichar you want to talk about builds?
ShaneIPS to build the SDK
Jesse_Eichar on trunk right?
Jesse_Eichar or 1.1.?
ShaneIPS that's correct
ShaneIPS on the trunk
Jesse_Eichar ok
Jesse_Eichar on what platform?
ShaneIPS windows using Eclipse 3.4
Jesse_Eichar never tried on windows but it should work
Jesse_Eichar linux will be easier since I have a linux eclipse created
Jesse_Eichar creating the correct eclipse is one of the trickier bits
Jesse_Eichar (so you know)
ShaneIPS ok
Jesse_Eichar so what error are you haveing now?
ShaneIPS Unable to find plug-in: Please check the error log for more details.
ShaneIPS so I installed eclipse 3.4 RCP
ShaneIPS I added the extras that I can download from the udig site
ShaneIPS and I get that error after following the export procedure on the UDig site
Jesse_Eichar I noticed the last time I did a build some one had added org.eclipse.rcp.nls... to the udig.product. I would remove that and try again
ShaneIPS ok..I'll give that a try
jgarnett ShaneIPS I assume you added the extras to the dropins folder? I am not sure if that makes a difference or not ...
Jesse_Eichar you can't put the extras in the dropins folder.
ShaneIPS I'm not sure I follow? I just extracted with 7zip on top of eclipse...? is that what you mean?
Jesse_Eichar ok that should work
Jesse_Eichar I am ignoring translations for trunk right now. so just remove that feature from the udig.product
Jesse_Eichar we will add translations in a bit
ShaneIPS so..remove org.eclipse.rcp.nls1 from udig.product under net.refractions.udig
ShaneIPS ?
Jesse_Eichar right
Jesse_Eichar although do you just want sdk?
Jesse_Eichar or do you want application?
ShaneIPS We would like to just go with the sdk
ShaneIPS do I still leave the org.eclipse.rcp.nls1 in the feature?
Jesse_Eichar ok then run the build with mvn -Dtargets=sdk and make sure that udig-sdk.project does not have the rcp.nls1
Jesse_Eichar for the SDK that product is ignored
Jesse_Eichar a different product is used
ShaneIPS don't use the net.refractions.udig_sdk-feature?
jgarnett Jesse is the wiki page Shane following updated to reflect using maven?
ShaneIPS and we hadn't been using maven...I've been doint it in eclipse
Jesse_Eichar ah with eclipse
Jesse_Eichar I haven't done it with eclipse for ever
ShaneIPS but I don't mind using maven
Jesse_Eichar a year almost
ShaneIPS>  ;) 
jgarnett (I repeate does the wiki page even mention maven?)
Jesse_Eichar in eclipse you run export from the udig-sdk.product
Jesse_Eichar no jody it doesn't
Jesse_Eichar it is new
Jesse_Eichar or you can use the maven command from trunk/extras/headless
Jesse_Eichar you can try both
Jesse_Eichar there are instructions in headless if you want to explore that venue
Jesse_Eichar sdk works well but the app export has bugs that I am working on still
Jesse_Eichar I think we need to get rid of the .qualifier everywhere though it is causing problems
Jesse_Eichar anything else?
Jesse_Eichar how about 1.1
Jesse_Eichar 3) 1.1.0
ShaneIPS no...I'll give the maven way a ry
jgarnett Well I have been sending you emails about the state of the build/tag whatever
jgarnett but have not been replied to.
Jesse_Eichar I know I have been ignoring email because I am too busy getting lab ready
jgarnett Have you updated? ie I have been committing fixes that did not show up in the SC2
Jesse_Eichar I did update before building SC2
Jesse_Eichar made a point of it
Jesse_Eichar updating now to see if there are more now
Jesse_Eichar help fragment deleted
Jesse_Eichar that is the only change
Jesse_Eichar is that right?
jgarnett did you update the 1.1.0 tag?
jgarnett hrm
jgarnett well the nl folder is not being included in the release
jgarnett (can you check the
Jesse_Eichar the fragment has just been deleted
jgarnett (or run with -nl DE next time)
Jesse_Eichar how can I check the
jgarnett yes it has; the addition of an nl folder to the normal udig help module is what was done last week.
Jesse_Eichar ah
Jesse_Eichar ok
jgarnett see email; it does not look like the nl folder is included in SC2.
Jesse_Eichar ok will make sure nl folder is included
jgarnett also note we have a "serious" new problem - help does not run if you are logged in as a user.
jgarnett (only if you are an administrator on windows)
jgarnett so no help for your course.
jgarnett jesse I have been testing SC1 and then SC2 - are you getting these emails? It is the only way I am trying help you with your course  :-) 
Jesse_Eichar I did see those
jgarnett do you have any idea what has changed? This is a new change as far as I know.
Jesse_Eichar I don't know what to do about the user not seeing help problem
jgarnett I can try installing an older copy of uDig and see if the problem existed earlier...
Jesse_Eichar upgraded to eclipse 3.3
Jesse_Eichar It uses a new server for help I think
Jesse_Eichar could be related to that change
Jesse_Eichar I just added plugins until it seemed to work
Jesse_Eichar but there is probably a preference or something else that needs to be done to get it to work
jgarnett So I could test RC14 and see if the problem is still there.
jgarnett okay sounds like something for a dot release.
Jesse_Eichar right. I think RC14 is 3.3 as well. RC12 I think is what to test
jgarnett Is there anything else of note? Some problems with shapefiles reported on the user list.
jgarnett ie what else do you need to get done for 1.1.0?
Jesse_Eichar shapefiles was a problem with SC1 fixed with SC2
Jesse_Eichar just my lab
jgarnett Is their anything that can be done to help; and is there anything that needs testing...
Jesse_Eichar I am fixing lots of little things
jgarnett (that is the way of labs - only chance we get to use uDig)
Jesse_Eichar I have no time to fix testing not directly related to my lab
Jesse_Eichar>  :) 
Jesse_Eichar truth
Jesse_Eichar Although i am actually doing GIS work here
Jesse_Eichar so I have been using it as a real user
Jesse_Eichar did some data analysis on my project today using udig  :) 
jgarnett so basically you would like to be left alone; and we can expect another SC3 ... which you would like tested on vista or something?>
Jesse_Eichar right
jgarnett (are you at least running in windows as you prep for your lab?)
Jesse_Eichar I am going to test on XP
Jesse_Eichar but not vista
silli it seems that there are only windows XP at FOSS4G
silli but I am not sure if also for the labs
silli workshops for sure
Jesse_Eichar yes windows. Although some linux if you request it. But I am doing XP
silli yes, I think they will have that, too
jgarnett I think that is mostly it
silli to be sure you probably could ask the special mailing list for the workshops at FOSS4G
Jesse_Eichar ok I have to go now
jgarnett it is a bit frustrating trying to help on this end.
Jesse_Eichar I know sorry
jgarnett hopefully someone can post the logs.
Jesse_Eichar There is not much to do except fix help
Jesse_Eichar hopefully it works now
Jesse_Eichar other than that I think I am pretty happy (as long as my computer doesnt crash)
jgarnett I was waiting for feedback from you before applying the change to 1.1.x and trunk
Jesse_Eichar ah
Jesse_Eichar I will try as soon as I can
CIA-52 UDig: jeichar * r30776 /udig/tags/1.1.0/ (21 files in 13 dirs): fixes for FOSS4G
jgarnett Jesse what did you think
jgarnett of killing 1.1.x
jgarnett and replacing it with 1.1.0
jgarnett (since 1.1.0 is turning into a branch on you)
Jesse_Eichar yes
Jesse_Eichar It is a branch
Jesse_Eichar except what work has been done on 1.1.x?
jgarnett I would like to resuce the prefernece page order from 1.1.x
jgarnett everything else (documentation for features etc... has been brought over already)
jgarnett and my customer would be just has happy with a 1.1.0 SDK as a 1.1.1 SDK
Jesse_Eichar ok
Jesse_Eichar so let me see
Jesse_Eichar I cannot do this until at least next week
CIA-52 UDig: jeichar * r30777 /udig/tags/1.1.0/plugins/net.refractions.udig.core/src/net/refractions/udig/core/internal/ fix for copying features
Jesse_Eichar so next week maybe we can make switch?
jgarnett you could do it now; just delete 1.1.x and rename
jgarnett I can apply the prefernece pages again
jgarnett (it is basically a new root page called "GIS" or something)
Jesse_Eichar but I need to do an SVN switch etc...
Jesse_Eichar I have no desire to do this
jgarnett understood
Jesse_Eichar ok really got to run
Jesse_Eichar next tuesday we can
Jesse_Eichar ciao
jgarnett I have to go as well
jgarnett does anyone have the complete logs?
jgarnett emil_g do you have the logs?
jgarnett I gotta run; late for work myself now....
moovida bye Jody
emily_g yes jody I can get you the logs

