Tuesday, July 14, 2009

uDig code grind day 2

Another very long day of bug fixing has just wrapped up. The day progressed more or less the same as yesterday.

Andrea Antonello (HydroloGIS)
  • Andrea has gotten the image-io-ext working on linux 32 and 64 and windows.
  • Andrea has Mr Sid and geotiff in image-io-ext compiling on Macosx and is now in a grand battle with ECW to get it to compile.
Jesse Eichar (Camptocamp)
  • I spent another day fixing bugs. Some of which include:
  • Updated features and files so that we can export uDig on Eclipse 3.5
  • Fixed a bug when selecting several features using shift select
  • An important editing bug related to the selection
  • Fixed an issue when a new layer is created that has the same name as an existing layer
  • Fix an exception that is thrown when writing wgs84 into the CRS Selection dialog
  • Improved performance (but worse for memory) for JPEG and other simple world+image formats. Hopefully more to come.
  • Working on problem importing a tiff that is both a geotiff and a world+image
Sylvia (HydroloGIS)
  • Lots of testing
  • Writing a workflow as an end user
  • Bug fix verification
Mauricio (Axios)
  • He is in Spain right now so I don't have the details of his work but I am aware that he has been doing work on the more advanced features of the edit tools. He is working on fixing bugs with the hole cutter I believe.
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