Wednesday, July 22, 2009

IRC meeting about post code sprint release

The meeting agenda was as follows:
1) jre's and startup scripts
2) to style or not to style
3) where is my printer
4) editing bugs ade

The good news is a release being organized for Friday.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Code Grind 09 wrap up

The world-wide code sprint/grind has now wrapped up and with very good results. uDig trunk is very functional with an incredible number of bugs and usability issues addressed. Many (although not all) have been listed in other blog postings. We will be combing through the logs and getting a complete list of the issues addressed very soon.

There is only one more task to complete the sprint: make a new Milestone release.

The new release will be trimmed down to the plug-ins that we think work very well and all other plug-ins will be moved to a unstable feature that will be avalaible from the update site (once the final, non-milestone, release is made).

The unstable feature will also be available to developers in the SDK (that is the current plan but is up for debate).

We hope to finish up the release this week and get it on-line.

Good work to all the developers who helped out and the organizations who sponsered them:

Thursday, July 16, 2009

uDig Code Grind Day 4 Australia

An interesting day ... John Hudson returns with a partner in crime by name of Jim Groffen and proceed to keep pace verifying all the bugs being fixed. They also identified the instructions for setting up a development environment as in need of fixing (due to the recent arrival of Eclispe 3.5).

Mark started hooking his user interface up to the StyleBlackBoard (and then want off on the town all dressed up - perhaps he had a date? Ugo Taddei is not the only good looking guy around here).

Jody stayed up till oh dark early with the following (admittedly cool) screen snaps emerging. The first one is command completion with the entire function list avaialble as you type. And it is generated on the fly so it is always current!

Next one is also interesting - field decorators that can provide feedback (warnings; errors; if the field is erquired etc...).

Yes the warning tool tip on the decorator is a really horrible message from the Extrended Common Query Language Parser - I am going to see if we can get row,col information out so we can highlight where the problem is exactly and save the message as a "more details" kind of thing.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

uDig Code Grind 2009 Europe Day 3

Day 3 of the code sprint has come and gone and Day 4 has now begun. Another fantastic day of work.

Here's a quick summary:

Andrea Antonello (HydroloGIS)
  • Compiled ImageIO ext for Mr.Sid and Geotiff on Mac
  • Reviewed printing framework
  • Added z-ordering actions for the Page layout
Jesse Eichar (Camptocamp)
  • Some low level work to make more of uDig use the ID objects to identify Services and GeoResources
  • Refactored Raster plugins to share more code
  • Added type of raster to the titles of raster layers. This is required because multiple plugins can handle geotiff (for example) and there needs to be a way to distinguish between them.
  • Windows still had a problem persisting services in the catalog. This was fixed.
  • Improved displayed title for rasters in layers view
Silvia Franceschi (HydroloGIS)
  • Saving our life with testing
Mauricio and Aritz (Axios)
  • Set up environment for Aritz
  • Finished fixing a very challenging bug with hole tool

The uDig Code Grind Team

You might be asking yourself who is on this sprint. Here we go with nice pics, so at the next Foss4g conference you can recognize them and ask them to solve your problems for free. :)

In random order:

1) Lisasoft Adelaide team: Jim Groffen and John Hudson

2) Lisasoft Sydney: Mark Leslie

3) ...and Jody Garnett

4) Camp2camp and HydroloGIS Bolzano based team: Jesse Eicher and Andrea Antonello

5) HydroloGIS Bolzano: Silvia Franceschi

6) Axios Spain: Mauricio Pazos and Aritz Dávila

7) Fraunhofer-Institut Germany: Ugo Taddei (for the ladies we should mention he is Brazilian and has Italian blood)

All around the world!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

uDig code grind day 2

Another very long day of bug fixing has just wrapped up. The day progressed more or less the same as yesterday.