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

uDig 1.1 SC1 Released!

Good day,

The uDig team has at long last decided to make another public release.  This release is dubbed SC1 (Sanity Check 1) in order to indicate that a final release is imminent.  

This release primarily features too many bug fixes to mention but also little tweaks to the UI.  For example Shapefile now has a method for setting the Character set being used.

A good summary of the new features found in uDig 1.1 is at


Mac OS X


Please don't hesitate to give us feedback.  


Thursday, September 4, 2008

UDIG included in GISVM

Richardo Pinho was kind enough to inform us that GISVM is available as a "pre-release":

The pre-release includes uDig 1.1 RC14 - hopefully we can ask to have uDig 1.1.0 included later this week.

IRC Logs September 4th


0. what is up
1. splitting up net.refractions.udig.project.ui
2. changing preference page groupsings on 1.1.x
3. bug smack 2008
4. Rendering Q&A
5. WPS client

simboss: did you have a chance to play with one of the new formats I added supports for?
simboss: jgarnett ping
Jesse_Eichar: I haven't.
Jesse_Eichar: I am too busy working on camptocamp stuff to be able to keep up with all the uDig changes
Jesse_Eichar: stuff is going crazy in the uDig camp
Jesse_Eichar: jgarnett is sleeping I think
jgarnett: morning
jgarnett: sorry I was hacking on udig before the meeting
jgarnett: want to fix some of these bugs
jgarnett: so silli does not get grumpy at me
Jesse_Eichar: :) got to keep our power user happy
jgarnett: pretty easy stuff so far; we must of been sleepy during the feature model transition.
Jesse_Eichar: If I remember it was nearly 5000 changes
silli: :-) thanks guys
Jesse_Eichar: not surprised we were sleeping through some of it
jgarnett: (note the create feature type dialog is pretty evil; trying to use a builder to hold state; we missed lots of stuff and made our code harder)
jgarnett: I am going to duck out to geotools and see if I can get points to draw correctly next.
jgarnett: 5 mins to meeting time
jgarnett: grab coffee :-P
Jesse_Eichar: good idea
Jesse_Eichar: brb
jgarnett: aside; can someone (other than me since I hate to nag)
jgarnett: send a reminder email to the list?
mauricio: hello
jgarnett: g'day
jgarnett: (ha ha Jesse already sent a reminder email)
Jesse_Eichar: ok I think we're here. Welcome back mauricio
Jesse_Eichar: agenda?
jgarnett: 1. Splitting up net.refractions.udig.project.ui
mauricio: Thanks
jgarnett: 2. changing preferences page groupings on 1.1.x
emily_g: if time permits I'd like to ask jesse a rendering question
jgarnett: 3. Bug Smack 2008
jgarnett: 4. Rendering Q&A
Jesse_Eichar: 5. WPS client
Jesse_Eichar: ok sounds good
mauricio: ok to me
Jesse_Eichar: 1. Splitting up net.refractions.udig.project.ui
Jesse_Eichar: go jody
Jesse_Eichar: or not
Jesse_Eichar: ...
Jesse_Eichar: I guess we will do 0) quick update first
Jesse_Eichar: Jesse: trunk headless build working again
Jesse_Eichar: Jesse: sextant-udig integrations
emily_g: Emily: I've updated the RenderMetrics with a bunch of additional metrics to use when rendering
Jesse_Eichar: Jesse: SpatialDataIntegrator-uDig integration
jgarnett: jgarnett - sorry was talking to aaime on #geotools about the point rendering bug. I am trying to be in bug fix mode but really I am just getting over being sick.
moovida: Jesse_Eichar: tell us more :)
moovida: trunk building on your machine?
moovida: I didn't see any commit
Jesse_Eichar: trunk not building came down to me removing a line in
Jesse_Eichar: runPackager=true
Jesse_Eichar: apparently it is an undocumented property that makes the dependencies get packaged...
Jesse_Eichar: I had no idea.
moovida: I'll give it a go while we talk
Jesse_Eichar: here let me commit
moovida: what about sextante-sdi, were are you there?
CIA-53: UDig: jeichar * r30693 udig/extras/headlessbuild/ (2 files in 2 dirs): fix for trunk... I hope :)
Jesse_Eichar: Victor and I have a new perspective that lists all the algorithms and allows you to configure and run some of them
volaya: jesse has been doing s lot of work designing the interfaces
Jesse_Eichar: We don't have all the UI elements for all the input parameters there
volaya: and i am connecting that with the algorithms and the sextante stuff
jgarnett: Did you guys get to think about my IProcess email? And perhaps we should grab an agenda topic (so we are not here all morning)
Jesse_Eichar: we will see what we have for time.
Jesse_Eichar: It is on 1.1 though so it won't be critical til we port to trunk.
jgarnett: I am worried that you are doing lots of work designing the same interfaces as the WPS team?
jgarnett: gak? work on 1.1.x say it is not so ...
Jesse_Eichar: it is a plugin for 1.1
Jesse_Eichar: not on it
jgarnett: not so scary then.
jgarnett: but really we better get back onto our agenda or we will be sad when we all run out of time.
Jesse_Eichar: yep 1. Splitting up net.refractions.udig.project.ui
moovida: okky
Jesse_Eichar: go jody
jgarnett: For several weeks now we have talked about net.refractions.udig.project.widget right
jgarnett: well now it starts to effect your life
jgarnett: as we are ripping the implementation parts of net.refractions.udig.project.ui over into it.
jgarnett: Turns out that most of what we need to write; is stuck inside project.ui where we cannot depend on it (and it was written with the assumption of an Editor)
jgarnett: so we are carefully breaking that assumption.
jgarnett: gdavis_ is doing the work right now; I just wanted to follow up to the email and make sure everyone knew what was going on.
jgarnett: gdavis_ comments and/or questions?
Jesse_Eichar: this on trunk?
jgarnett: yes.
gdavis_: one comment is that besides moving some stuff out of project.ui I will also need to change a few interfaces to remove editor stuff
gdavis_: not big changes, just splitting up some interfaces into a couple, etc
Jesse_Eichar: Just to make sure. You are aware of the IMapPart interface
Jesse_Eichar: right?
gdavis_: im aware of mappart, but imappart?
Jesse_Eichar: ok maybe just mappart
gdavis_: yes
Jesse_Eichar: good
gdavis_: for instance that is one interface I need to update
mauricio: then sound a low impact
Jesse_Eichar: not surprised
gdavis_: public abstract MapEditorSite getMapEditorSite(); is something that is tied to a mapeditor
