Sunday, July 12, 2009

Code Grind Sprint Day 1 Kickoff

It is our please to kick off the code grind sprint. We will add to this news post over the course of the day as each team around the world starts up.

LISAsoft Team

Myles is starting in on the tutorials and was very happy with the result.

Mark and Jody are going to be going over the Style Editor (design notes here).

Update: We reviewed the three style extension points; StyleEditorPage (very good but specific to SLD); StyleConfigurator (general purpose the content will go in the StyleEditor using an adapter or be present in the Style view); and the StyleEditorPart (while we can see implementations I am not sure where they are used from?).

We decided to go with StyleEditorPage and expect to add a few methods as time goes on this week. Here is our initially empty "Point" page.

Eclispe 3.5

For those joining the hands on experience here are some instructions for getting your Eclipse 3.5 game on:

  1. Download Galileo " Eclipse for RCP/Plug-in Developers" for and unzip

  2. Fire it up and add EMF SDK and GEF SDK into the mix using the help menu "Install New Software"

  3. Download and unzip into your "drop-ins" folder. We are operating with a really reduced set of "extras" this time around since we have had some trouble with the Eclipse 3.5 delta pack.

  4. Proceeed remaining instructions...

RoadMap and Testing

Silvia has done a nice job updating the road map to focus on uDig 1.2 M6 bugs - this will be a large part of the QA focus of the code spint.
For more information please check out Road map; we also would welcome any volunteers to help out with testing this week - there are already a long list of "resolved" issues that need a sanity check before we mark them closed.
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