Thursday, July 16, 2009

uDig Code Grind Day 4 Australia

An interesting day ... John Hudson returns with a partner in crime by name of Jim Groffen and proceed to keep pace verifying all the bugs being fixed. They also identified the instructions for setting up a development environment as in need of fixing (due to the recent arrival of Eclispe 3.5).

Mark started hooking his user interface up to the StyleBlackBoard (and then want off on the town all dressed up - perhaps he had a date? Ugo Taddei is not the only good looking guy around here).

Jody stayed up till oh dark early with the following (admittedly cool) screen snaps emerging. The first one is command completion with the entire function list avaialble as you type. And it is generated on the fly so it is always current!

Next one is also interesting - field decorators that can provide feedback (warnings; errors; if the field is erquired etc...).

Yes the warning tool tip on the decorator is a really horrible message from the Extrended Common Query Language Parser - I am going to see if we can get row,col information out so we can highlight where the problem is exactly and save the message as a "more details" kind of thing.
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