gdavis_: etc
Jesse_Eichar: right
Jesse_Eichar: ok go nuts
Jesse_Eichar: so jody... when are we going to get rid of plugins :P
gdavis_: so I will likely make a parent interface that doesn't have that, and a new "mappart" for editors called editormappart, or something similar
jgarnett: not sure I understand jesse?
gdavis_: anyways, I may have questions as I go along that I will email to the list.
Jesse_Eichar: just a joke, you always talk about collapsing plugins
Jesse_Eichar: sounds good.
jgarnett: yeah and it is getting worse and worse (sad)
Jesse_Eichar: thanks for the heads up
jgarnett: and also sad for me is that RCP customers like it this way ...
Jesse_Eichar: 2. changing preferences page groupings on 1.1.x
jgarnett: so I sent some email to the list
jgarnett: this is from an RCP customer working against the stable SDKs
jgarnett: (and it is really frustrating to explain why all the SDKs I ask them to use are not on the website - just in the downloads folder - we have to get back to "release early release often or the project looks dead)
jgarnett: so it is really a question for Jesse
jgarnett: are you going to tag 1.1.0?
jgarnett: or do I make the change and update the user guide to match?
jgarnett: (change is going out this morning ... cluft is on it)
Jesse_Eichar: I am doing the tag right now
Jesse_Eichar: don't commit anything to that branch until I am done
jgarnett: can you send email to the list when we are clear? I am not sure if cluft knows enough to make an SDK release from trunk on his own; and I will not have time to help him (it will be a good test of our docs)
jgarnett: thanks Jesse...
jgarnett: ... dare I ask if you are going to release 1.1.0 from that tag?
Jesse_Eichar: trunk or 1.1?
jgarnett: 1.1
Jesse_Eichar: I made a release last night
Jesse_Eichar: I have to post it
jgarnett: sweet.
Jesse_Eichar: oh good grief good luck making a build from 1.1
Jesse_Eichar: I will have to help him personally
Jesse_Eichar: there is no way he can do it
Jesse_Eichar: :)
jgarnett: I have made SDK releases from 1.1.x before? has anything gotten worse since June?
jgarnett: (sorry this RCP customer is a short term project and thus on the stable branch)
Jesse_Eichar: You might have made one but I wouldn't guarantee that it was a solid sdk.
jgarnett: they are more using it as a framework for their own data; not even using Features
jgarnett: Jesse_Eichar++
jgarnett: well we will fall off that bridge next week then.
jgarnett: moving on?
Jesse_Eichar: 3. Bug Smack 2008
jgarnett: moovida/silli this one is for you.
moovida: is that ours?
jgarnett: We had a breakout IRC (logs are posted)
moovida: :)
jgarnett: and I have fixed a few of the bugs
silli: :-) I am here...
moovida: yes, what to say about it?
jgarnett: (create feature type; and I am looking at the point color now)
moovida: didn't see the jira closed pass
moovida: did you commit them?
jgarnett: I was away yesterday and have not even managed to read your email on the topic (bad jody)
moovida: :) ok
jgarnett: create feature type changes were committed last night.
silli: create new layer has the feature type to correct and the projection (default)
jgarnett: So is this a case where I need to read your email
jgarnett: and we need to send lots of email and use Jira to keep our head on straight?
silli: to correct == to be corrected
Jesse_Eichar: ...
jgarnett: looks like we stalled.
Jesse_Eichar: yhep
moovida: don't see exactly what I should answer
jgarnett: Is there anything else to talk about right now? Or should we take this to email.
silli: ok but for me it is hard to understand if some little bugs belongs to the same or not
jgarnett: anything pressing that should be fixed right now?
moovida: we are at the same point as two days ago I think
moovida: just yesterday you were sick
jgarnett: I see 5 bugs reported; that is correct?
moovida: and so we are waiting for the first fixes to go through
silli: the problem with the advance graphic is solved
jgarnett: so you are waiting for me to fix these 5 bugs; and then going to give me more?
silli: I found the point to disable it
jgarnett: (jesse you had only put the "Advanced Graphics" toggle on if they were on linux - apparently they use that because it is faster for the editing tools!)
silli: the style visualization now works with this problems
silli: 1. points -> become black if restarting udig
silli: it is faster also for panning zooming...
silli: Jody is working on points
silli: 2. polygons on my pc (I think it is the only one) have no transparency
silli: 3. selection on my pc doesn't work for the map view, only in the table view
Jesse_Eichar: comments ?
Jesse_Eichar: jody?
jgarnett: I am trying to match this list with Jira
silli: layer create is on fixing
jgarnett: and coming up blank...
jgarnett: 1. points ...
jgarnett: yes I am working on that.
jgarnett: (not sure about faster panning & zooming? but I did find that *lots* of logging was being done - hopefully by mistake)
jgarnett: 2. polygons without transparency?
silli: import using the wizard has the third panel blank
moovida: 2 and 3 are a problem that is evident only to some pcswith particular graphic cards
jgarnett: not sure about that ...
silli: ok that could be
jgarnett: 3. selection
silli: or particular configurations
jgarnett: I have seen this on a slower computer; looks to be a refresh problem?
jgarnett: 4. layer creating
Jesse_Eichar: for 2 and 3 are you using advanced graphics or not?
silli: do somebody of you have these problems?
silli: no
silli: but I tried and it is the same
silli: with advance graphic or not
Jesse_Eichar: ok
jgarnett: (layer creating is getting better but will require testing)
jgarnett: that is my response; but I am having trouble keeping this straight; I am going to go through email and put this stuff in jira.
jgarnett: will send an update email when that is done (I may have some questions)
silli: I will test if it is ok
Jesse_Eichar: 4. Rendering Q&A
silli: ok
Jesse_Eichar: emily_g
Jesse_Eichar: you had some questions?
emily_g: first thanks for you help yesterda
emily_g: but I have a new problem
emily_g: I have a flock of seagulls
emily_g: randomly moving around the screen
emily_g: most of the time the background doesn't flicker
emily_g: every now and then the blackground flickers
emily_g: I'm wondering if you might be able to tell me where to look
