Friday, August 14, 2009


This release, available for uDig 1.1.x, includes new features, improvements and bug fixes. We want to highlight the following ones:


  • Spatial Operation Split splits features from a source layer using a LineString features from a second layer (or reference layer).
  • Spatial Operation Fill creates a new geometry using the reference line and the border of the source polygon as its own border.

  • Merge Tool the usability has been improved in several ways.

  • New Split algorithm, it allows add vertex to neighbour geometries. Additionally, it solves many reported problems in the old split tool.

  • Spatial Operation Dissolve allows to select multiple dissolve property.

  • The spatial operation framework was factored to provide an easy way to extend with new operations. Thus the control logic was encapsuled in abstract classes to simplify the creation, associations presenters- commands and event handling .
  • Spatial Operation Extensions Point allows to add new spatial operations in the default set.

To download this new release please visit the uDig update-site or our web site download page.

Finally, we want to thank uDig community for your comments and suggestions to improve this product.

If you want to know more about this project visit the
following page: uDig Axios Community Space - Spatial Operations and Editing Tools

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