Monday, August 3, 2009

FOSS4G2009 presentations about uDig and friends

The FOSS4G2009 presentations are defined, so here are some uDig related presentation that you might be interested to attend:

Here is what the HydroloGIS team came up with:
  • JGrass, present and future
  • Anatomy of a digital field mapping with BeeGIS
  • JGrass-uDigs's sense for climate change
A very interesting live demosnstration comes from Potsdam, as suggested by Matthias Lendholt:
  • Live Demonstration of DEWS (that will show a Tsunami Early Warning System using uDig and GeoTools. If the network connectivity works properly they will show a life scenario instead of a powerpoint presentation)

Are there others around? Please send us an email if you are presenting something related to uDig & friends.
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