Thursday, February 5, 2009

IRC Logs Feb 6th

0) common love for udig 1.2
1) CQL bug in 1.1.x
2) SoC 2009
3) FOSS4G 2009
4) bug hunt with emily_g

(7:16:41 AM) jgarnett: well lets start; moovida i responded to your email asking what we could talk about
(7:16:52 AM) jgarnett: but really I do not mind what we talk about; what is important today
(7:17:14 AM) ***moovida notices that Jody thinks andrea borruso and me are the same person
(7:17:20 AM) jgarnett: (I have a report of a mistake in the CQL parser on uDig 1.1.x; if we fix this in GeoTools 2.2.x are their any plans to release a uDig 1.1.2?)
(7:17:28 AM) jgarnett: ...grr...
(7:17:30 AM) moovida: :) I noticed because of the nice extention point for import/export
(7:17:34 AM) jgarnett: are we up to three Andrea's now
(7:17:48 AM) moovida: there can be only ONE!!!
(7:17:51 AM) moovida: :)
(7:17:54 AM) jgarnett: I got in trouble with duplicate names on the deegree list as well
(7:17:56 AM) moovida: ok, or 10 or 100
(7:18:12 AM) moovida: the Germans are on Markus, right?
(7:18:33 AM) jgarnett: syep
(7:18:34 AM) mauricio: hi
(7:18:34 AM) moovida: Italians like Andrea
(7:18:35 AM) jgarnett: yep
(7:18:44 AM) jgarnett: okay lets make the most of what time we have
(7:18:51 AM) jgarnett: agenda topics
(7:18:53 AM) moovida: yep
(7:19:11 AM) moovida: planning of next sprint
(7:19:13 AM) moovida: :)
(7:19:22 AM) ***moovida thinks udig needs common love
(7:20:51 AM) jgarnett has changed the topic to: 0) common love 1) 1.2-M2 SDK 2) CQL bug in 1.1.x
(7:20:52 AM) moovida: for me nothing in particular, wanted to ask a bit about foss4g 2009, since some of the important ones are here :)
(7:21:06 AM) jgarnett has changed the topic to: 0) common love 1) 1.2-M2 SDK 2) CQL bug in 1.1.x 3) SoC 4) FOSS4G
(7:21:16 AM) jgarnett: 0) common love
(7:21:43 AM) moovida: what is the state of udig 1.2 now?
(7:21:54 AM) moovida: mauricio: were you able to fix that editing bug?
(7:22:05 AM) moovida: just asking
(7:22:13 AM) moovida: I guess time is short usually
(7:22:15 AM) mauricio: :(
(7:22:20 AM) mauricio: no
(7:22:24 AM) moovida: which is why i would propose a new common efforth
(7:22:31 AM) mauricio: I cannot work in it
(7:22:36 AM) moovida: don't worry
(7:22:39 AM) moovida: I understand
(7:22:43 AM) jgarnett: what editing bug?
(7:23:05 AM) moovida: but we need to boost udig 1.2,I have enough to keep 2 versios of JGrass uptodate :)
(7:23:15 AM) moovida: one we had at the code sprint
(7:23:22 AM) moovida: perhaps silli remembers?
(7:23:31 AM) moovida: I don't know exactly any more
(7:23:36 AM) moovida: mauricio?
(7:23:40 AM) mauricio: yes editing features
(7:23:53 AM) silli: it was the an editing bug
(7:24:09 AM) mauricio: the old geometry
(7:24:18 AM) silli: when editing a feature and commit the changes
(7:24:27 AM) silli: then you can not edit an other layer again
(7:24:50 AM) silli: and still there were some problems rendering the edited feature
(7:25:04 AM) jgarnett: okay I must of missed that part of the discussion
(7:25:09 AM) jgarnett: emily_g ping?