jgarnett: (it is almost like we are not being double buffered)
emily_g: its doesn't consistently flicker
Jesse_Eichar: Hard problem.
emily_g: :)
Jesse_Eichar: why don't we go on to 5 and I wil think a bit
Jesse_Eichar: 5. WPS client
emily_g: sure
***moovida wanted to add this bug to fix version 1.2M0, but couldn't.
Jesse_Eichar: volaya - victor you want to start this one?
volaya: yes, ok
***moovida asks Jody to do it, since he created it before havin rights
volaya: I hav received some money to implement a WPS client in SEXTANTE
volaya: so WPS processes can be wrapped and executed as SEXTANTE algorithms...
volaya: I know that some of you are doing similar things, so I would like to see how to do a common effort
volaya: and of course link this with the integration of SEXTANTE in uDig, which is going quite well (thanks to jesse ;-) )
jgarnett: gdavis_ is your contact here volaya
volaya: Maybe graham of jody could tell us about their plans regarding wps, and how they see a possible collaboration
moovida: do you mean a WPS client in Udig for sextante?
jgarnett: my understanding is that if you wrap your functionality in a GeoTools ProcessFactory
jgarnett: it will be visible to the geoserver WPS plugin.
jgarnett: oh .. client (sorry trying again)
volaya: I mean that sextante would be a wps client, and all the GIS that have analysis capabilities based on sextante will be able to run wps processes
jgarnett: geotools has an process module
jgarnett: and a wps module
jgarnett: the wps module is the client code to talk to a WPS server (at a very low level)
moovida: alright, I think there is confusion here#
moovida: yes, so sextante modules are on serverside
jgarnett: you can reuse that low level code; and use it to talk to the server.
moovida: are you planning to create a WPS client for sextante ?
gdavis_: in udig? or?
moovida: or a client in udig for geotools?
jgarnett: we have a processfactory implementation that shows how to go from GeoTools Process API (high level) to WPS client API (low level). You would do something similar?
volaya: I have been looking to the udig and openjump clients made by the guys at 52 North
moovida: I'm trying to understand... there is much anarchy today :)
jgarnett: gdavis do you have any wiki links?
gdavis_: sure 1 sec
Jesse_Eichar: slow down slow down
Jesse_Eichar: volaya finish explaining what you are going to do
volaya: :-)
jgarnett: (sigh)
Jesse_Eichar: Too much excitement here :)
moovida: excitment == confusion
moovida: go volaya
volaya: The idea is that know sextante is a set of geoalgorithms (local ones)...and it will be a set of local algorithms + wps processes, all running under the same framework
Jesse_Eichar: so WPS process will be wrapped with the Sextante API?
volaya: exactly
gdavis_: so sort of the opposite of what someone else was doing (wrapping sextante processes into WPS processes)
Jesse_Eichar: ah. So the current Sextante UI for uDig, GVSIG etc... would be able to seemlessly have WPS processes as well
volaya: for most of the processes, that will make in unnecessary to create any interface, since sextante itself can create them based on the requirements of the algorithm
volaya: whether is a "normal" one, or based on a WPS process
gdavis_: well wps processes in udig use a geotools process api described here:
moovida: volaya: would this force everyone that want to exploit it to fit in your framework?
gdavis_: so it sounds like you will want to wrap those into sextante processes
moovida: that would be a strange way to walk
jgarnett: guys we missed a step
jgarnett: the Process API gdavis described above is what I wanted feedback from voloya on a couple weeks ago (so far nothing?)
jgarnett: that is the high level api for a java developer right.
jgarnett: there is a low level api for talking to a WPS service
jgarnett: that is what voloya would like to use; ie he would like to wrap up that API in his own interfaces
gdavis_: yes but it sounds like he just wants to wrap processes
jgarnett: I think he wants to wrap the WPS client code
jgarnett: (and ignore the Process interface)
gdavis_: hmmm
moovida: volaya: many think to know what you do :) enlight us
jgarnett: voloya comments?
jgarnett: :-P
gdavis_: well he cant ignore it completely. the wps client code passes around processes
jgarnett: really? that should not of gotten past me ...
volaya: I was asking more about apis to access the wps processes. I have used that api to expose a sextante algorithm as a geotools process, i guess i already told you about that, didn't I?
jgarnett: yes; but I was hoping for more details (and things you would like changed)
jgarnett: (ie how did we do?)
volaya: Well, the geotools api look great to me , and it is very similar to the sextante one, but i am not using it at the moment...
volaya: but it should not be difficult to do it the other way round, wrapping a geotools process as a sextante algorithm
mauricio: please confirm this
mauricio: wps client -> WPS -> ProcessApi -> binding sextante -> sextante api
moovida: :) but the "standard" is geotools Victor
moovida: wouldn't it be better the way round?
Jesse_Eichar: says you moovida, not all of th GVSIG guys
Jesse_Eichar: Do remember that sextante started out as a sextante plugin
jgarnett: let me go slower mauricio
Jesse_Eichar: and only recently decided to try to play with everyone else.
volaya: well..that would mean refactoring 200+ algorithms :-S
jgarnett: voloya we would rather align the geotools Process API with your work.
moovida: ok, that was what I wanted to hear
volaya: but I wouldn't mind to have all my geoalgs based on the geotools api, that's true
jgarnett: but we cannot because of GPL
jgarnett: so can we make it method compatible or something?
jgarnett: (also not our project has ended; so we cannot really help)
jgarnett: we would like it to start up again ... but we are not sure when.
Jesse_Eichar: Perhaps you can help with informal support on how to use the API?
volaya: ok, no problem...I am just trying to see what other people ar doing in this direction, since i think that we are many people doing the same, so it would be good to cooperate
jgarnett: so at the geotools level there are *two* apis (have I made that clear?) if not I would like to talk about the difference - I am not sure if both have a wiki page or not....
gdavis_: yes they do
