Monday, August 3, 2009

FOSS4G2009 presentations about uDig and friends

The FOSS4G2009 presentations are defined, so here are some uDig related presentation that you might be interested to attend:

Here is what the HydroloGIS team came up with:
  • JGrass, present and future
  • Anatomy of a digital field mapping with BeeGIS
  • JGrass-uDigs's sense for climate change
A very interesting live demosnstration comes from Potsdam, as suggested by Matthias Lendholt:
  • Live Demonstration of DEWS (that will show a Tsunami Early Warning System using uDig and GeoTools. If the network connectivity works properly they will show a life scenario instead of a powerpoint presentation)

Are there others around? Please send us an email if you are presenting something related to uDig & friends.


Anonymous said...

Katherine Fisher from AFSC and I (co-editor of Peacework Magazine) presented a beta of our work to map intensities of military recruitment data, using udig, to the National Countering (Military) Recruitment and Demilitarization Conference in Chicago July 17-19, 2009. Folks at the conference were very excited about the potential to help make maps to 1) examine where the military is targeting youth 2) illustrate these intensities to youth and prospective supporters and 3) potentially track the effectiveness of our work. See an article on the conference. We've exported some data from udig to geocommons to illustrate one aspect of our data.

Anonymous said...

We also presented at the Grassroots Use of Technology Conference in Boston, October 17, 2009.