(7:25:21 AM) emily_g: yo
(7:25:28 AM) jgarnett: (Emily did some testing of the udig 1.2-M2 release against the walkthroughs and came up with an email)
(7:25:38 AM) jgarnett: we were talking about udig 1.2
(7:25:38 AM) emily_g: right - I only tested walkthough1
(7:25:45 AM) emily_g: none of the editing stuff - sorry
(7:26:08 AM) jgarnett: np; you did have some problems (like DnD from firefox)
(7:26:39 AM) emily_g: yes that is a bit of an intermittent problem; sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't
(7:29:18 AM) silli: moovida: could you please send us the spreadsheet link of the code sprint? all the unresolved bugs where written there
(7:29:19 AM) jgarnett: hrm
(7:29:34 AM) jgarnett: moovida I am not sure what else you would like out of this agenda topic at this time
(7:30:04 AM) jgarnett: I have some plans for udig 1.2 on the API side; I am slowly rolling out an ID class; and I owe you an extension point for stype handling.
(7:30:07 AM) moovida: :) a date Jody, a date, and people willing and happy to hack again a couple of days
(7:30:26 AM) jgarnett: ah
(7:30:33 AM) ***moovida the spreadsheet link:
(7:30:48 AM) moovida: that is all, I would like to know
(7:30:51 AM) jgarnett: I do not have any plans right now; so I will be happy with whatever date you propose on the mailing list.
(7:31:19 AM) moovida: what about the others? opinions?
(7:31:35 AM) moovida: I would like to know if there is interest right now
(7:31:51 AM) moovida: so I can also plan for myself
(7:32:17 AM) jgarnett: There is interesting; I am just thinking of timing.
(7:32:43 AM) jgarnett: LISAsoft's own project using uDig (which jhudson was working on) is comming to an end.
(7:32:51 AM) moovida: Jody, we are interested, but to do some decent bugfixing
(7:32:55 AM) jgarnett: moovida it would be good to roll out the uDig 1.2-M2 SDK
(7:33:00 AM) moovida: we need some more then us two
(7:33:06 AM) moovida: some more coders and some testers
(7:33:16 AM) moovida: else it won't be worth it
(7:33:21 AM) moovida: in my opinion
(7:33:31 AM) jgarnett: you are correct
(7:33:33 AM) moovida: jgarnett: yes, you are absolutwely right
(7:33:42 AM) jgarnett: now the last code sprint did a lot of good
(7:33:57 AM) jgarnett: but if we have a code sprint too often they will not be a special event of fun and happiness
(7:34:02 AM) emily_g: I may be able to commit some time; but at the moment I'm rather focused on my wfs caching so now is not the best time
(7:34:24 AM) moovida: great emily_g
(7:34:26 AM) emily_g: I'm inclined to agree with jody that we should wait a bit
(7:34:26 AM) jgarnett: so I would like to roll out udig 1.2-M2 SDK and see the response; and we can ask people about another code sprint over the course of the week.
(7:34:32 AM) moovida: and I agree jgarnett
(7:34:38 AM) jgarnett: thinking
(7:34:41 AM) jgarnett: ha ha
(7:34:42 AM) jgarnett: evil idea
(7:34:43 AM) emily_g: I think people are still getting up to speed after the last code sprint that was done
(7:34:46 AM) moovida: it doesn't have to be now
(7:35:07 AM) moovida: what are you thinking about
(7:35:11 AM) jgarnett: perhaps if we have a code sprint on new features; or pet projects it would be fun. emily_g could work on feature caching; I could work on ID
(7:35:13 AM) jgarnett: etc...
(7:35:36 AM) moovida: that would be great fun... but...
(7:35:52 AM) moovida: don't you think that would add unstability to the base?
(7:35:55 AM) jgarnett: last time I said no to new features; I bet we could get a turn out if we offered to help people create new features.
(7:36:01 AM) jgarnett: yeah you are right :-P
(7:36:06 AM) jgarnett: we can keep that idea for later.