volaya: I am familiar with the process api...will have a look at the low level one that you mentioned
gdavis_: is the geotools wps module for WPS service/client stuff
jgarnett: The WPS Module (is very similar to our WMS module) takes care of parsing the capabilities and dispatching requests and all that ...
jgarnett: is the module page
jgarnett: And you already know about the Process API...
volaya: ok, great
gdavis_: that page you linked to it not the full docs jody, the one I linked to it
gdavis_: is*
jgarnett: yeah I see that (thanks muchly - I am going to link from one to the other)
jgarnett: We only have a couple more minuets left ...
Jesse_Eichar: ok back to emily...
Jesse_Eichar: and rendering?
Jesse_Eichar: gulp...
emily_g: :)
emily_g: one of my bigger problems is I don't know where to look
emily_g: I know if I put in some breakpoints and stop it before it draws the next image
emily_g: I see a white image on the screen every now and then
emily_g: which makes me think that the image is being drawn to the screen before it has been composed
Jesse_Eichar: So what we need to find out is if the CompositeRenderer is requesting the map to show an empty map sometimes
moovida: jgarnett: could you update the JIRA please? I don't seem to have the right for that.
Jesse_Eichar: s requesting the map = is requesting the ViewportPane
emily_g: I was writing out all the "composed" images to disk
emily_g: and when I added this code I never got any white images
emily_g: nor did I see any flickering
Jesse_Eichar: of course it is a timing issue
Jesse_Eichar: if you add a debug point you will likely won't get it either.
emily_g: but the odd thing was that I did see an empty screen when I added a debug point
emily_g: but maybe that was a different spot
Jesse_Eichar: where did you put it?
emily_g: thinking ...
emily_g: I put my write the image to disk statement in the ViewportPaneSWT - createImage() class
emily_g: after renderManager.getImage()
Jesse_Eichar: Ah I have an idea...
emily_g: I think my breakpoint was in the getDoubleBufferGraphics method somehwere
emily_g: I like ideas :)
Jesse_Eichar: Here is the potential scenario
Jesse_Eichar: The viewportPane is on the display thread which is different than the thread composing the image
Jesse_Eichar: so here we go
Jesse_Eichar: CR (CompositeRenderer) composes an image and asks the viewportPane to display it
Jesse_Eichar: viewportPane (in another thead) grabs the image to copy it to a SWT image ( or wrap it in a SWT wrapper)
Jesse_Eichar: just as it enters the method the CompositeRenderer is asked to update and it clears its image
Jesse_Eichar: then back in the other thread the viewportPane draws a blank image to the SWT Image
emily_g: this sounds reasonable to me
emily_g: so do I need to buffer the image in the compositerenderer ?
Jesse_Eichar: I think it is a synchronization issue.
Jesse_Eichar: buffering the image in compositeRenderer won't do it because the buffer still could get cleared
Jesse_Eichar: I can think of 2 ideas.
gdavis_: maybe lock the image for read/write synching between threads?
gdavis_: I did something similar with the tiles emily
Jesse_Eichar: 1. make a copy and pass it in the refresh request.. This sounds expensive to me because it is making lots of copies of the images
Jesse_Eichar: It is more difficult than that unfortunately graham
gdavis_: oh? ok
Jesse_Eichar: only slightly though
Jesse_Eichar: it is because the request is an event that is placed on a event queue.
Jesse_Eichar: So you could be blocking the composite renderer until the ViewportPane has time to update it
Jesse_Eichar: in which case you could get a severe performance hit
Jesse_Eichar: My second idea is to use the "loan" pattern
gdavis_: is the image actually empty/null in this case, or is it a proper image that happens to be white?
Jesse_Eichar: #2
gdavis_: ah, that does make it trickier ya
emily_g: I don't know graham
gdavis_: because a proper image could happen to be white too so you couldnt test if it was "empty"
Jesse_Eichar: use the Collections strategy for detecting a synchronous update
***moovida has to run. Thanks for the chat...
Jesse_Eichar: the idea is topass a number or a timestamp to the ViewportPane in the request
Jesse_Eichar: and when the ViewportPane checks the image it compares the timestamp to verify that it is the right one
Jesse_Eichar: if not then it knows that the image has been update and it waits for the new request
emily_g: doesn't that have the potential of never drawing anything on the screen?
Jesse_Eichar: if the CompositeRenderer update the image it should always make a request after the update.
emily_g: by the time it gets the image the number could have been updated and nothing is drawn; this repeats itself?
Jesse_Eichar: true enough
emily_g: this is probably unlikely though
Jesse_Eichar: very unlikely since the viewport model should be much faster.
Jesse_Eichar: but you probably do need to make a check for that
emily_g: can you point me to where the request is made from the CompositeRenderer to the viewportPane?
Jesse_Eichar: so maybe an opposite direction communication.
gdavis_: jesse, before you go, I sent you a quick question in a PM
Jesse_Eichar: Did that last comment make sense emily?
Jesse_Eichar: maybe everytime the image is accessed the timestamp on the image is changes so both directions can validate that the image is being used in a responsible manner.
emily_g: thinking
Jesse_Eichar: I am just brainstorming you have to make it work so do what you think is apropriate
Jesse_Eichar: Sorry I have to run now
Jesse_Eichar: Its late
emily_g: thats fine jesse - thanks for you help
emily_g: as least I have an idea of what the problem might be
Jesse_Eichar: ok ciao
mauricio: bye everyone
jgarnett: thanks
jgarnett: I suppose I better post the logs...
jgarnett: ... and try and catch up with what emily_g and Jesse were up to
jgarnett: silli and mauricio - I added everything mentioned on email
jgarnett: to Jira
jgarnett: and made this page here
jgarnett: have a list of everything you consider important.
mauricio: ok good
jgarnett: the list is based on "fix for UDIG 1.2-M0"
jgarnett: so if you see anything in that list that you do not *need* for capetown
jgarnett: please mark is as 'fix for' something later ...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Trunk QA IRC Breakout

