Tuesday, August 18, 2009

uDig 1.2 M6

The uDig 1.2 "milestone 6" release is available for download.

This release is the result of an amazing week long code sprint held at Hydrologis in Italy supplimented by developers all over the world. A special thanks to the participating organizations: Axios, Camptocamp, Fraunhofer IAIS, HydroloGIS and LISAsoft.

The milestone release features:
  • Better support for TIFF and depending on your platform ECW and MrSID with an update to the imageio-ext library
  • Enhanced vector editing, revamped printing support
  • Upgrade to the latest Eclipse 3.5 (finally we can offer cocoa support on mac!)

Here are some example of some of the enchancements:
  • Import multiple layers into catalog at once
  • Deleting multiple maps only asks for a single confirmation and delete
  • standard paper sizes are now supported when printing!
  • Add rectangles, roundrectangles and ellipse when printing
  • Drag and Drop improvements: drag and drop mixed content in the catalog and map, move several maps at once, multiple services on project at once, handle multiple layers in the layer view
  • Improved workflow: An Open Map action, switch between common map scales
All in all 41 issues have been addressed for this release - for more information check the release notes.

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