(7:36:15 AM) emily_g: i agree; that fixing the base functionality should be more important
(7:36:21 AM) moovida: hmmm, but the idea turns me on :)
(7:36:27 AM) jgarnett: think about it
(7:36:33 AM) jgarnett: and we can ask on the email list this week
(7:36:33 AM) moovida: we should mix a bit
(7:36:36 AM) moovida: probably
(7:36:45 AM) moovida: yes, lets see the response
(7:36:53 AM) jgarnett: 2) CQL bug in 1.1.x
(7:37:04 AM) mauricio: yes
(7:37:05 AM) jgarnett: I have a report of a bug in the CQL parser; which I ported to GeoTools 2.2.x
(7:37:21 AM) jgarnett: if I go and fix it; is there any plans to release a uDig 1.1.2?
(7:37:36 AM) jgarnett: Jesse put up a "teaser" of 1.1.2 but it never went anywhere
(7:38:31 AM) mauricio: I could have a look in 2.2x branch
(7:39:24 AM) mauricio: or you are working in it?
(7:40:09 AM) mauricio: I found problems with all spatial relations
(7:40:27 AM) mauricio: intersect, dwithin, etc
(7:41:00 AM) jgarnett: I do not even have 2.2.x checked out
(7:41:15 AM) jgarnett: indeed I ported CQL in a matter of days; and have not really got a code review from anyone.
(7:41:30 AM) jgarnett: I just found it so much fun on trunk; and the reshape operation is fun
(7:42:17 AM) mauricio: yes trunk is ok
(7:42:18 AM) ***moovida thinks reshape is very imprtant fun
(7:42:24 AM) jgarnett: okay well if there is a will to look at this problem; I will match the community by trying to make a 1.1.2 release - however I am really not in a good position to do so. So if we can hunt down jeichar it would be a better move all around.
(7:42:49 AM) jgarnett: (I am not confident my eclipse set up will let me make a good 1.1.2 release; and we would like to have an installer and stuff)
(7:43:25 AM) jgarnett: mauricio we can take this one to email?
(7:43:33 AM) mauricio: ok
(7:45:08 AM) jgarnett: 3) SoC
(7:45:22 AM) jgarnett: Who is on the SoC email list for osgeo?
(7:45:32 AM) moovida: i am
(7:45:39 AM) jgarnett: I am; and I saw Jesse
(7:45:55 AM) jgarnett: it looks like they are trying to get organized faster this year; due to the SoC program having less scope.
(7:46:17 AM) moovida: yes, same feeling
(7:46:48 AM) jgarnett: So far all I can think to do to prepair is work on the Ideas page; and try and be more specific - and clear out things that were done last time around.
(7:47:11 AM) jgarnett: I also think we should change our expectations for participation on email lists etc...
(7:47:17 AM) moovida: you said that students contacted you?
(7:47:30 AM) moovida: yes, last year was soooo disappointing
(7:47:38 AM) jgarnett: so far the successful students have been very outgoing and chatted on the email list themselves; the others I have had to hunt down their moderator and ask what is going on.
(7:48:21 AM) jgarnett: so I would be happy stating that we will only consider students that have introduced themselves to udig-devel before :-)
(7:48:30 AM) jgarnett: it is a low bar to pass; but I think it would get the point across
(7:48:35 AM) moovida: that is a great idea
(7:48:39 AM) moovida: absolutely
(7:49:57 AM) jgarnett: so I was only reading the SoC list for January; yesterday :-)
(7:50:08 AM) jgarnett: who is actually paying attention; do we have any deadlines or schedules to meet?
(7:50:34 AM) mauricio: I am here
(7:50:39 AM) moovida: :) no idea, I didn't see anything pass... but I am rather blind these s=days
(7:50:48 AM) moovida: we could ask Wolf
(7:50:52 AM) moovida: he is really helpful
(7:52:30 AM) moovida: anyone already some people?
(7:52:38 AM) moovida: jgarnett: did you talk about students?
(7:53:31 AM) jgarnett: one of the students from last year asked me if it was still on; that is what had me check the osgeo list
(7:54:00 AM) jgarnett: (mauricio I was trying to ask who was paying attention to the SOC list)
(7:54:05 AM) moovida: jgarnett: btw, I am a Phd right now and would be allowed to partecipate as student
(7:54:17 AM) moovida: somebody here to mentor me? :)
(7:54:19 AM) jgarnett: really; that is cool. Can you sponsor yourself?