Going through some problems found by the JGrass team on trunk:
0) advanced graphics preference page
1) theme page in style editor
2) selection
3) missing .prj
4) new layer creation
5) icon of contributed tools
6) bursa wolf problem


moovida: jgarnett: did you read my mail? we have to jump away from trunc until Cape Town
jgarnett: hi
jgarnett: I have not read email in 2 hours
jgarnett: that would make me sad :-(
moovida: you busy?
moovida: want me to summarize
jgarnett: I need to go grab food; will read email when I get back...
moovida: it makes me much more sad
jgarnett: no I can read the email; but I sure hope there is somethign I can do to help.
moovida: we have to back port a ton of code
moovida: can we talk afterwards?
moovida: I would like to discuss this
moovida: and see if it makes sense
jgarnett: okay;
jgarnett: from my stand point I want to do anything and everything I can to help your migration to trunk be smooth.
jgarnett: the sldparser troubles over the weekend for example.
moovida: yes Jody, I'm really gratefull
moovida: but there are too many
moovida: be would need people paid just to fix
moovida: anyway get some food and than we talk
moovida: I will be here
jgarnett: checking the page; I still just see 4
moovida: today we found some amazing troubles on selection
jgarnett: okay I do have people here (3 of them) paid to work on trunk.
moovida: things seem to go random
jgarnett: so anything you find can get some developer time - not sure if that was clear before.
moovida: ok, but they are working on specific things, right
jgarnett: only when you make a jira.
moovida: but we need time to test them
jgarnett: ie they are working at specific things; but trunk needs to be better for them to deliver their project.
jgarnett: So you are setting short term bug fixing priorities for us.
jgarnett: Or you need to give us instructions on how to test; for example that shapefile bug that was reported in email.
moovida: The problem is that we have to supply the software in 2 wweks
jgarnett: I understand the problem; and I agree 2 weeks may not be enough time.
jgarnett: I am just letting you know where you stand with respect to our priorities
jgarnett: I can ask developers to fix problems; but not to spend hours trying to reproduce a problem
moovida: is anyone there using udig trunc right now?
moovida: or are you just usign components for the work you are doing?
jgarnett: I am hard pressed to answer that; the developers I have never use udig - they always just use the components to meet customer needs.
jgarnett: our gis people use uDig as one of many tools
moovida: yes, I thought that
moovida: because some of the problems are such evident, that we are afraid that
jgarnett: often they use it for working with large shapefiles and wms services...
jgarnett: okay.
moovida: when those are out of the way, the hidden ones will kill us
jgarnett: I really better grab food; if you can do me a favour and report the bugs that are stressing you out - I do not see anyting on "selection" right now.
moovida: ok, you go and I report back
moovida: in the meanwhile
jgarnett: thank you.
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jgarnett: back
moovida: ok, second, I call Silvia
moovida: she wants to be in the talk
jgarnett: moovida I have a customer meeting in 10 mins (sigh)
moovida: outch
jgarnett: but really I want a list of bugs and what I need to do to make trunk work for you.
moovida: :), well, then I do not call her
jgarnett: thinking if I can go late to the meeting ... probably not.
jgarnett: sorry for the delay; I went to meet my wife at her work .... and found she had called in sick
moovida: :) no problem
jgarnett: It sounds like uDig trunk made it past your initial evaulation
jgarnett: and now Silvia is a much tougher customer
moovida: yes, for sure she is
jgarnett: and she is finding enough stuff to drive her crazy...
moovida: yes, and she is using it for work, so she really sometimes gets mad
jgarnett: If jira is not working (too slow?) can we just send an email per problem ... and only record a Jira if it is something that takes more than an hour?
moovida: and would need issues to be solved quickly
jgarnett: okay - mad Silvia is not fun :-P
moovida: more than one hour?!?!?!?!
moovida: that would be great :)
jgarnett: so the timezone difference is not something we can get around; but other than that responding to bugs can be quick.
jgarnett: how soon can a commit on this end
jgarnett: be shown to Silvia?
moovida: if that is reaction time than I would try :)
moovida: that is not a problem, if bugs reported until now are solved for tomorrow, than that would be somthing to work on
moovida: I am here to work also at night these days, so I can be the link
jgarnett: I do not mind trying for a fast reaction time; my problem is sending email back and forth figuring out what issue she is looking at.
jgarnett: (i have to go to my meeting)
jgarnett: back in 30 mins...
moovida: ok, when are you back
jgarnett: ... thanks.
moovida: ok, I will be here
moovida: thanks to you
jgarnett: and yeah send me lots of small email so I have a clue what we are getting into :-)
moovida: I talk to Silvia in the meanwhile
jgarnett: the other developers here understand that having you on trunk helps everyone.
jgarnett: thanks muchly.
moovida: ok, I just feel bad to bother you, we should be adult :D
jgarnett: and please lots of small emails
jgarnett: rather than one big email with lots of lines
jgarnett: so we can have an email thread about each thing.
jgarnett: :-)
moovida: you can count on it
moovida: ok, talk to you later
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silli [n=chatzill@] entered the room.
moovida: hi Silli
moovida: welcome to udig irc
silli: hi moovida!
moovida: :)
moovida: jgarnett is not back yet
moovida: :(
moovida: 30 minutes at refractions are quite long :)
silli: I am trying to understand how this tool works
silli: :-) they are Canadian!!
moovida: just write and press enter, nothing more
moovida: with backslash and the word me you give a comment
moovida: like that:
***moovida is thinking
moovida: that is all you need usually
silli: ah... thanks
moovida: no, sorry, it is slash
moovida: not backslash
silli: I think I wouldn't use backslash... or slash...
silli: advance users only uses this!
silli: :-)
jgarnett: back
jgarnett: yah I suck
jgarnett: I got hit by a couple meetings
moovida: :) I can immagine
jgarnett: (I forgot it was tuesday; since we had yesterda off ...)
jgarnett: sigh.
moovida: ten seconds and we would have lost Silvia
silli: hi Jody!!!
moovida: but you got her :)
silli: yeah men... I would go to sleeping
silli: but now, I am here
jgarnett: ?
jgarnett: I am checking email for a list of bugs ...
jgarnett: I talked to the other developers and they would prefer to use Jira to track and fix problems
moovida: :) I put them in JIRA
jgarnett: but everyone agrees that helping you iron out the show stopping bugs is very much needed.
jgarnett: cool - I am going off to look now.
silli: there are no problem to use JIRA
moovida: I just reopened the style bug
jgarnett: trying out "google chrome" :-)
moovida: but Silvia has this advanced graphic problem
silli: moovida do you make the advance graphic bug?
moovida: jgarnett: really, didn't think it is here
jgarnett: can anyone tell me about the advanced graphics problem?
moovida: silli: go
moovida: you have it
moovida: together with many other
silli: usually I disable the advance graphic in the uDig 1.1
silli: because with that the program is too slow
silli: and it occurs also with the trunk
silli: but now there isn't the option to disable the advance graphic
jgarnett: okay this is the first I have heard of it being a problem; reading your email it sounds like the preference page is missing on trunk?
jgarnett: I will go hunt it down and move it over now.
silli: yes that is
silli: i have some problem also with selections but Andrea hasn't so
silli: I think it will probably be the advance graphic
