Wednesday, July 15, 2009

uDig Code Grind 2009 Europe Day 3

Day 3 of the code sprint has come and gone and Day 4 has now begun. Another fantastic day of work.

Here's a quick summary:

Andrea Antonello (HydroloGIS)
  • Compiled ImageIO ext for Mr.Sid and Geotiff on Mac
  • Reviewed printing framework
  • Added z-ordering actions for the Page layout
Jesse Eichar (Camptocamp)
  • Some low level work to make more of uDig use the ID objects to identify Services and GeoResources
  • Refactored Raster plugins to share more code
  • Added type of raster to the titles of raster layers. This is required because multiple plugins can handle geotiff (for example) and there needs to be a way to distinguish between them.
  • Windows still had a problem persisting services in the catalog. This was fixed.
  • Improved displayed title for rasters in layers view
Silvia Franceschi (HydroloGIS)
  • Saving our life with testing
Mauricio and Aritz (Axios)
  • Set up environment for Aritz
  • Finished fixing a very challenging bug with hole tool

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Anonymous said...

I'm starting to get excited about this sprint. Can't wait to see the results.