(7:54:22 AM) mauricio: I am not in the soc
(7:54:37 AM) mauricio: but i am thinking tha it is interesting
(7:54:45 AM) moovida: jgarnett: what do you mean?
(7:55:00 AM) jgarnett: I was joking
(7:55:03 AM) moovida: if I would be willing to partecipate?
(7:55:04 AM) moovida: :)
(7:55:07 AM) mauricio: I could work with spanish students
(7:55:19 AM) moovida: ok, even if I talked to Wolf about this
(7:55:32 AM) moovida: I am very tempted
(7:55:35 AM) jgarnett: so in general we are keen here; we need to talk to wolf and work on the ideas page
(7:55:45 AM) moovida: after seeing Martin Landa from GRASS do the same and
(7:55:52 AM) moovida: achieve big things for GRASS
(7:56:05 AM) moovida: ok
(7:56:10 AM) pramsey left the room (quit: ).
(7:56:12 AM) moovida: let's go on
(7:56:44 AM) moovida: 4) FOSS4G
(7:56:52 AM) moovida: jgarnett: what is your feeling here?
(7:57:02 AM) moovida: you should be quite in it, right?
(7:57:09 AM) jgarnett: I am helping organize
(7:57:23 AM) jgarnett: right now my focus is on getting a machine for the "intergration showcase"
(7:57:30 AM) jgarnett: it has been tossed out of the foss4g team
(7:57:35 AM) jgarnett: and give to the OGC as a formal project
(7:57:45 AM) jgarnett: and called the "Climate Change Intergration Plugfest"
(7:58:05 AM) jgarnett: still the short term goal for me is a server to install postGIS/ geoserver/ mapserver on
(7:58:13 AM) jgarnett: with a bunch of climate change data
(7:58:28 AM) jgarnett: we will add servers as sponsors show up; and hopefully have a nice big shoot out
(7:58:42 AM) jgarnett: with large datasets and see who is standing and who fell at the end of the day
(7:58:55 AM) jgarnett: mark issues the call for workshops ... earlier this week
(7:59:04 AM) jgarnett: There is a *very* limited number of 3 hour slots
(7:59:04 AM) moovida: is there a scientific committee or is that all just for showing?
(7:59:12 AM) jgarnett: and no 90 mins slots this time out
(7:59:18 AM) moovida: i.e. is there some analisis and statistic on those data?
(7:59:34 AM) jgarnett: JGrass could showcase data anlaysis against that data set
(7:59:44 AM) jgarnett: indeed this is the point; for workshop people to use the data and serves
(7:59:54 AM) jgarnett: (since data access to europe or north america will be crap)
(7:59:56 AM) moovida: ahhh, now I understand, sounds really cool
(8:00:09 AM) jgarnett: so if we want to do a workshop; we need to put in a strong bid
(8:00:14 AM) jgarnett: and even then it will be tough.
(8:00:19 AM) moovida: silli: sounds to be something for you :)
(8:00:33 AM) jgarnett: they will also have small 90 min BYO laptop things during the conference
(8:00:35 AM) silli: are you thinking just on manage these data (db and show the raw data or some statistical interpretation) or also have some models?
(8:00:44 AM) jgarnett: but having a class bring their own laptop sounds crazy hard to me
(8:01:22 AM) jeichar left the room (quit: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)).
(8:01:24 AM) jgarnett: um we will have vector and raster data; it is scientific groups in australia giving us the data - I have not sceen it yet so I do not know much.
(8:01:26 AM) jgarnett: thinking
(8:01:41 AM) jgarnett: maybe we could do a combined udig / jgrass workshop?
(8:02:00 AM) moovida: hui hui, now that would be fun
(8:02:03 AM) jgarnett: 90 min intro to open source software stack using uDig as the driver (like what we did in 2007)
(8:02:10 AM) jgarnett: and roll over to installing jgrass plugins
(8:02:16 AM) jgarnett: and attacking the climate change data?