silli: but don't know
jgarnett: this one is not too bad; since I think I know the screen you are talking about - but in general if you could include a screen snap in the Jira or email it would help.
jgarnett: (not all the developers have even run uDig 1.1.x )
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moovida: but how are they supposed to bugfix, when they don't even know what it is?
jgarnett: updating 1.1.x now; I will open both development environments and see if I can find out what is missing.
moovida: and without a udig running?
silli: ok I will ad a screenshot to JIRA with my problems
jgarnett: they have a checkout of trunk; and they run that.
moovida: ah, ok, they have that
silli: the missing panel is
moovida: which is what Silvia and I are running
silli: udig UI
jgarnett: silly - screensnaps only help - you can decide if it is easier to do a screen snap or to write a longer bug description.
silli: the last one
jgarnett: yeah most developers have not ever checked out uDig 1.1.x; the only time they see it is as an SDK when they are learning.
jgarnett: moovida can I close
moovida: nein :)
jgarnett: oh I see you have commented about point layers ...
moovida: I jusr reopened it
jgarnett: cool.
moovida: yes
silli: ok, I will try to do screensnaps to explain better the problems
jgarnett: thanks very much silli
moovida: ok, jgarnett, so we will use JIRA
jgarnett: so what I was hoping to get is some idea of how many bugs we need to fix over the next two weeks; and make sure we can keep up on this end.
moovida: but how to behave if the bug are not fixed? :)
jgarnett: I think we should talk about any bug that will take more then a couple hours.
moovida: the problem is that some of the bugs will jump out when these are fixed
jgarnett: and see what can be done.
silli: for me it is hard to use trunk because of these basic problems
jgarnett: and I agree we will find more bugs; but not that much more. The places that really concerned me were all about GeoTools
jgarnett: and that has gotten much better.
jgarnett: silli yes.
moovida: yes, probably yes, but I have a friend called Murphy
jgarnett: but I need to know what the "basic" problems are.
silli: :-) bad friend
moovida: he really loves me :)
silli: these are visualization and selection
jgarnett: I was hoping we could have a list the basic problems; to make sure that we can get everything nice and neat in the available 2 weeks.
jgarnett: (rather everything nice and neat that matters to you)
jgarnett: visualization is one of the major places that has seen a lot of work in GeoTools.
jgarnett: Selection (ie Filter) also.
silli: ok lets try to do a list of the major
moovida: ok, so do you think some of the bugs can be solved until tomorrow?
jgarnett: I have back ported the best parts to uDig 1.1.x (ie the CQL query language)
silli: yes there is still the problem, I think, there was in the 1.1
moovida: So Silvia can play around a bit better and track other problems
silli: where filter selection will not be displayed in the map window
jgarnett: The only bug you have reported that "scares" me is the one about the Style Editor "theme" page - I would like to turn that off.
moovida: I think we could live without that
moovida: I wil simply switch it of
moovida: off
moovida: what about the missing prj stuff?
jgarnett: silly I have that problem (filter not being shown until I hit refresh) in uDig 1.1.x as well - especially on slower computers.
moovida: it is not mandatory
silli: colours are enought
silli: theme is too much for our applications
jgarnett: okay we are starting to talk about more than one issue....
jgarnett: 1) theme
jgarnett: 2) selection
jgarnett: 3) missing .prj
jgarnett: anything else ...
jgarnett: ... we can go through the list after.
jgarnett: 0) advanced graphics preference page
moovida: new layer creation
jgarnett: 4) new layer creation
moovida: icon of contributed tools
jgarnett: you can add the numbers yourself ...
jgarnett: 5) icon of contributed tools
moovida: :) sure
jgarnett: trying to think of there anything bugging me on trunk.
jgarnett: okay we are stalling out ...
jgarnett: let us go through the list
jgarnett: 0) advanced graphics preference page
silli: Jody, what can you do for tomorrow?
moovida: yes, for us these are the things now
silli: first one
jgarnett: I would like to do them all for tomorrow; but I only have 1 more hour left at work today.
silli: to solve
jgarnett: I do want to look at all of these issues today; and I will fix the easy ones as I look at them.
moovida: :) are you superman?
jgarnett: no ... it is just that bug fixing is not always hard.
jgarnett: especially when we have a working example in the form of 1.1.x to compare against.
silli: superJody
silli: nice to hear this!
jgarnett: (often these fixes amount to stepping through both of them with a debugger; and finding out that some patch was not applied to trunk)
jgarnett: the harder ones are when it is an actual problem w/ geotools.
jgarnett: back to our list ...
moovida: ok, got it
jgarnett: advanced graphics page ... I am pretty sure I can get this one done before I go home today.
jgarnett: 2) selection
jgarnett: I need some more information on this one; hopefully I can review a Jira shortly?
jgarnett: I want to know if it is a general problem; or something I can just look at with shapefiles?
moovida: silli: this one could be solves with advanced graphics
jgarnett: note is this a problem with selections not "refreshing" the map?
silli: moovida are you sure that the shape have coluor on your pc?
moovida: yes, sure
moovida: nice yellow
moovida: jgarnett: I saw silli select points on a layer
silli: ok so probably also the selection problem is related to advance graphic
jgarnett: if this is a mac specific issue I may just cry.
moovida: and of 10 selected points only two hav the selection
silli: no, I have a linux installed
moovida: no, she is on linux
moovida: sorry
jgarnett: so if I modify the advanced graphics thing
jgarnett: silli can retest tomorrow.
jgarnett: got it.
moovida: yep
silli: yes!
jgarnett: 3) missing .prj
jgarnett: this amounts to Jesse doing a bunch of smart stuff on the stable branch right? for both shp and image files.
jgarnett: and then it guesses correctly what to do?
moovida: yes, I wonder if that would solve th eproblem on imagemosaic
moovida: because when I made Simones tools, I created an image mosaic
moovida: and even if it had the prj file correctly,
jgarnett: I know jesse was shy about commiting fixes to geotools coverage support on trunk; I am less shy. But I may need to talk to him to confirm I am doing it right.
silli: excuse me... is in this bug also che Mr. Bursa problem?
moovida: when loading it as fiirst layer on new mad, it would default to WGS84
moovida: 6) bursa wolf problem
***moovida thanks Silli to not forget
silli: ok now understand
jgarnett: moovida++
jgarnett: for this one we may need to talk to Jesse to see what has been done; but I understand it is very important.
jgarnett: 4) new layer creation
moovida: the missing prj not so much, but the other yes
jgarnett: This is a straight forward problem; geotools changed its feature model.
jgarnett: and although we tried to update the create new layer dialog
jgarnett: nobody has tested it yet.
silli: the problem in the new layer is
jgarnett: so I assume it is a case of actually trying it out with a debugger; and fixing the strack traces as they occur.
silli: when you have a selected layer and try to create a new one
jgarnett: oh please continue...
silli: in this case the geometry is dupplicated
silli: and not correct
moovida: yes, but also when you do not select one and try to change the type it throws and exception
jgarnett: it is supposed to try and "copy" the existing feature type right?
moovida: I commnted it in the JIRA
jgarnett: what do you mean by change the type ...
moovida: the name attribute from String to Integer
jgarnett: oh okay; so chance are it is trying to build the type all the time; and failing at every turn :-(