Andrea Antonello (HydroloGIS)
  • Andrea has gotten the image-io-ext working on linux 32 and 64 and windows.
  • Andrea has Mr Sid and geotiff in image-io-ext compiling on Macosx and is now in a grand battle with ECW to get it to compile.
Jesse Eichar (Camptocamp)
  • I spent another day fixing bugs. Some of which include:
  • Updated features and files so that we can export uDig on Eclipse 3.5
  • Fixed a bug when selecting several features using shift select
  • An important editing bug related to the selection
  • Fixed an issue when a new layer is created that has the same name as an existing layer
  • Fix an exception that is thrown when writing wgs84 into the CRS Selection dialog
  • Improved performance (but worse for memory) for JPEG and other simple world+image formats. Hopefully more to come.
  • Working on problem importing a tiff that is both a geotiff and a world+image
Sylvia (HydroloGIS)
  • Lots of testing
  • Writing a workflow as an end user
  • Bug fix verification
Mauricio (Axios)
  • He is in Spain right now so I don't have the details of his work but I am aware that he has been doing work on the more advanced features of the edit tools. He is working on fixing bugs with the hole cutter I believe.

uDig Bug Crunch Day 3 Australia

Bug crunching is in full swing today with almost all the bugs to be marked as FIXED on the Code Sprint Road Map verified and closed.

Moving onto the "to be verified" list, I started to see a trend for "Catalog Improvements" issues. After a short discussion on the uDig IRC channel, Jody and I came to the conclusion we should make a single Feature Request and close all the other issues, check it out here. Looks like this has been something wanted for quite sometime, I closed five separate feature requests.

For the interested, Jody as been working on a new Catalog View Proposal which outlines a improvements, check it out here, its pretty cool!

uDig Code Grind Day 2 Australia

Today we are branching out across Australia with LSIAsoft developers from Sydney and Adelaide.

First up is John Hudson, drawing on earlier motivation, has focused on chewing the bugs listed on the Road Map and verifying and/or closing bugs.

Back in Sydney Mark has started putting together the new Point Symbolizer page (see below).

Jody was mostly decorative and has been working on a reuseable ExpressionViewer to use for each of the fields above. He promisses to be useful tomorrow.

Monday, July 13, 2009

uDig Code Grind 2009 Europe Day 1

An exciting day 1 is wrapping up here in Europe. The fine coalition (Axios, Camptocamp, HydroloGIS) have been hard at work knocking down bugs. A quick list of the tasks we have been working on for today:

Jesse Eichar(Camptocamp) - Many miscellaneous workflow bugs:
  • Drag and drop bugs
  • Import data bugs
  • Selection bugs
  • Map and Catalog persistence bugs
Andrea(HydroloGIS) - Image IO
  • Working on getting the GDAL/ImageIO plugins working on Linux 32/64 and windows
Mauricio (and co) (Axios) - Editing Bugs
  • Hole tool bug
As a team we are focusing on addressing as many bugs that affect the core functionality of uDig.

See you tomorrow!

Have a look at the Italian sprint headquarter:

Can you guess on how many systems udig is tested?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Code Grind Sprint Day 1 Kickoff

It is our please to kick off the code grind sprint. We will add to this news post over the course of the day as each team around the world starts up.

LISAsoft Team

Myles is starting in on the tutorials and was very happy with the result.

Mark and Jody are going to be going over the Style Editor (design notes here).

Update: We reviewed the three style extension points; StyleEditorPage (very good but specific to SLD); StyleConfigurator (general purpose the content will go in the StyleEditor using an adapter or be present in the Style view); and the StyleEditorPart (while we can see implementations I am not sure where they are used from?).

We decided to go with StyleEditorPage and expect to add a few methods as time goes on this week. Here is our initially empty "Point" page.

Eclispe 3.5

For those joining the hands on experience here are some instructions for getting your Eclipse 3.5 game on:

  1. Download Galileo " Eclipse for RCP/Plug-in Developers" for and unzip

  2. Fire it up and add EMF SDK and GEF SDK into the mix using the help menu "Install New Software"

  3. Download and unzip into your "drop-ins" folder. We are operating with a really reduced set of "extras" this time around since we have had some trouble with the Eclipse 3.5 delta pack.

  4. Proceeed remaining instructions...

RoadMap and Testing

Silvia has done a nice job updating the road map to focus on uDig 1.2 M6 bugs - this will be a large part of the QA focus of the code spint.
For more information please check out Road map; we also would welcome any volunteers to help out with testing this week - there are already a long list of "resolved" issues that need a sanity check before we mark them closed.