Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The uDig Code Grind Team

You might be asking yourself who is on this sprint. Here we go with nice pics, so at the next Foss4g conference you can recognize them and ask them to solve your problems for free. :)

In random order:

1) Lisasoft Adelaide team: Jim Groffen and John Hudson

2) Lisasoft Sydney: Mark Leslie

3) ...and Jody Garnett

4) Camp2camp and HydroloGIS Bolzano based team: Jesse Eicher and Andrea Antonello

5) HydroloGIS Bolzano: Silvia Franceschi

6) Axios Spain: Mauricio Pazos and Aritz Dávila

7) Fraunhofer-Institut Germany: Ugo Taddei (for the ladies we should mention he is Brazilian and has Italian blood)

All around the world!!!

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