Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Code Grind 09 wrap up

The world-wide code sprint/grind has now wrapped up and with very good results. uDig trunk is very functional with an incredible number of bugs and usability issues addressed. Many (although not all) have been listed in other blog postings. We will be combing through the logs and getting a complete list of the issues addressed very soon.

There is only one more task to complete the sprint: make a new Milestone release.

The new release will be trimmed down to the plug-ins that we think work very well and all other plug-ins will be moved to a unstable feature that will be avalaible from the update site (once the final, non-milestone, release is made).

The unstable feature will also be available to developers in the SDK (that is the current plan but is up for debate).

We hope to finish up the release this week and get it on-line.

Good work to all the developers who helped out and the organizations who sponsered them:

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