jgarnett: okay moving on ...
jgarnett: 5) icon of contributed tools
jgarnett: not sure what you mean by this one?
moovida: me , but also Ugo Taddei
moovida: when you create a modal tool
moovida: in a custom plugin
moovida: the the toolproxy will not resolve the plugin activator id properly
moovida: and therefore doesn't find the icon
moovida: so they are those bad red squares
jgarnett: oh
moovida: I described it in the JIra
moovida: with example
jgarnett: the changed some of the plugin/bundle stuff in eclipse
jgarnett: so perhaps that is tripping us up?
moovida: I couldn't figure out
jgarnett: but it is odd that the built in ones would work ... and yours would not.
moovida: why do the udig ones work?
jgarnett: how did you create these plugins?
moovida: yes
moovida: what do you mean by how?
jgarnett: moovida we spent some time making sure the MANIFEST.MF thing
jgarnett: looked very close to what you get
jgarnett: when you make a new plug-in these days.
jgarnett: ie made sure there were no warnings and so on.
jgarnett: ie did you make this plug-in in Eclipse 3.4?
jgarnett: or are you porting something you did earlier?
moovida: no, they worked with the 1.1.x
moovida: or not?
moovida: I'm trying to remember
silli: no, they are new
moovida: thanks silli
jgarnett: okay; well if we can reproduce this problem (say in a community plugin?) that would really help.
moovida: they were never in 1.1?
jgarnett: I can make sure my community plugin does not have this problem
jgarnett: and perhaps we can compare?
moovida: that would be good
moovida: but, i mean, then I could compare with the info tool
jgarnett: true; I guess you could.
moovida: I did it really many times when I was trying to track the problem
moovida: so perhaps i do not see the diffreence
jgarnett: chances are this is going to be something in the MANIFEST.MF; it tends to look up resources by "bundle" now.
jgarnett: so if the bundle name does not match what you think it matches
jgarnett: we would have a problem?
moovida: yes, that could be
jgarnett: aside: silli I cannot find the "advanced graphics" preference page in uDig 1.1.x - can you tell me where to look?
jgarnett: okay last one ...
jgarnett: 6) bursa wolf problem
silli: yes that one!
jgarnett: I need test data; and then we can try and make a bug report.
jgarnett: Martin is good at fixing stuff; but a test case is needed.
jgarnett: I hope it is just a config option I got wrong.
silli: ok I can send the data now or put it on the JIRA
silli: what do you prefer?
jgarnett: in jira
silli: ok, lets try
jgarnett: thanks guys
jgarnett: I need to go talk to Emily now
silli: sorry, I am wrong or the Bursa isn't jet in the JIRA?
moovida: just 1 sec
moovida: silli: no, I think it isn't
moovida: jgarnett: the manifest
silli: ok I'll do it
moovida: silli: thanks
moovida: jgarnett: Eclipse-LazyStart: true
moovida: which it saiy to be deprecated
moovida: and wants Bundle-ActivationPolicy: lazy
moovida: guess Jody is gone to Emily
moovida: hmmm, I would love to go to sleep :)
moovida: I think we had them all for now, right silli ?
silli: yes
silli: I am ok now
silli: I want to go bed
silli: tomorrow morning I will have a bad morning
silli: :-)
moovida: yes, silli, just go
moovida: I say ciao to Jody
jgarnett: ciao
jgarnett: so um how about we "meet" on IRC
jgarnett: a bit earlier tomorrow?
moovida: that is a great idea
jgarnett: if we could set a good time
jgarnett: we could do it each day
moovida: that would be best
jgarnett: 8 am PST?
jgarnett: or if it is quick like today perhaps 8:30 :-P
moovida: ups, I have to check what that is
moovida: :D
jgarnett: silly ping? where in uDig 1.1.x should I see the "Advanced Graphics" preference setting.
jgarnett: silli ping?
moovida: silli: are you alive?
silli: I am here
jgarnett: perhaps she has wisely gone to bed.
silli: sleeping maybe...
jgarnett: I am looking in uDig 1.1.x for the advanced graphics setting; and I cannot even see it there.
moovida: :) no way, again the last ten seconds, but we got here :)
jgarnett: wonder if Jesse has removed it from both?
silli: no, the last 1.1 has the option
silli: it is the last option in the list
jgarnett: where?
jgarnett: what list?
jgarnett: list of prefernece pages?
silli: I can send you a snapshot
silli: yes
jgarnett: thanks.
jgarnett: I do not see that
silli: udig -> preference
jgarnett: the last thing in the list of prefernece pages for me ... is Tool
jgarnett: or if I expand it
silli: just a moment
silli: after that
jgarnett: Too > Edit Tool > Edit Tool Performance
jgarnett: I do not have anything after that
jgarnett: (on uDig 1.1.x checkout)
silli: i use the last SDK for the 1.1.x
silli: right moovida?
moovida: yes
moovida: uDig UI
moovida: it was there
jgarnett: for UDIG UI
silli: is it possible to send file in the IRC?
jgarnett: I only see Default Character Set
jgarnett: not possible; but you can attach to Jira :-P
moovida: where Default Character Set? in 1.1?
jgarnett: in UDIG UI preference page
moovida: ah
jgarnett: I am checking the online help; perhaps it has a screen snap.
silli: I am sending the screen snap
silli: sent
silli: it is disabled because now I am using a mac and not good installed
jgarnett: you see in that screen snap (on the above page) there is a uDig UI page?
jgarnett: for me that has been moved under "General"
jgarnett: and it only contains some charset stuff.
jgarnett: wonder if Jesse busted it trying to do charset stuff for Korean's?
silli: that link is advance editing not advance graphic
silli: ahhhh
silli: I looked for the option in other parts but didn't find
moovida: no, I don't think this is the same
moovida: did Jesse split some things up and distribute them?
jgarnett: please provide link to Jira when you have attached the screen snap?
silli: I don't have it here now
jgarnett: I am not sure...
silli: to check if it is or not
jgarnett: okay (tomorrow then)
moovida: ok
silli: ok guys
silli: I am ok, I would go to bed
moovida: night silli
jgarnett: okay I found the code ...
jgarnett: but have no idea why it is not being displayed ...
jgarnett: oh ...
jgarnett: if (Platform.getOS().equals(Platform.OS_LINUX)) {
jgarnett: addField(new BooleanFieldEditor(
jgarnett: net.refractions.udig.ui.preferences.PreferenceConstants.P_ADVANCED_GRAPHICS,
jgarnett: Messages.UiPreferences_advancedGraphics_label, getFieldEditorParent()));
jgarnett: }
jgarnett: apparently this is only an option for linux
jgarnett: for me on windows it is showing up empty ...
moovida: ah, now I see :)
moovida: for me on mac also
silli: mac yes, for me too
jgarnett: whew...
silli: maybe now it is not for linux
silli: but the problems with the advance graphic we have only in linux
jgarnett: if I uncomment the check mark; it is visible for me on windows.
jgarnett: so what do we do guys?
silli: moovida
silli: what do we do?
moovida: That is odd, it should be there for Silvia on linux
jgarnett: I can remove the check; but I am not really sure what this beast does.
jgarnett: you are correct it should be there on linux.
jgarnett: wow turning that off is pretty amazing; no more transparency!
silli: on linux there isn't the option
moovida: exactly
moovida: but much faster :)
jgarnett: really?
jgarnett: thinking
jgarnett: it is the same speed for me
jgarnett: but perhaps you are playing with more data than me?
moovida: oh, it was faster in editig, I think
moovida: silli: go to bed, you have a meeting tomorrow
silli: yes I go!
jgarnett: okay I will turn this back on; so people on any platform can experiment.
jgarnett: night
silli: trying to finish all the things for the bursa problem
jgarnett: mind if I post these logs?
moovida: absolutely no problem
silli: no problem
silli: good night
silli: ciao
moovida: night silli
moovida: Jody, I think I will also leave
moovida: so tomorrow 8 PST
moovida: I still have to check
jgarnett: okay
jgarnett: I will do what I can on this list today
moovida: thanks Jody
jgarnett: thanks for the effort testing
moovida: I hope we get through it