(8:02:31 AM) jgarnett: in anycase this is something for the email list
(8:02:36 AM) moovida: yes, that sounds like big power
(8:02:37 AM) moovida: :D
(8:02:45 AM) moovida: ok, agreed, can you keep us up to date?
(8:02:56 AM) jgarnett: but at least this year; please have no hard feelings if we do not get a workshop - there are only like 16 slots or 12 slots or something
(8:02:56 AM) silli: :D
(8:03:04 AM) jgarnett: the presentations are like normal
(8:03:23 AM) jgarnett: the BYO laptop thing can be hands on; or maybe just show and tell; I do not really understand.
(8:03:34 AM) jgarnett: And there will be a code sprint :-)
(8:03:51 AM) moovida: not after the last night of party please
(8:04:00 AM) jgarnett: looks like google is going to offer us digs; and they are 2 blocks away from lisasoft offices if you guys want to go longer.
(8:04:26 AM) jgarnett: and I will try and do pancakes again :-)
(8:04:35 AM) moovida: mauricio: are you going to attend?
(8:04:42 AM) mauricio: yes
(8:04:43 AM) moovida: you have to taste Jody's pancakes :)
(8:04:47 AM) jgarnett: (if you liked the big truck rental in Canada; here they have muscle cars)
(8:04:54 AM) mauricio: ;)
(8:05:04 AM) moovida: silli: did you hear that!! :D
(8:05:44 AM) silli: yes!!!!
(8:05:55 AM) jgarnett: yep it is like the 50s in north america; they still make v8 monsters; the scary ones are not a car but a car/trunk called a ute
(8:05:58 AM) silli: moovida: we should do everything to partecipate...
(8:06:06 AM) jgarnett: where they have a truck bed for the back; which is lighter so they can go faster
(8:06:24 AM) moovida: :D
(8:06:30 AM) silli: :D
(8:06:51 AM) silli: absolutely fantastic!!!
(8:06:54 AM) jgarnett: well as time goes on I would love help organizing the code sprint; reminding people to be organized; etc... if the conference starts making profit the code sprint may get food service as well
(8:07:05 AM) jgarnett: (not sure how much of this I am supposed to be saying)
(8:07:20 AM) jgarnett: and this climate change thing is going to be fun
(8:07:22 AM) moovida: remove it from the logs
(8:07:28 AM) jgarnett: but it will be really hard to get the open source communities to notice
(8:07:29 AM) moovida: we won't tell anyone :)
(8:07:40 AM) jgarnett: (or even understand that their fav datasets are too far away to be useful)
(8:08:06 AM) jgarnett: so as Mark Leslie and I start standing up servers; maybe we can make some blog posts or flash videos
(8:08:11 AM) jgarnett: showing how to abuse the data
(8:08:21 AM) jgarnett: I worry a bit with this as an OGC thing
(8:08:22 AM) moovida: yes, do that, I really hope we will be able to produce something usefull
(8:08:29 AM) jgarnett: the open source community will not feel as invoved
(8:08:35 AM) jgarnett: (sorry involved)
(8:09:03 AM) jgarnett: finally I have a funny story
(8:09:22 AM) moovida: ?
(8:09:38 AM) jgarnett: One of the cool helpful geotools developers
(8:09:47 AM) jgarnett: (Michael Bedward)
(8:09:49 AM) jgarnett: and I
(8:09:54 AM) jgarnett: finally noticed we were in the same city.
(8:10:02 AM) moovida: lol
(8:10:06 AM) silli: lol
(8:10:08 AM) moovida: he told me last week
(8:10:12 AM) jgarnett: so I am not complete stranded over here; it took us three months to notice
(8:10:14 AM) moovida: Ididn't figure out
(8:10:53 AM) jgarnett: In anycase we are coming up on an hour here; I am glad we are all having fun; and foss4g is going to rock out :-)
(8:11:09 AM) moovida: great
(8:11:14 AM) moovida: thanks for the chat guys
(8:11:40 AM) jgarnett: I will try and upload a 1.2-M2 sdk; but I will need testing (to see of the source code for geotools got in etc...)
