Monday, July 13, 2009

uDig Code Grind 2009 Europe Day 1

An exciting day 1 is wrapping up here in Europe. The fine coalition (Axios, Camptocamp, HydroloGIS) have been hard at work knocking down bugs. A quick list of the tasks we have been working on for today:

Jesse Eichar(Camptocamp) - Many miscellaneous workflow bugs:
  • Drag and drop bugs
  • Import data bugs
  • Selection bugs
  • Map and Catalog persistence bugs
Andrea(HydroloGIS) - Image IO
  • Working on getting the GDAL/ImageIO plugins working on Linux 32/64 and windows
Mauricio (and co) (Axios) - Editing Bugs
  • Hole tool bug
As a team we are focusing on addressing as many bugs that affect the core functionality of uDig.

See you tomorrow!

Have a look at the Italian sprint headquarter:

Can you guess on how many systems udig is tested?

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