(8:11:45 AM) emily_g: jody - before you run away I have a question about the image support on trunk & the problems graham was having yesterday
(8:11:49 AM) jgarnett: it is supposed to be building now; I was hoping to anounce it this meeting.
(8:11:53 AM) jgarnett: ah
(8:11:56 AM) jgarnett: sure
(8:12:13 AM) jgarnett: gdavis did not have his log on; so he did not notice the strack tace
(8:12:17 AM) emily_g: basically I did a clean/refresh/clean/build/restart and I still can't view mr.side files
(8:12:19 AM) moovida: gdavis_: is it possible to try out your sperimental plugins?
(8:12:22 AM) jgarnett: I forgot a null check and was killing it
(8:12:36 AM) emily_g: it's working for graham so its just my comptuer
(8:12:44 AM) emily_g: I was wondering whether you have any ideas for debugging?
(8:12:44 AM) jgarnett: gdavis also was using the wrong imageioext jars
(8:12:47 AM) jgarnett: he had 1.0.0
(8:12:49 AM) jgarnett: not 1.0.1
(8:13:22 AM) jgarnett: can you check what you have emily? before we start ... you may need to smack refresh.xml pretty hard (ie clean out the libs directory and then run)
(8:13:23 AM) emily_g: min all say 1.0.1
(8:13:39 AM) jgarnett: okay that is the first thing; you also have a JRE with all the imageio-ext stuff?
(8:13:57 AM) jgarnett: (note we still do not have a good JRE for the windows platform; we need to make a new one that can do ecw as well)
(8:14:07 AM) emily_g: yes - I'm using the same one as graham
(8:14:30 AM) jgarnett: okay; what is next ... what is your error? We have two debugging techniques
(8:14:38 AM) jgarnett: - consol log and look for strack trace
(8:14:51 AM) jgarnett: - place a breakpoint in the service extension and watch it process the URL
(8:15:18 AM) emily_g: okay ; I'll try those
(8:15:21 AM) emily_g: i'm not getting any error
(8:15:27 AM) emily_g: when I drag and drop a file it doesn't nothing
(8:15:40 AM) jgarnett: all that means is that it did not find any service extension that "recognized it"
(8:15:43 AM) emily_g: and when I open the file using the file menu it just hangs on the loading resource dialog box
(8:15:45 AM) jgarnett: so we need to put that break point in
(8:16:02 AM) jgarnett: so to debug this we will use debugging technique number 2
(8:16:15 AM) silli left the room (quit: Remote closed the connection).
(8:16:38 AM) jgarnett: suppose I should post the logs
(8:16:41 AM) emily_g: okay jody I'll try it out when I get the chance; at the moment I'm a bit sidetracked
(8:16:45 AM) emily_g: thanks for the ideas
(8:16:54 AM) jgarnett: okay; I will be on IRC on and off
(8:17:00 AM) jgarnett: so ping me when you get to the debugging part
(8:17:00 AM) emily_g: if I find anything major I'll post it to the list; most likely I'm just doing something stupid
(8:17:18 AM) jgarnett: (not gdavis also had problems with the code tripping up over spaces in the path)
(8:17:26 AM) jgarnett: heh - not you
(8:17:31 AM) jgarnett: blame the computer :-)
(8:17:41 AM) jgarnett: for extra fun "svn blame" will tell you who committed the error
(8:21:01 AM) emily_g: :)
(8:21:36 AM) jgarnett: aside: did you guys see the blog site now
(8:21:40 AM) jgarnett: pramsey made it look pretty
(8:22:21 AM) moovida: WOW!!!
(8:22:48 AM) moovida: that is better than the official JGrass homepage
(8:22:50 AM) moovida: :D
(8:22:58 AM) moovida: good Paul
(8:25:44 AM) jgarnett: well next time you see him online; be sure to thank him

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